Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 257

"What? You have already figured out the problem?"

Zhang and Liu were stunned. They couldnt believe what Chen just mentioned.

"XiaobeiYou must be kidding me! That is too fast! How is that even possible?" Zhang looked at Chen in shock.


Liu started to laugh and said, "Kid! Did a group of monkeys send you here to make fun of yourself? Do you really think that we will believe what you say? All you did was take a whiff from the bottle! Are you some kind of super dog? What a joke! Hahaha!"

"Master Chen, are you sure about it? Its just too fastCheck it thoroughly again to avoid making any mistakes" even Wenyuan started to worry for Chen.

Everyone including a spirit did not believe Chens words. After all, taking a sniff within a second and found the problem seemed ridiculous.

However, Chen was really confident. He said calmly, "You guys will see the results after a minute!"

The, Chen quickly looked for a Bunsen Burner, a thermometer, and a clean beaker. He poured the content inside the bottle into the beaker. After that, he started to heat the beaker up and closely monitored the thermometer. On the other hand, Wenyuan and Zhang had their eyes fixed on Chens experiment.

Liu stood aside and mocked, "Keep doing what you are doing! What a good actor! My formula is really special! It is not something that you can figure out overnight! You! A kid with zero experience in the medicinal field! You are going to spend your whole life looking for the answer!"

"Professor Liu, can you be quiet? Dont disturb Xiaobei!" Even Zhang couldnt stand Liu anymore. He shook his head and said.

"Hmph! He is not going to get the answer, even if I dont disturb him!" Liu rolled his eyes.

"Master Chen! You" Wenyuan shouted.

She found out that Chen threw in a small pinch of Transmogrifying Flame inside the beaker while Liu and Zhang were talking. Earlier, his knowledge of medicine allowed him to figure out the problem of the supplement instantly. With the help of Transmogrifying Flame, Chen can extract the toxin from the supplement immediately!


Chen smile with confidence.

ThisHow is this even possible?"

Zhang and Liu turned their attention to the beaker. Both of them were utterly stunned. They saw the brown pills turning into some sea salt-like crystals.

"This is not possibleThis is not possible!!"

Liu couldnt move his attention away from the beaker. He knew better than anyone that extracting those crystals from the pills was a mission impossible! That was why he had kept on mocking Chen just now. Now, Chen had proved him wrong. He totally did not expect the process of extracting the toxin to be this quick!

"XiaobeiWhat the hell just happened?" Zhang frowned and said.

"Those crystals are toxin! Normally, they are just small particles. Its really hard to crystallize them. But, when the temperature is right, they will form into pieces crystals. The toxin that can kill a person!" Chen explained.

"What? Toxin?!" Zhang was extremely shocked.

He asked Liu in a deep voice, "Professor Liu! Explain this shit to me right now!"

Liu was already looking ill. He put on a strong front and said, "Boss Zhang! Dont listen to that bastard! That is not toxin!"


Chen said coldly, "If you have the balls to eat the crystal in the beaker, I will respect you as a real man!"

"I" Liu was speechless. He was definitely not going to eat it.

"What now? No more words?" Chen asked coldly.

"I will not admit it! I did not poison the supplement! It must be you! You are the one who messed around with the supplement!" Liu said shamelessly.

"So, you are saying that Im the one that messed with the supplement, right? The most I can mess with is a bottle of this supplement!"

Chen asked coldly, "Should we unpack the other supplements inside the packaging? I dont think Im powerful enough to mess with the whole batch of products!"


Liu had no space to act shamelessly anymore. The whole batch of the product had been poisoned. Soon enough, they will figure out that Liu is the one who committed this heinous crime! Now the solid evidence has been presented in front of Liu.

He showed his true color by changing the Qi around him.

"Impressive! You are actually pretty good!

Li smiled coldly and said, "I admit it! Im the one behind this evil plan!"

What?! So, its true!" Zhang was stunned. He could feel the heartache acting up within him.

"Liu Duobao! My Zhang Family did not even do anything bad to you! Why are you doing this to me?! I have invested all the money that my family has! Are you trying to destroy my family?!" Zhangs face turned pale. He was so angry that his body shook unconsciously.

After all, Zhang Family was not even that rich. They cant afford losses like this.

"Hmph! Shut the f*ck up! Your family is not even qualified to be destroyed by me; The Ghost Toad!" Liu laughed condescendingly.

"So, you are doing all these to get to me?" Chen frowned. The name had a pattern to it. He remembered the members from Hundred Beast Faction having similar names as well. Blood Dove, Mad Eagle, Mad Lion and Killer Bee were the members of Hundred Beast Faction that were eliminated by Chen.

"Thats right! Im doing all this to get to you! You have brought shame to our faction! I want you to have a taste of what I experienced as well! Zhang Family is just another tool for me dispose of! They are just unlucky!"

Ghost Toad had spilled the beans. It was pointless for him to hide anything from them anymore.

"You son of the bitch! Im going to kill you!"

Zhang lost control. He lifted up his punch and charge at Ghost Toad. From the beginning till the end, Zhang Family had not done anything bad to him. They did not deserve this.

"Second brother! Calm down!"

Chen grabbed hold of Zhang. It is no different from suicide if he let Zhang attacked Ghost Toad.

"Xiaobei! Let me go! I want to kill that motherf*cker!" Zhang barked.

"Second brother! I understand how you feel right now! But, you are not powerful enough to defeat him!"

Chen continued to say, "Im the one that caused all this shit! Let me settle this problem! Give me some time if you believe in me! I will deal with this problem thoroughly!"

"Third brother"

Zhang gritted his teeth, "I trust you!"

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