Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 255

While waiting for Zhang and Liu edit the video, Chen took the opportunity to ask for the restroom.

"What did you find?" Chen asked.

Wenyuans put on a severe look and said, "I found the source of Yin Qi! But I cant enter the place! Come with me! Quick!"

Chen followed Wenyuans lead and rushed to the factorys laboratory. Liu invented the Treasure of Kidney medicine. Its formula is top secret stuff. Even Zhang is not allowed to enter the lab.

"Such concentrated Yin Qi!"

Chen frowned when he stepped into the lab. He activated his Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes and Netherspirit Battlescouter at the same time. The door of the lab became transparent, and he was shocked when he saw whats inside the lab. The size of the lab was not that big. There were dozens of grey shadows wandering inside the lab.Those grey shadows had no faces. Their physical appearance could be identified by their blue eye sockets and wide opened mouth. They have no self-conscious thoughts. Those shadows are the real evil spirits!

Wenyuans spirit was once like them. Ordinarily, evil spirits are chained by their thoughts before they die, thus, they had given up the opportunity to go through the reincarnation process. Then, they have to sell their souls to evil thoughts, and in exchange, they get to wander around in the human realm. Most of them were only waiting for the right time to get their revenge.

"Oh my God! Inside... There are at least twenty evil spirits inside the lab! What the hell is going on here?"

Chens face turned serious, and his voice was filled with shock.

"What? Why are there so many evil spirits inside the lab?!" Even Wenyuan was shocked.

She continued, "I'm surprised the evil spirits did not consume that fattys Qi! This is a miracle!"

"Something fishy is going on here! How can a living human stay with so many evil spirits?"

Chen thought for a short while and decided, "I couldnt care less thinking if Liu is ally or enemy. We should deal with these evil spirits first! Im saving his life if he is our ally! On the other hand, Im doing the world a great favor if he is our enemy!"

"That sounds easy. But, how do you plan to deal with these evil spirits?"

Wenyuan reminded him, "Those evil spirits are in spirit formThus, its not possible to beat them up physically. Plus, they have not been weakened, its impossible to cage them up with the Spirit Cage!"

"Pumpkin! Have you forgotten the item that we received last night?" Chen raised his eyebrows and said confidently.

"Oh!! Right!! We have the Flaming Cloud Spirit Jade with us! We can totally destroy them all at once! Hehe! Let me get away from you first!" Wenyuan smiled and started to run as far as possible.


Chen used the Silver Needle of Damnation to unlock the labs door.


Those twenty evil spirits got really excited when Chen stepped into the lab. They started to circle the lab nonstop. The Yin Qi was getting more and more concentrated.

"The Qi of human! Fresh and energetic Qi! I have not tasted this kind of Qi for a long time!"

"Who is this guy? I want to suck him dry!Suck him dry!"

"We shall make his suicidal wish come true! Dont let him go!


The evil spirits were like a group of wolves. All of them wanted to charge at him and eat him up.

"How come you bunch have self-consciousness? I thought all you guys can think of is revenge?" Chen asked, shocked.

"Eh? This young man can see us!"

"Yin and Yang Eyes! A guy born with Yin and Yang Eyes! Hes even more powerful than our master!"

"Im not afraid at all! His Yin and Yang Eyes can do nothing to us! We can just work together and gang up on him!"


"Didnt you guys hear me? Why do all of you have self-consciousness?" Chen asked again.

"*sshole! Why must you enter hell to feed us? You should have just stayed outside earlier!"

"Get ready to become our meal!"

"HahahahaI want to suck you dry!"

"Suck him dry!"


All they cared about was eating Chen up. Thus, the selective hearing.

"F*ck! A bunch of retards that only care about food, food, food!"

Chen rolled his eyes at the bunch of inconsolable evil spirits.

"What is retard? Can we eat retards as well?"

"No ideaDont care! Lets suck him dry first!"

"Lets go!"


All of them started to cheer and charged at Chen from different directions at the same time. Twenty evil spirits became a dark grey sphere as they gathered together and surrounded Chen. If ordinary people are bothered by an evil spirit, his/her Qi will become its food. Then, the persons bodys condition will deteriorate. No doctor will be able to find out whats wrong with the person. Finally, the person will die when the Qi is dried up completely!

Logically speaking, Chen will die within ten minutes when twenty of them consume him at the same time. However, the dark sphere exploded after three seconds. All of them hid at the corner. It was like a rat met a cat.

"How was it? Can you answer my question right now?! How come all of you have self-conscious?" Chen still stood at where he stood earlier. There was a red flame, shaped like a pendant in his hand.

Through the Netherspirit Battlescouter, one can see that there is golden light surrounding the pendant. And, this is the thing that evil spirit scare the most; Tang attribute item! Also, this is the most potent Yang fire attribute item!

"Ah!!!AhThis is so painfulPainfulAh"

All of them groaned in agony, under the influence of the golden light. Also, white smoke started to come out from the evil spirit. In other words, this is the sign of being damaged by the golden light. Soon, all of them will be completely destroyed.

"This is weird."

Chen was stunned. He had a thought in his head all of a sudden, "Why are they not begging me to let them live? Could it be their self-consciousness is not complete? Also, they mentioned something about their master just now. It seems like someone is keeping them on a leash!"

After that, Chen knew that it would be useless to force them to tell him the truth. The person behind it is the answer to everything.

"I should capture them first and think of some way to continue my investigation!"

Then, Chen took out the Spirit Cage from his treasure chest.


The weakened evil spirits had no defensive power at all. They were all kept inside the Spirit Cage within a second. Chen made sure that he closed the Spirit Cage. Then, he kept it and the pendant back to his treasure chest.He closed the door and left the lab.

"Master! I thought of an important question all of a sudden!"

Wenyuan flew to Chen and said nervously, "Theres something wrong with that fatty! Did you permit him to upload your video on the internet?"

"Shit! I totally forgot about this matter! This matter might destroy my reputation!" Chen smacked his own head and rushed to Zhangs office immediately.

"Xiaobei! Come and check this out! You are famous now! Hahaha"

Zhang and Liu were laughing nonstop while looking at the computer monitor.

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