Reborn Aristocrat: Return Of The Vicious Heiress Chapter 1155

Chapter 1155 Wen Xinya Offended Commander Xu Right?

Wen Xinya proceeded to resume the grueling military training program. On the day after her period ended, the intensity of the training seemed to have resumed to normal too. Wen Xinya had already rested for several consecutive days and hence, could not quite get used to the strenuous activity all of a sudden. It felt extremely tough for her.

It was no wonder that Xu Zhenyu was nicknamed "The Commander From Hell". Not only did he not cut her any slack, he even made her undergo special training, so as to make up for all of the training that she had missed.

Hence, Wen Xinya would be breaking a sweat under the sweltering sun while others were taking a break in the afternoon. When they were resting after lunch, she would be following the commands given by Xu Zhenyu. When they were done with training at night, Wen Xinya would still be slogging away on the field at night while pushing her lethargic body through the strenuous training.

There were 24 hours in a day, and apart from the six hours of sleep, one hour of rest and two hours of mealtimes that she was allowed to rest, she spent the remaining 16 hours training.

The strenuous activity and tough training were of the same intensity as the training programs meant for the soldiers. She could not stand it at all.

After three consecutive days, Wen Xinya was almost on the verge of despair.

"Xinya, bear with it, youre already on your fourth round!" Ye Feiyu exclaimed, handing her a towel while standing at the finish line with a bottle of water in hand. She was waiting for Wen Xinya, who was running around the field in her camouflage uniform.

The sun was blazing hot in the afternoon and the temperature of the September sun was scorching. Standing below it was enough to make one get drenched in sweat, let alone run around the field.

A few students stood beneath the tree and watched Wen Xinya run while gossiping amongst themselves.

"Do you guys think Wen Xinya can manage?"

"I doubt it. The temperature today is 34 degrees Celsius. During normal circumstances, she cant even manage six rounds, let alone now."

"Whats wrong with Commander Xu? He may be strict with training, but hell never make us do more than what our bodies can take. Dont you guys think that hes particularly strict with Wen Xinya lately?"

"Hes more than just strict. Hes going overboard. I think he treats Wen Xinya like his soldier. Even the soldiers in the camp cant take sixteen hours of training a day, let alone the pampered Miss Wen."

"Do you guys think Wen Xinya offended Commander Xu?"

"Dont spout any nonsense. Wen Xinya and Commander Xu are very close to each other. How could she have offended him?"

"Im not spouting nonsense. Hes not training Xinya at all, hes obviously tormenting her!"

The few girls frantically covered her mouth and said, "Be careful, dont get yourself in trouble."


Xu Zhenyu, who was standing beneath the sun, clenched his fists while his face grew sullen.

"Xinya, good job. Youre already on your fifth round now. Youre almost completing your sixth. Press on" Ye Feiyu said while handing a towel to Wen Xinya when she ran past her.

Wen Xinyas brain had already stopped talking and her mind had become fuzzy.

No one in the military training program would be able to run six rounds under the scorching sun. Xu Zhenyu had never made anyone do that before, either.

Sweat droplets trickled into Wen Xinyas eyes and blurred her vision. The silhouettes of the people around her seemed to have become blurry too, and the sunlight had also blinded her eyes. She blacked out and began stumbling forwards on an unsteady gait. She could not move another inch and her throat felt dry and painful. It was as if her throat had been stuck together and she was filled with an inexplicable discomfort. She felt as if someone had squeezed her chest tightly, making her fall onto the ground.

Im exhausted!

I want to get some rest!

Ye Feiyu exclaimed, "Xinya, hurry and get up. You only have half a round left"

Wen Xinya did not want to listen to her words. All she wanted to do was to lie on the ground, even if it meant that she would have to bear with the scorching sun.

The sounds of the heavy footsteps sounded in her ears and she caught sight of a pair of black combat boots approaching her. She struggled to raise her head, only to be greeted with the sight of a pair of straight and slender legs, as well as a trim waist. Next she saw a cold and austere face.

The sun had blinded her and she blinked her eyes continuously, feeling as if there was something in her eyes. She then teared up

"Get up" Xu Zhenyu ordered. However, he could not bring himself to continue chiding her after seeing the tears on her face.

It was his second time seeing Wen Xinya crying.

The first time that he ever saw her cry, was at the airport. At that time, her eyes were full of tears and they seemed to have glistened like the stars in the sky. However, she tried her best to hold her tears back while he gave her his favorite blood diamond earring.

This was the second time. She allowed her tears to flow freely.

Xu Zhenyus chest began to hurt and it was as if her tears were blood that was falling on his chest.

Upon hearing Xu Zhenyus cold and aloof voice, Wen Xinyas heart sank to rock bottom and she asked, "Commander Xu, how are you going to punish me for failing to complete the task?"

She could not understand the reason for Xu Zhenyus insistence on making her go through such strenuous training.So what if Ive applied for the five-day leave? My body cant take the stress at all. Im still on my menstrual period and no matter how strict the military training may be, the commanders cant compromise our health. Even if I didnt seek his permission before applying for leave, Ive already apologized to him for it and even allowed him to put me through the high-intensity training. What else is he upset about?

She could not help but feel resentful towards him.

Xu Zhenyu said coldly, "If you can get up within five minutes and complete the remaining half round, Ill take it that youve completed the mission."

Wen Xinya somehow managed to gather the energy to yell at Xu Zhenyu. "Commander, I cant get up and I dont have the energy to complete the last bit either."

Ive already had enough. How did I offend him in any way? Why must he treat me this way? Hes always trying to dampen everyones spirits just because hes feeling upset.

Xu Zhenyus face grew sullen and he said, "Give me one last chance"

Wen Xinya raised her head and stiffened her neck while appearing proud and stubborn. "Didnt you hear clearly? I dont want to run at all, so you dont need to give me a chance at all. How are you going to punish me?"

Clenching his fists tightly, Xu Zhenyu asked, "You cant take it anymore? Just like that? Do you know"

Xu Zhenyu stopped talking and he thought to himself,Theyre right. Im not training her, Im tormenting her. However the physical pain that she is feeling cant compare to the misery Im feeling.

Wen Xinya stood firm to her decision and looked like she had nothing to lose.

Xu Zhenyu suddenly felt extremely flustered and gritted his teeth angrily, wishing he could devour her. However, he controlled his emotions and turned around to leave.

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