Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 260

"Right! I almost forgot to search him! Let me try my luck!" Chen rubbed his hands, squatted down and began his search. Soon, he found a small pouch in front of Lius chest. He also found a cellphone in his pocket.

"Lets just put the cellphone aside first. I want to see whats inside the small pouch." Wenyuan urged Chen. She had all her attention on the small pouch.

"Of course!" Chen smiled and opened the small pouch immediately. There a small piece of folded cloth inside the small pouch. Some ancient looking lines were etched upon it. It looked like some kind of symbol. Apparently, it could be combined together to form a complete pattern.

"I think this is the Hundred Ghosts Formation! Haha! I got a treasure!" Chen got really excited. This Hundred Ghost Formation is actually very powerful. If it wasnt for the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant, Chen would have definitely lost the battle! Also, it was such a coincidence that Chen captured twenty evil spirits earlier. Thus, the gigantic evil spirit was no longer complete. In other words, Chen could have still lost the battle, even with Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant if the formation was complete! The speed of gigantic evil spirit will increase by another twenty percent, if a hundred of them were combined together. Chen wouldnt even have the power to defeat that gigantic evils spirit, let alone break the formation!

"This is definitely some good shit!"

Wenyuan said excitedly, "You level up your Hundred Ghost Formation when you acquire more Unholy Spirit Pills. Their combat power will increase tremendously! And, it will become your trump card!"

"Damn! You are brilliant!"

Chen was all riled up. He thought, "If I can get my hands on a more powerful evil spirit formation, no one will be able to defeat me anymore! An ultimate trump card!"

"Hehe! By that time, Master Chen will become the most powerful being that has ever walked on this earth! You can marry any beautiful girl that you want! You can have all the power that you desire! You will be standing at the top of your life!" Wenyuan said with a smile on her face.


Lius cellphone rang all of a sudden. The person appearing on the cellphone screen was the alliance leader!

"Damn! Fattys company is calling! What should we do? What should we do? They will know that fatty is dead if we dont pick up the call! They will come out with a new plan to kill us!" Wenyuan frowned.

"Lets pick up the call! Theres nothing to be afraid of!"

Chen shrugged and picked up the call. He used Lius voice and said, "Im having a meeting now. Nows not a good time. Is there anything that I can do for you?" The person on the other side of the phone did not suspect anything at all!

The person asked casually, "Nothing special. I just wanted to check the progress of your plan."

"Everything is good!" Chen said.

"Great! Let just sit tight and watch Chen Xiaobeis reputation get destroyed when the product flows into the market! Hahaha" The person laughed hysterically on the other side of the phone. Then, he hung up.

"Dumb *ss! My reputation is not going to be destroyed! You guys just sit tight and watch me sell the product!" Chen pursed his lips and put on a proud look.

"MasterMaster ChenHow come your voice sounded like that fatty? I was so scared!" Wenyuan had her eyes wide opened. She couldnt believe her ears.

"Thats sound mastery! Lets go! I will tell you more as we return to the factory."

Then, Chen took out the body dissolving poison from his treasure chest and poured on Liu. After that, he summoned his Chaos Sword Essence back into his palm.


[You have eliminated a second-generation bad guy! You have received 20000 merit points!]


[Your current merit point is 200000. You need another 100000 merit points to go to next level! (Charm: 20000, Luck:20000)]

Chen was pretty happy with the merit points earned from killing the fatty.

Zhang quickly ran to Chen when he saw Chen returning from the jungle.

"How was it, Xiaobei? Did you manage to capture that bastard?"

"NopeBut, I managed to beat him up real bad! In the end, he still managed to escape, somehow!" Chen said calmly.

"F*ck! He got lucky!" Zhang scolded.

"Dont worry about him anymore! We should focus on the crisis that your business is facing right now! This batch of products with toxin must be dealt with immediately! We cannot let them flow into the market!" Chen said seriously.

Zhang looked really down when Chen talked about it. Then, he said sadly, "I have ordered the destruction of the whole batch! I would rather lose all my money than sell poison to others!"

"Great! My second brother is a real man!"

Chen patted Zhangs shoulder and said in a serious tone, "Dont you worry. I have your back! You wont lose money!"

"Third brotherWhat do you mean by that? Im going to tell you now that I will not take a cent from you!" Zhang said seriously as well.

"Nobody is giving you any money."

Chen smile and said, "I have a secret formula for kidney supplements! Lets work together and turn that batch of poison into the real Treasure of Kidney! Then, we will be able to profit like crazy!"

"You have a secret formula as well?" Zhang asked shockingly.

"Yes! I am quite knowledgeable about Chinese medicine! I will come out with something that is better than what you consumed earlier!" Chen said.

Zhang sighed, "Even if you have the secret formulaThe first batch of Treasure of Kidney has to be sent to the market in five days We wont have enough time to redo everything! Plus, I took in a lot of orders as well. Our reputation will be destroyed if we fail to deliver our promise!"

"Five days is more than enough." Chen shrugged and said nonchalantly.

"How is that even possible?" Zhang couldnt believe what he just heard.

"Trust me! Go and ask your people to clean that equipment. Wait for my good news!"

Chen smiled and calmly, "Dont forget that I'm involved in this business as well. I will not mess up your business since I just shot an advertisement for your product."

Zhang nodded. There was no other way to solve this problem except to follow Chens order.

"Okay! Third brother! I believe in you! My whole family will rely on you from this moment onwards!"

"Dont worry! Just keep on taking more orders! I will not disappoint you!"

Chen smiled and said, "I will leave first. I will contact you once I settle this problem!"

"Alright" Zhang nodded. He felt like he didnt know Chen that well anymore. Chen was so calm in this big crisis.


Chen drove to the supermarket after that.

"There will be a Red Envelope snatching session tonight! I have to prepare more items to send to them! When they are happy, they will give out more Red Envelopes! Hehehe"

Chen grinned. He was really looking forward to it.

"What are we going to do with the secret formula? We only have five days left!" Wenyuan reminded him.

"Dont worry about that! I have my ways!" Chen laughed.

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