Reborn Girl’s New Life Chapter 470

Chapter 470 Took The Initiative To Invite

Chapter 470 Took the Initiative to Invite

Everyone in the Shao enterprise knew that Shao Xue was Shao Tianze’s younger sister.

The Shao enterprise’s employees were secretly gossiping about Gu Changle, and Shao Xue happened to see that.

Those who were chatting were so frightened that they felt like their hearts suddenly stopped beating.

However, Shao Xue had no intention to blame them. She just glanced at them and walked towards the elevator. While walking, she said, “Office time is coming. Everyone will know the reason soon.”

Shao Xue didn’t say why Lily Yuan was fired.

It was because the reason would be informed to the whole company.

Waiting for Shao Tianze to say was better than she said now.

Everyone knew that Gu Changle came to the company in the morning.

Only a dozen minutes after the working hours started, the Shao enterprise’s senior management organized a meeting.

The ordinary staff did not know the meetings content, but they were surprised by the sudden organization of the meeting. Many people whispered.

Shao Xue worked calmly in her seat, looking at information and organizing documents.

The Personnel Department’s women couldn’t help but gossip in a low voice in the tearoom.

About an hour later, the senior management walked out of the meeting room.

The Personnel Department’s director also walked out of the meeting room with a strange face.

As soon as the director came out, someone went to ask, “What is the reason for the sudden meeting, director?”

The director usually had a very close relationship with his staff. When being asked, he didn’t want to hide it and said, “Just talked about Miss Gu’s job at the Shao enterprise.”

“Gu Changle?”

“Yes.” the director nodded and sighed, “Gu Changle was the former Chairman Gu’s younger sister.”

“Eh…” The employees opened their mouths.

Those who knew the romantic relationship between Gu Changle and Shao Tianze were disgusted.

Those employees who knew little about gossip had no particular reaction.

Some workers paid their attention to why Lily Yuan was fired.

“What is Miss Gu’s position in the Shao enterprise?”

“The chairman’s secretary.”

“Isn’t the chairman’s secretary Lily Yuan before? Why does it change only after a few days?”

The Personnel Department’s director went to the tearoom for a coffee, “Lily Yuan cherished evil thoughts. She was fired this morning for seducing Chairman Shao.”

“Lily Yuan seduced Chairman Shao?”

The employees exclaimed. Some rational people expressed different opinions, “Maybe this is just an excuse to give Miss Gu a position.”

Some workers nodded to agree, “That’s right. If Miss Gu wanted to take this position and Lily Yuan refused to yield, the company had to find an excuse to fire her.”

The workers whispered together.

The Personnel Department’s director shot a glare at them and warned, “Are you not afraid of being heard by others when you talk about gossip? Do you still want your jobs?”

Being reprimanded by the director, the staff dispersed.

Shao Xue didn’t go to the tearoom to listen to gossip but knew what they were guessing.

Gu Changle became Shao Tianze’s secretary this time. She fulfilled her wish at last.

Lily Yuan had been dismissed. It was meaningless to discuss whether she had seduced Shao Tianze or not.

After all, no one could prove her innocence.

Shao Xue finished the work at hand and was about to give the file to the Personnel Department’s director when she heard her phone rang.

Shao Xue took the phone and saw a short message on it.

The message was from an unknown number, but the content showed the sender’s identity.

“This is Liang Ziting. Let’s have a meal together tonight.”

Shao Xue read the short message displayed on the phone screen. After thinking a while, she raised her eyebrows and closed the text message rather than reply. Then, she just continued to do what was at hand.

Shao Xue didn’t reply to the message, so at noon, Liang Ziting directly called and said, “This is Liang Ziting.”

“Hello, Mr. Liang.” Shao Xue coldly addressed him.

When Liang Ziting heard Shao Xue’s address to him, he paused slightly before speaking, “Lets have a meal together tonight.”

Shao Xue frowned and was confused, “Is this appropriate?”

Her implication was simple. They were nothing but participants on a blind date, who acted on the scene. There was no need for them to go on a date for dinner.

However, Liang Ziting had his reason. Although his tone was cold, his words were plausible, “We act on the scene, but if we don’t perform the entire play, others will not believe us, and the performance will be meaningless.”

After hearing it, she felt a little agree.

Gu Changle didn’t ask Shao Xue about the blind date because she was busy with wrangling with Shao Tianze yesterday.

However, Gu Changle was in a good mood today, and she would immediately think of her blind date.

If Gu Changle had asked and known that Shao Xue had no interaction with the man, Gu Changle would have continued to arrange more blind dates for Shao Xue.

Shao Xue didn’t want to attend another blind date at all.

She pursed her lips and thought for a second before she asked, “When and where?”

“Let’s set it at Baxian Restaurant today.”

It was a very high-end ocean view restaurant with an intense Chanese style and a high-end dating place that had received a lot of praise in Yuncheng.

He endeavored to perform the play.

Shao Xue nodded, “OK. I’ll go and meet you.”

