Reborn Into Pokemon With An Odd System Book 1 Chapter 38

Volume 1 Chapter 38 Training

Max began hearing two different voices and when he opened his eyes he found Serena hugging Houndour and placing herself between the pokmon and devil that beat his ass. He tried lifting himself up but the only thing he achieved was to make his injuries hurt worse.

He began using heal on himself and after around 10 minutes he finally felt like new and stood up. When the two girls saw him moving Serenity completely forgot about Houndour and ran to him. This left the poor dog-like pokmon totally defenseless against the monster.

"Are you okay Max, how are you feeling?"

Max nodded and began stretching his body "Honestly I feel fine, it all just feels like a nightmare hehe."

Serenity nodded and stared daggers into Mordred but the blonde completely ignored her and began walking towards the Houndour. She grabbed the pokmon's ears and began pulling them for a few seconds.

Max could tell that the black pokmon was beginning to get more and more annoyed but he smiled and just enjoyed the show. After pulling his ears for about 8 times Houndour stood up on all fours and opened its mouth releasing a Flamethrower.

As soon as the servant saw the flames on his mouth she quickly put her armor on. After the attack was done her armor stayed as if nothing had happened. Max sighed and began laughing "No fair, that completely takes the fun out of everything."

She turned around to look at him and hugged Houndour this time with her armor on "This pet isn't half bad, I finally found one worthy of me."

As soon as Houndour heard her he began to prepare to use Fire Fang but his attack was stopped when Serenity called him back into his pokball. Mordred nearly fell into the ground when the pokmon that she was leaning on disappeared. She began looking around and found the pokball on Serenity's hand.

"Hey what did you do with my dog, give him back."

The assassin brought out her 2 blades and gave her a provocative smile "That's not true, Houndour was a gift from Max. Since I don't have Lance holding me back I can finally beat your ass and teach you not to mess with my things. You'll see that I'm no weakling and that you're not as special as you believe yourself to be."

Max looked at the assassin who was acting differently and smiled as he thought "Her things? Haha"

He stepped in between them "Enough! Look Mordred, that's Serenity's partner and he will not leave her side no matter what. There are many different kinds and I'm sure that you can easily find another one that can fit your qualifications. The thing is that I want you to learn more about this world so that you can get an idea of what exactly it is that you want."

She looked at him annoyed and shook her hair "I already know about it, your two servants already told me about it last night and about what you're doing."

Max nodded and sighed "That's nice, I guess that I have to rephrase what I'm trying to say. I want you to regulate your power, something tells me that you are going to be a trainer that uses physical methods. The last thing that I need is for you to kill your partners."

Mordred looked at him and gave him an offended look "You think that I'm not good enough to control my power?'

He didn't even stop to think about it and quickly nodded "Yeah that's exactly what I'm saying. Anyway, where did Lancer go?"

Serenity put her blades away and hugged his arm "He said that he was going to check on the people that were going to mark our new property. He wanted to make sure that they didn't make any mistakes."

Max nodded and brought out 3,000 dollars and gave it to Serenity " Do you think that you can get started on the plan drawings? Also get some clothes for Mordred."

When the assassin heard that she was in charge of getting some clothing for Mordred he felt that her eyes shined but he shook his head and told himself that he must have imagined it."

Mordred seemed surprised that he remembered about her and asked to go as well but he shook his head "No you will stay with me since I can't trust that you two will not start fighting if you're alone."

Serenity said her goodbyes and Max began to walk deeper into the forest with the blonde behind him "So what are you going to do today?"

"I'm going to do some training."

"Huh, then why drag me into it. Someone as weak as you will surely have the most boring training session ever."

Max sighed and shook his head "I never said that I was the only one that was going to train. If what you said about liking pokmon was true then you might actually enjoy this."

She seemed to get interested and stayed quiet the rest of the way. When they reached the Meadow he brought out all the pokmon. Mordred looked at all of them with a sparkling gaze she was about to open her mouth but he quickly shook his head "No, those three are mine and the rest are going to be needed by the company."

Mordred sighed and shrugged "Alright so what exactly am I going to be doing. The way that you were talking earlier made it sound like I was also going to be doing something."

He nodded and smiled "How do you feel about your defense?"

She quickly looked at the golden Gyarados and gave a mischievous smile "Your joking right, this is going to be a piece of cake."

Max nodded and looked at the storm dragon "Gyarados I want you to keep smacking her around with your body okay. We know that your ranged attacks are great especially for multiple opponents but your close combat abilities still need some work. Focus your energy on your tail if that's what you are going to use to smack her around"

He then looked at the enthusiastic servant and sighed "Mordred I need you to get into your armor and dodge his attacks, just make sure that you stay away from the areas where the others are. Oh and only dodge or take attacks head-on, I don't want you killing him or something."

She nodded and the two began moving away from them. Max looked at the bird pokmon and smiled "Hey' I'm going to need you guys to help me out with some experiments is that okay with you?"


Max nodded and called a Spearow and a Pidgeotto over "Okay now I'm going to need you two to fight alright."

The two pokmon nodded and began to charge at each other. The Pidegeotto began to use Razor wind but was knocked out when the Spearow used a combination of Quick Attack and Steel Wing. He took a look at his score count and nodded when he saw it go up by one.

