Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 1144

1143 Beast Core


Both Woldemar and Liu Chen looked at Chen Xiaobei like he had just said the dumbest thing in the world.

Ning Yuchen replied patiently, "The star classification is based on combat power. For example, 40,000 combat power is Zero-Star Patinated Bronze. Mine is 44,000, so I'm four-star rank! Nine-star is 49,000 combat power! That's much stronger than me!"

 "Oh…" Chen Xiaobei nodded and asked, "But your strengths are so different. Can you guys win?"

 "Of course! Can't you see who's leading?" Liu Chen looked admiringly at Woldemar. Her attraction to him was painfully obvious.

 "Oh, so this Patinated Bronze Captain must be really strong, huh?" Chen Xiaobei looked at Woldemar.

"Of course!" Liu Chen said, "Woldemar is the prodigy of the2nd Regiment! His rank is Nine-Star Patinated Bronze. With him here with us, it's difficult for us not to win!"

From the way she spoke and her expression, it was plain to see that Woldemar was popular among the girls in the 2nd Regiment.

That was not unexpected at all.

In a place like this where the law of the jungle rules, rankings were highly regarded.

The stronger you are, the easier it was to attain position and wealth. That, naturally, came with respect from other men and adoration from women.

Woldemar fell into this small category of those elites and would be treated better than most.

 "Since this Patinated Bronze Captain can win, why would he come looking for us?" Chen Xiaobei retorted.


Liu Chen turned a deep shade of red and glared at Chen Xiaobei when she realized that her overstatement stood corrected.

 "I was looking for Ning Yuchen, not the rest of you!" Woldemar looked at Chen Xiaobei from the corner of his eyes and then turned to Nig Yuchen. "So, are you coming with me or not? Think about how much a Nine-Star Patinated Bronze Demonic Beast is worth! Even if I were to give you only 40%, it's still better than working for the whole day!"

 "Alright! I agree!" Although Ning Yuchen did not like Woldemar, he had come to Northern Wilderness Starfield to increase his strength. The reward was still above everything else.

"Great! It would've been quite a headache without your sharp-shooting." Woldemar smiled. "The plan is simple. I will restrain the Demonic Beast and you will shoot both its eyes!"

 "Roger that." Ning Yuchen nodded and then said, "Zhufeng, you go with Hu Ben. Remember not to act rashly."

 "Okay." Chane Xiaobei nodded, thinking to himself that this guy really was not so bad.

 "Ning Yuchen, what are you doing? I only invited you to play! The others, especially a particular trash, won't get their hands on anything!"

 "My people don't want your 60%!" Ning Yuchen said, "Their share will come from my 40%. You don't need to worry!"

Woldemar rolled his eyes. "Are you really stupid or just pretending to be stupid? Why would you split your bounty with trash? Of course, that's entirely up to you. I couldn't be bothered. Let's go!"

Woldemar walked led the way, ahead of the rest of the group.

 "Zhufeng, Woldemar is very talented. His cultivation is higher than others so, he's a bit difficult to deal with and quite cocky. Don't let him get to you. Don't take his words to heart." Ning Yuchen consoled.

 "Yeah! Boss is right!" Hu Ben nodded. "Don't let unpleasant words find its way into your heart!"

"Heh, don't worry. That guy is a nobody in my book." Chen Xiaobei shrugged.

 "Oh please!" Liu Chen rolled her eyes at Chen Xiaobei.

 "Let's go!" Ning Yuchen signaled for his group to catch up with Woldemar.


"Zhufeng, we are not heading into the heart of Silver Plume Forest. The closer we are to the center, the scarier the Demonic Beast is! Your strength is the weakest in our group so you have to stay close to us."

On their way there, Yu Ningchen kept reminding Chen Xiaobei to be careful, causing Chen Xiaobei to feel a little uncomfortable. He was actually the strongest among them but was treated as the weakest.

Seeing Ning Yuchen's kindness made Chen Xiaobei want to reveal the truth.

But he was an outsider and not a rookie soldier. It might put him in a difficult situation if he did.

He would have to keep pretending then.


A giant wolf the size of two cows shot out from the bushes ahead!

"Two-Star Patinated Bronze, Zephyrwolf!"

Woldemar unleashed his sword and jumped into the sky—ready to strike at it.

Two-Star Patinated Bronze, Zephyrwolf's combat power was 42,000; Woldemar was Nine-Star Patinated Bronze with 49,000 combat power.

His strength and speed were superior to the beast's. There was only one way this battle would end.


The sword made a clean slice through the wolf's neck, like softened butter, beheading the creature!

"Wow! Woldemar! You are so cool! You killed the beast with one move! Ooh… that was amazing…" Liu Chen cheered, bouncing up and down excitedly. She might as well be holding a sign that says, 'I love you, Woldemar'.

 "Heh, it was just a Two-Star Patinated Bronze creature. It's not even enough for a warmup!"

Woldemar smiled smugly.

Chen Xiaobei could not help but laugh to himself. He only had 49,000 combat power and was already acting high and mighty.

 "The Beast Core is mine. You can all split the body!"

Woldemar walked to the limp body of the wolf and sliced its heart open. Then he reached into the organ and took a crystal the size of a jujube.

"Is that the Beast Core? What is it for?" Chen Xiaobei asked, curious.

Again, the question elicited more eye-rolling from Woldemar and Liu Chen.

As usual, Ning Yuchen took it upon himself to explain.

"Demonic Beast survives through absorbing the essence of nature. Every Demonic Beast's essence is stored inside this core. Usually, it can be used to create potion that can improve our strength! This is something that everyone wants! So, it's really scarce! All in all, the core is the most valuable part of a Demonic Beast!"

 "It can also strengthen!"

Chen Xiaobei's eye lit up, looking at the crystal in Woldemar's hand as if it was a great discovery.

 "Shit! Everyone, hide!" Ning Yuchen suddenly shouted frantically. 
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