“I’ll pick you up at your office when you are off duty.” As if he was afraid that Shao Xue would reject him, after saying that, he still reminded Shao Xue, “We need to play the entire show.”

If Liang Ziting had chosen to pick her up when she was off work, it would have inevitably attracted a lot of attention.

If Gu Changle and Shao Tianze had seen it, they would have believed that Shao Xue and Liao Ziting were dating.

Thinking of this possibility, Shao Xue felt Liang Ziting’s idea was careful and meticulous.

“I get off work at six o’clock.”

“OK. Wait for me to pick you up. You should keep my phone number in your contacts.”


Shao Xue hung up the phone after she agreed.

Liang Ziting didn’t seem to like her very much. After confirming the appointment, he hung up first.

Noticing that Liang Ziting hung up the phone before she did, Shao Xue felt relieved.

It at least showed Liang Ziting honestly didn’t like her.

If he had liked her, he would have respected her from the bottom of his heart and not hung up the phone before she did.

She took the phone away from her ear, looked at the phone screen, thought for a moment, and sent a short message to Song Yunxuan.

When Song Yunxuan received the message, she was persuading Ye Meiqi with servants.

After Song Yunjia passed away, Ye Meiqi had been poorly. Within half a month after Song Yunjia’s death, Ye Meiqi had fallen ill twice.

Song Yunxuan had initially planned to send Ye Meiqi back to Switserland immediately after Song Yunjias funeral. However, it was delayed because Ye Meiqi had been sick.

Today, Ye Meiqi’s condition was much better. After the check, the family doctor also said that Ye Meiqi could already return to Switserland by plane.

However, Ye Meiqi didn’t want to leave at all.

“It is impossible for Yunjia to commit suicide. I must stay in Yuncheng to find out the truth.”

Hearing Ye Meiqi’s words, Song Yunxuan lowered her eyes, “But the police had shown various evidence which could prove that my eldest sister did commit suicide.”

“Impossible! Yunjia had no reason to do this! Someone must have killed Yunjia. Yunjia was murdered.”

Ye Meiqi was stubborn. She refused to believe that Song Yunjia committed suicide and insisted on finding the murderer who killed Song Yunjia.

In fact, Song Yunxuan also wanted to find out the murder.

However, the murder had erased all the clues and evidence.

Even though Song Yunxuan knew that Song Yunjia’s death was related to Shao Tianze, she couldn’t prove it.

“Mom, I’ll gradually find out the truth of my eldest sister’s death. You’d better go back to Switserland.”

“No. I won’t leave. I won’t leave until I find out the real cause of Yunjia’s death.”

Song Yunxuan saw Ye Meiqi’s stubbornness.

Her eyes became cold.

However, at that time, her phone rang, showing a message had arrived.

She motioned for the servants beside to look after Ye Meiqi before she turned to go out to check the message.

It was from Shao Xue and showed the time and location of Liang Ziting’s date with her.

Song Yunxuan thought for a while and smiled lightly, “This man just cant wait.”

If he had remained calm, he shouldn’t have invited Shao Xue at this time.

It was just less than one day after the blind date.

His action was too over.

Song Yunxuan called Shao Xue. And before Shao Xue could speak, Song Yunxuan said, “Did Liang Ziting take the initiative to invite you?”

“Yes. Liang Ziting also said he would come to the company to pick me up.”

Song Yunxuan considered for a moment and felt a little more disgusted with Liang Ziting in her heart.

He was shrewd and adept at scheming.

He planned to take the initiative to pick up Shao Xue at the door of the Shao enterprise because he wanted to let Shao Tianze see that he had a good relationship with Shao Xue.

Then, he could get Shao Tianze’s attention and help.

However, Song Yunxuan couldn’t tell Shao Xue about her thoughts.

It was because Song Yunxuan didn’t know Shao Xue’s attitude towards Liang Ziting.

“Shao Xue,” Song Yunxuan said. After thinking for a while, Song Yunxuan asked, “Do you like Liang Ziting?’

“Why did you suddenly ask this?”

Shao Xue felt embarrassed.

Song Yunxuan knew that Liang Ziting was good-looking. If a man had been handsome, passionate, and considerate to women, he could have easily got women’s affection.

Song Yunxuan didn’t know whether Liang Ziting had attracted Shao Xue or not, so she couldn’t directly say her opinion about Liang Ziting.

Song Yunxuan needed to decide it after knowing Shao Xue’s idea.

“I think that if you have a good impression of Liang Ziting, it’s good for the two of you to make the fake play true.”

Shao Xue shook her head, “I don’t know Mr. Liang’s personality. And speaking of dating, Mr. Liang doesn’t like me. He only performs a show with me. He even hung up the phone before I could say goodbye.”

Shao Xue’s last sentence made Song Yunxuan squint.

Liang Ziting was interesting. He could accurately grasp women’s minds.

However, the better he was at figuring out women’s minds, the more Song Yunxuan wanted to make him taste failure.

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