Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154 The Korean Chinese Alliance

After ending the call, Si Yiyan rubbed his throbbing forehead and leaned against the couch.

Seemingly aware that Si Yiyan was not in a good mood, Cleopatra climbed onto him and rubbed its face against his lap before wincing and crouching near his legs.

Si Yiyan pursed his lips calmly. He had no choice but to admit that Xu Zhenyu had indeed made him anxious.

Wen Xinya may be honest about her friendship with Xu Zhenyu, but Si Yiyan was well aware of how Xu Zhenyu felt towards her. He was also aware that the base camp was Xu Zhenyus territory and that he could not intervene. The feeling of another man eying and harboring designs on his woman felt extremely terrible, especially since he was not by her side.

It was not that he did not trust Wen Xinya or lacked faith in himself.

He hated the feeling of losing control.

Those emotions had already caused him to lose his sensibility, compelling him into saying things that he should not have. Although Wen Xinya did not mention explicitly what happened between her and Xu Zhenyu. However, he could tell from her explanation that she had misunderstood him and thought that Si Yiyan had gotten jealous because of Xu Zhenyu.

Wen Xinyas health was taboo to Old Mr. Du, Old Mr. Mo, and Si Yiyan. Yet, he had forgotten about it completely.

Gu Yuehan knocked on the door continuously before unlocking the PIN-encoded door and entering the room with heavy footsteps. "Ninth Young Master!"

Gu Yuehan looked extremely anxious, though he gradually got a grip on himself.

Si Yiyan expressed assent calmly before asking lethargically, "What happened?"

The matter must have been severe enough since it had caused Gu Yuehan to lose his composure.

Noticing that Si Yiyan was leaning against the couch in fatigue, Gu Yuehan said with a slight frown, "Gu Yuexi called you just now, but the call didnt get through either. We were very worried about you because we couldnt reach you."

Although they were in Capital city where Si Yiyans health was guaranteed, there were plenty of uncertainties and, as their relationship gradually got exposed, he would be making greater moves in Capital city. Hence, they were rather worried that their identity might get exposed. If that were to happen, Si Yiyan would be in a dangerous predicament.

Hence, Gu Yuexi was extremely worried when he couldnt contact Si Yiyan.

Fortunately, he was suddenly reminded of the apartment and hence, scurried there immediately. To his surprise, Si Yiyan turned out to really be there.

The apartment would be Si Yiyans and Wen Xinyas love nest for the next four years while Wen Xinya attended university. Si Yiyan had finally gotten the chance to cohabit with Wen Xinya and live like a married couple together with her. Hence, he felt that Si Yiyan had been making arrangements and decorating the apartment ever since Wen Xinya left for the military training program. He had selected all of Wen Xinyas favorite furniture and crockery, all by himself.

Si Yiyan sat up straight slowly and asked, "Gu Yuexi, why are you looking for me?"

Gu Yuexi was capable and intelligent. Hence, he had an extraordinary position in Lucifer and was granted permission to make decisions without consulting Si Yiyan beforehand. He would only ever look for Si Yiyan if there were something important.

Gu Yuehan said, "Ever since Gu Yuexi took over Lucifer, he had been attending to all the matters in the internal department of Lucifer. After the second screening, he found some leads about the moles in the higher executive levels."

The matter was extremely important and there were only less than five people in Lucifer who knew about it. Those who knew were Si Yiyans most loyal followers.

Si Yiyan leaned against the couch and rubbed his forehead again.

Gu Yuehan continued, "After the second screening, we found out that the moles are the elders of Lucifer. When Ninth Sir was present, they had already commanded great authority in Lucifer and theyve also cooperated with us during the first wipeout. Hence, no one thought that they would be moles too."

Hence, Gu Yuehan was extremely shocked when Gu Yuexi told him about the matter too. Although those people were not exactly reputable, they commanded great respect from the rest of Lucifers members. No one would have thought that they were the moles.

Si Yiyan said calmly, "They actually hid so seamlessly in Lucifer for so many years."

It had been thirty years since they were present. They had indeed been hiding well.

Si Yiyan asked again, "Did you find out their motive?"

Gu Yuehan shook his head and said, "No, Gu Yuexi only noticed them because there were irregular activities with their accounts. They managed to trace their accounts, which were linked to an American investment firm. This investment firm is very well hidden. Gu Yuehxi has sent his people to check up on this firm."

The irregularities were actually not that obvious, and normal people wouldnt be able to find out any clues. However, the moles were unlucky enough to have run into the psychotic Gu Yuexi who was a prodigy in the world of finance. He would be able to find a million possibilities just from a simple mistake.

One could imagine how pressurizing it must be to live with someone like him!

Si Yiyan said, "The more mysterious they are, the easier it is to find out who they are as long as they expose a small detail."

He had made the right decision by allowing Gu Yuexi to take over Lucifer. Now that te situation was chaotic, it would be more likely for the moles to let the cat out of the bag. Gu Yuexi would definitely be able to sense the mistakes.

Gu Yuehan nodded and said, "He didnt find out much, but we found out another investment consultant agency thats closely related to this investment firm."

Si Yiyan asked with a petulant expression, "What is it called?"

Gu Yuehan answered, "The Korean-Chinese Alliance!"

Even Gu Yuehan did not expect that the Korean-Chinese Alliance had already infiltrated Lucifer for almost three decades.

Si Yiyan said with an icy cold gaze in his eyes, "Theyre just hiding in their rat holes. How dare these filthy rats touch me."

The Korean-Chinese Alliance was considered taboo in the upper-class society, and everyone knew that they were much more powerful than Lucifer.

It was no wonder that Gu Yuexi took them that seriously.

Gu Yuehan had always known how much Si Yiyan detested them. "Ninth Young Master, what do we do now?"

Si Yiyan said calmly, "Dont alarm them. Let Gu Yuexi continue checking on it. We must remove these people, including their roots." Suddenly reminded of something, he continued, "Get Gu Yuexi to find out more about a Singaporean real estate company called Zhang Corporation!"

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