When he did it again with another pair this time the Pidgeotto won and he didn't get a point. After running some more tests he brought out his notebook and wrote down some notes


[ WINS ]

My own vs Someone else's = point

My own vs My own = no point

My own vs Someone else's not trying = no point

My own vs My own not trying = no point

My own vs Someone else's surprised = point

My own vs My own surprised = no point


He nodded and let Zewiolus and the rest begin their exercise. Meanwhile, he made a campfire and had Charmander sit on it "Might as well use Houndour's Flamethrower to see if I can increase the intensity of Charmander's fire. As a bonus, I might actually get Charmander to learn flamethrower"

After he finished with that he walked over to the pokmon that had fallen victim to Zweilous's attacks and healed them. He checked his board and noticed that he got one point every time a Pidgeotto was knocked down.

He sighed and shook his head "This system is so broken"

He then sat and closed his eyes "Let's see if my space magic allows me to increase the gravity around me a bit. That way I can train myself the whole day and hopefully one day I'll be strong enough to avoid getting my ass kicked."

Max focused on his surroundings and took a deep breath. He slowly felt his body feel more pressure but not much. Another issue was that the changes only lasted a few seconds before they disappeared. He tried harder and harder but it still didn't allow him to increase the pressure so instead, he decided to work on his control so that he could continually have it activated.

After an hour of trying to focus he opened his eyes and sighed, he might have unlimited mana but that didn't mean that he wouldn't get tired mentally. He looked around and found Charmander just sitting there bored so he smiled and increased the area of the fire and stepped inside.

"Alright Charmander get over here and try using your moves on me"

The small orange lizard looked at him worried but Max assured him that he was going to be fine.

It charged in using Tackle but Max easily dodged it "Looks like we have to work on your speed little guy."

It quickly turned around and began using Ember, which to Max's surprise seemed to be somewhat brighter than usual. The thing was that it didn't do anything other than fuel the fire and provide the little guy with some cover.

Suddenly he saw the little orange pokmon moving in from the left with his mouth opening ready to use bite, but then Max was engulfed in a wave of fire that lasted a few seconds. Once it was done Max picked it up and threw it in the air "Nicely done little guy that was Flamethrower haha."

Charmander wiggled it's tail and released a Flamethrower towards the sky clearly pleased with himself. Max laughed and put him down, he was about to continue but suddenly he heard a metal clashing sound, and as soon as he turned around he only saw a blurry grey figure that was flying towards him.

Before he could do anything he felt the impact as it sent him flying towards a tree with it. Once they had crashed he saw that what had hit him was the troublesome/battle-hungry servant. Her armor slowly began dissipating leaving her small figure in his arms.

"Damn that stupid dragon, it got my timing and it's attack got stringer when his tail glowed green."

Max began laughing and started healing himself "Is there going to be a moment when you don't try to kill me. Also, did you just say that his tail turned green?"

She nodded and turned around to look at him but suddenly her eyes became wide open and then she began scanning his body. He looked down and saw that his clothes had gotten burned and that he was now exactly how God had brought him into the world, which was actually quite true.

When Mordred saw that he was looking at her look at him she quickly turned red and looked away. "Hurry up and cover yourself up you idiot."

He was about to do just that but her reaction surprised him and he paused what he was going to do and asked curiously "Weren't you a knight that was in war? I figured that you had seen plenty of people n.a.k.e.d for you to have such a reaction."

She slightly turned to look at him through the gap she left in her fingers "It's true that there were plenty of times where men used the showers together. The thing was since I was a bit different I never took a bath with anyone else and just used the one on my house that was given to me or wiped myself off in my tent. So in reality this is actually my first time seeing someone else fully n.a.k.e.d. But what about you? Are you some sort of pervert that enjoys watching others looking at him without any clothes?"

He shook his head and scratched his hair "Of course not, it's just that I'm a 10-year-old so there really isn't much to hide. It would be stupid if I freak out just because someone sees me like this, also I was raised in an orphanage where all of the guys took a bath in a big tub at the same time so yeah not much of a big deal. Lastly, this is the first time I see a cute reaction from you haha."

When she heard the last part she began to get angry so he quickly brought out a change of clothes and laughed nervously "Okay I get it I'll put it on."

He was about to put some boxers on until he heard a feminine voice from above "what's going on here"

Both of them looked on top of the tree and found Serenity looking at him with shining eyes but releasing an incredible amount of bloodl.u.s.t. He quickly put on the clothes and laughed nervously "I was training with Charmander and suddenly Gyarados knocked Mordred into me."

He could see that the assassin seemed to be sad that he finally had clothes on but he simply shook his head and saw the bags that she had on hand "Did you get the clothes for Mordred?"

She nodded and threw one of the bags towards the blond-haired servant. As soon as the servant saw what was in the bag she seemed like she was about to blow. Max took a closer look and found that nearly all the clothes were pink dresses.

He gave himself a facepalm and looked at the purple-haired assassin who had a wide smile on her face.

Max saw that Mordred brought out her sword and he immediately jumped in "Easy, don't worry about it we are going to get something that you like better. I'll take you since I have to go to the city and drop some money in the company. Meanwhile, Serenity, I want you and Lance to go and collect some more money from Viridian City."

"You got it brat"

Max turned around and found Lance laying on a branch nearby, "How long have you been there?"

"Long enough hehe. Who knew that you could be so bold."

He shook his head and sighed and turned around to see Mordred bring her tongue out at the depressed assassin. He smiled on the inside and looked at the troublesome servant "And you are going to put on one of those dressed until we've bought you something else."

She looked at him with her mouth wide open "HHHUUUUUHHHHHH"

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