Reborn In Central City Chapter 9

9 Its Fate

Somewhere in an underground temple,

"fear not human for I'm nabu the wise"

Chris nearly jumped out of fear to see an old man's spirit floating above the coffin looking absolutely majestic and a bit imposing as well also. After a while chris regained his wits and asked

"what are you and how are you alive till now"

Nabu looked towards the human with a strange glint in his eyes and replied " young one the me you see before you is in spirit form, my body withered away eons ago"

Chris fearfully asked " are you a ghost"

Nabu laughed loudly " I am not a ghost young one, I am an cosmic entity who took a human form eons ago"

Chris understood somewhat(thanks thanos), but still asked doubtfully " what are cosmic beings"

Nabu patiently explained

"it all began 10billion years even before the now known universe was born, Here, not long after the formation of the universe were born two elemental forcesthe Lords of Order and Lords of Chaos, on the world called Cilia, the Lords of Order manifested themselves as the first sentient race in the universe, a race of incorporeal magical beings.

" After millennia, circa 3500 BCE, one of the Lords of Order, descended to Earth from Cilia and became Nabu the Wise therefore me, an adviser to the pharaohs of ancient Egypt and I have lived for a very long while"

Chris listened to the story for a long time and asked again " why are you telling me all this"

Nabu "young man why do you think your body is like this"

Chris suddenly remembered about his miraculous recovery from the near death state

Seeing the confused look in chris's eyes nabu replied " young man the amulet of Anubis has chosen you to be his master and has fused with you while you were falling and bought you here which woke me up from my slumber as well also"

Chris checked his very well recovered body and found nothing on his body

Nabu then asked him to concentrate hard, then a certain circular glowing object appeared on chris's chest. Chris was once again shocked to see the object glowing on his chest and then again looked at nabu questioningly.

Nabu spke suddenly skipping the chis's questioning look and said " I have faught the evil and injustice for eons and I want you to take my mantle now"

Chris asked curiosly " what do you mean"

Nabu "there is lot of evil in this world and I'm no capable of fighting now , so I want you to be my champion for maintaining justice"

Nabu's POV:

The amulet of Anubis has been in my possession since a very long time but the moment this human came to the tempe the amulet flew on it's own and merged with this human thus waking me up from my long slumber. I tried to check on the body of this human but there is nothing to be found on him except for the merged amulet. I think there is something peculiar about this hman and I smiled and thought to make him mine ha ha ha"

(POV ends)

Chris thought for a while and replied " why are you being nice to me"

Nabu " you are pure soul and the amulet choosing you has further proved this point, so I want you to be successor"

Chris thought there is no free lunch in this world but still chose to agree since he also needs power , so he can be able to save more people and not being as weak as last time so he agreed

"ok I will take your offer"

Nabu "very well human as gift I will present to you the helmet of nabu and the cloak of destiny"

These appeared out of nowhere before chris to chris's surprise

Nabu " wear them human then I will teach you magic"

Chris was surprised at the term magic but he also knows that there is magic in the arrowverse.

Chris took the helmet and the cloak both colored golden and wore them but there were no changes at all, but suddenly something tried to control his mind and take over his body , chris was panicked and tried to resist and remove the helmet but to no vail.

Nabu was trying to take over chris body for himself after chris wore the helmet.after going for his chris mind something stopped him from entering, there was a triangular object floating in chris's mind space, the object looked extremely mysterious even for nabu, and his initial suspicion was right that there is something strange about this human and his greed took the better of him entered forcefully into chris's mind space but all of a sudden there were screams of a person, that person being nabu because after entering in the mysterious object threw rays on nabu's spirit thus engulfing him entirely, and at the last second before his demise nabu thought that forcefully trying to take control of chris was his greatest and perhaps the final regret and after a while there was no trace of nabu left anywhere it's as if he never existed at all.

Meanwhile after struggling for a long while, chris finally took off the helmet and looked very tired and suddenly a massive headache took him over much severe than when he passed over and he fell to the gound in a comatose state.

Afterwards his camatose body flew in the air along with the helmet and cloak and flew towards the stone slab and his body rested on the slab with a strange mysterious field around him protecting him
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