Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 252

"Motherf*cker! This is the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant that has been passed on from generation to generation in my family! A stupid bitch like you should not even think about laying your filthy hands on it, unless you want a taste of death!"

Yap stared coldly at the womans body at the corner of the wall. His stare was incredibly vicious. He just killed the woman that he had sex with a few minutes ago. That was more than ruthless! It also shows that the pendant was extremely precious to him!

"Master YapThatWhats so special about the pendant? Why cant we touch it? The still-alive woman asked. Her face was pale. It took her some time to squeeze out words from her mouth.

"Whats so special?"

Yap said coldly, "Hundreds of years ago, my family gathered thousands of people to invade the south of Xinjiang! There were only eighteen of us who managed to stay alive after the invasion! We managed to get our hands on the pendant in the end!"

"Throughout the hundreds of years, countless enemies have tried to rob the pendant from us! We have sacrificed a lot of people to keep this pendant safe! And, now, Im wearing it!"

"The most important thing is, Qi is stored inside this pendant! It can help to speed up ones training! The Qi will be taken away if that bitch touched my pendant just now! How could I not kill her?!"


The woman gulped and said, "She..She deserved to dieIts only right that you kill her"

"How about you? Should I kill you as well?" Yap asked coldly.

"Me? Erm"

Yap wrapped his fingers around the womans throat before the woman could answer him.

"You witnessed me killing two rats just now. And you now know the big secret of Yap Family! So, you have to die!" Yap laughed coldly and exerted his strength.


The womans neck broke instantly and she died.

"What bad luckIm going to the bathroom to wash away my stinky sweat and the bad luck"

Then, he got off the bed and walked towards the bathroom. He took off the pendant before he entered the bathroom. Apparently, he was afraid of getting it wet. He placed it on top of the shelf outside the bathroom.

"Master! Its time! Go and get it now! Quick!"

Wenyuan was jumping excitedly, but she did not dare go any closer.


Chen tried his best to lower down his voice as voice as possible. His mastery towards sound allowed him to control sound precisely. Thus, Yap will never hear him coming. Plus, the Nighstalker Outfit made him completely invisible. Chen took out his cellphone to retrieve the pendant. He did not even lay his hands on it. Not a single sound was uttered throughout the whole stealing process. Yap was still showering. He would never expect someone to come into the room and steal his most precious item.

"Yay! I got it! Master! Lets leave!"

All the Yang Qi disappeared. Thus, Wenyuan was not afraid to walk into the room anymore.

"We dont have to rush. We should mess this bitch up real nice before we leave!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and put on an evil smile.

"Right! Right! Right! A bad guy like this should be punished! Go! Go! Go! Master! Make sure he suffers!"

Wenyuan was swinging her punches encouraging Chen at the same time.

"HeheWe should begin from there"

Chen took a quick scan around the room and saw Yaps clothes. A red underwear lay among the pile of clothes. Chen walked towards it and took out a small bottle from his treasure chest. Then, he opened the bottle and sprinkled some white powder on the inner side of the underwear.

"MasterWhat did you just put in his underwear?"

Wenyuan had her eyes wide open and asked.

"Hehe! This is the power that I mixed myself earlier on!"

Chen grinned and put on a super evil smile on his face and said excitedly, "Super! Ultimate! Itchy! Powder!"

"Wow! I can almost predict that this guy is going to be in real bad luck soon! Hahaha!"

Wenyuan clapped her hands, eager to see it happen!

"Shall we watch him suffer first before we leave?" Chen laughed evilly.

"Thats a must!" Wenyuan nodded quickly.

After that, two of them hid at far away from the pile of clothes and waited for Yap to come out from the bathroom. A few minutes later, Yap finally finished showered. He took a towel and wiped his hair while walking out from the bathroom.

"So small! Its like peanuts!"

"So small! Its like a caterpillar!"

Chen and Wenyuan criticized the size of Yaps dick at the same time.

"Pssst! Hahaha!"

Wenyuan laughed out real loud.


Chen was trying his best to hold on to his laughter. He almost died from it.


Yap sneezed and complained, "F*ck! Someone must be talking behind my back!"

He did not reach out to his pendant once he came from the bathroom because his hands were wet. He lowered down and picked up his clothes. He tossed his towel aside and wore the red underwear.


His face went red a second later. Then, it turned from red to green. He screamed, "F*ck! WhatWhat the hell is happening? Its so f*cking itchy!"

He could feel a strange itchiness inside his underwear. A terrible itch! An unbearable itch! What would one do when one feels itchy? Scratch it! Yap put his hand inside his underwear and started to scratch. However, the itchiness did not go away after few scratches. The, he put his left hand inside his underwear and began to scratch like a madman!

Itchiness works mysteriously. Unless one can find an absolute solution to stop the itchiness. If not, it will only get more and itchier if one keeps on scratching it. Its an endless lousy cycle.


Yap was howling in agony. Other than the itchiness, he could feel pain as well. He pulled out his right hand and saw blood on it.

"Shit! Wounds from scratching too hard!"

Tears started to roll down from his face, but the itch still did not go away. It was like his right hand has been cursed, he put his right hand back into his pants and continued to scratch like there was no tomorrow.

"OuchSo f*cking itchyMotherf*cker! What the hell is happening to me!"

Yap was on the verge of breaking down. After a while, blood started to flow down from his pants. One would think he had a period!

"Hahaha! After that intensive scratch, his tiny dick should have disappeared completely from his body!"

Wenyuan laughed non-stop. She was clutching her stomach and rolling about in midair.

"I cant hold on my laughter anymoreThis girl makes me want to laugh with her"

Chen almost reached his limit. He will die if he doesnt laugh it out loud.

"Lets go! He will know we are here if we dont leave now!"

Before they left, Chen activated his Netherspirit Battlecouter to check on Yaps cultivation.

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