Reborn In Central City Chapter 7

7 The Aftermath

Many people were gathered in a graveyard in black clothes and we can see a priest reciting hymns for soul of the departed to be peaceful. A few people were gathered near a tombstone to give their last respects to the departed. If we look closely the casket being lowered into the ground was empty

After the last rites were completed, there were a few people who were genuinely sad.

Barry walked towards zed "zed, chris has sacrificed to save you and you have to live well for his sake as well also"

After zed the other day after knowing everything about chris from barry and her grandfather, she broke down crying thinking that there was a person who would to protect herself and she decided then and there that she has to live a good life, now for her grandfather and chris and that chris would hold an important position in her heart forever(not in romantic way).

" yes, mr barry I will definely strive to live a better life"

"chris would be happy for you in the after life"

Then ben came to barry and said "mr barry I am guity as well also"

Barry " don't be ben he chose to help you wholeheartedly and he would definitely don't want you to be guilty and live well ben"

Ben "mr barry I am thinking of leaving central city along with zed"

Barry was surprised to hear this " where will you go"

Ben "somewhere peaceful for a new start, we are going to some small town in Pennsylvania"

Barry looked at the going away two people and suddenly a hand held his hand , he turned around to see that it was iris

Iris " are you okay barry "

"yeah I'm fine iris"

Then joe came besides barry and said looking at the chris tombstone " he died a hero barry"

Barry also looked towards the tombstone and then into the sky and said " yeah a true hero till the end"

Scenery change,

Somewhere in the vast barren valley, with tall hills all around , there was a person with sharp facial features and the clothes on his body were torn and bloody and with injuries all over his body was lying there motionlessly. Suddenly a dog came towards the body and started licking and after a while the person suddenly opened his eyes.
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