Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 263

"Damn! My Sifu is just too good! He just gave me a compensation!" Chen was all lit up. He tapped on the screen, and the Red Envelope was opened.


[Congratulations! You have snatched a Red Envelope from The Prime of Tongtian! You have received a book called; the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancing Manual! It has been stored inside your treasure chest!]

"Wow! Awesome! I know that its some really powerful shit just by looking at its name! Sifu always gives me stuff that is so different from other people!"

Chen got really excited.

The Prime of Tongtian: Since you have Scholar Heart with you, I will not spend time explaining the manual to you. However, you will need to consume some Qi while training with this manual. You have to figure out a way to absorb more Qi.

Chen: Sifu, dont you worry about that. I have some Qi that I stored as backup earlier. (Grinning)

The Prime of Tongtian: Good to hear that! But, you need to hand over the Black Dragon Bone to me, I will help you to eliminate the Demonic Qi on it. Also, I can help you to craft a Divine Weapon with the Black Dragon Bone!

Chen: Divine Weapon? This is great! The Chaos Sword Essence is a really special weapon, but I dont even dare to use it most of the time! My combat power will be greatly enhanced with a weapon that I can use all the time!

Chen opened up his treasure chest after he finished typing his message. He saw a giant bone structure that looked like those dinosaur bones displayed in museums. Of course, this is not a dinosaur bone! This is the bone structure of Chinese Dragon! It was completely pitch black. One can see halation around the bone structure. Its claw and horn look as sharp as a metal knife.

The dragon was dead a long time ago, but Chen could still feel its powerful presence through the cellphone screen.

"It will be awesome if this bone structure is crafted into a Divine Weapon! Im just so looking forward to it!" Chen raised his eyebrows and thought. Then, he quickly sent the bone structure to his Sifu.

The Prime of Tongtian: I have received the bone structure. What kind of Divine Weapon do you wish for?

Chen: I already own Chaos Sword Essence. Im okay with all other weapons except for sword. I will leave this you, Sifu.

The Prime of Tongtian: How about a saber? Swords and sabers are two different things. Swords enable you to pressurize your opponents with your king-like presence. Sabers allow you to pressurize your opponents with a powerful and dominant presence. These two weapons will definitely work well together! They might even bring you some new inspiration.

Chen: Great! Thank you so much, Sifu!

The Prime of Tongtian: AlrightI should leave firstI will contact you once I finish crafting the saber!

Chen: Goodbye Sifu!


Chen closed the chat window. No words could describe his happiness right now! Earlier, he managed to snatch seven Red Envelopes! Now, he received another Red Envelope from his Sifu! Soon, he will receive a Divine Saber as well!

"Let me take a look at the items that I received today! Hahaha! Im so damn excited!"

Chen took a few deep breaths to calm himself down. All the brand-new items were displayed in front of him after he opened the treasure chest.

"First, there are five Monkey Furs of Prosperity; its function is more than awesome! There are also ten packets of Fairy Fertilizer; it can be used to plant my peach trees in bulk! Then, there are ten Unholy Spirit Pills! I can feed it to the evil spirits that I captured earlier! But, I still need more if it!"

Chen took a quick glance at those three items that he was already familiar with. The rest of the items were new to him!


[The Great Priest Bean; personally crafted by Zhang, The Great Priest! It can turn into Bean Soldiers after being thrown on the floor. (PS: It must be used with spirits!). Do you wish to withdraw it?]

"Damn! I thought that it was food! Now, I know its some kind item that can transform into soldiers! That is so magical!" Chen was lighted up. He heard about it before from some stories that he read some time ago.

Legend has it that a priest used to feed these beans to spirits. He embedded all these beans with his charm. Later, all those spirits turn into some kind of underworld soldier! The users conscious thoughts can control them. Also, they are fearless, thus, using these soldiers to fight for you would definitely boost your win rate! Some generals used these soldiers to conquer hundreds of battles in the olden days!

Now, its a peaceful time. Theres no need for Chen to fight any battle or conquer any lands. However, he did come up with an interesting thought. We will talk about that shortly. Lets take a look at other new items first.


[Lightning Step; Its a unique movement skill created by the Xiaoyao Faction! Also, its a Duan Yu escaping skill! Its a five-star martial art skill! Do you wish to withdraw it?]


[God Strength King Kong Kick; a type of kicking skill created by God Chejiao! Six-stars martial art skill! Do you wish to withdraw it?]

"Damn! Five-stars and six-stars skill! This is so damn awesome!" Chen thought, Then, he started to jump up and down excitedly with his cellphone in hand. Nutbuster is just a three-stars martial art skill, and it had helped to defeat tonnes of enemies! These two new skills can definitely boost Chens combat effectiveness considerably!

When it comes to fighting with opponents that are almost as powerful as you, one has to rely on skills, weapons, and tactics to win the battle. The more skills you have, the higher the win rate! Also, Lightning Step is an escaping skill! Chen can just act arrogantly in front of an opponent that is much stronger than him. Still, he will be able to escape from the scene safely.

On the other hand, Chen had no clue about the God Strength King Kong Kick. He remembered this kick being strong enough to turn a football into a cannonball. He was not sure whether this skill would have the same function.

"Alright! Last one! A big gift from my Sifu! Im ready to be blinded by the awesomeness of this gift! Please dont disappoint me!"


[Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancing Skill; A powerful skill that is left in the Primordial Land by the Witch King Clan! It can increase one combat power by thirty percent! Its a one-star divine skill! Do you wish to withdraw it?]


Chen was still blown away, despite all his mental preparations!

Martial art skills and divine skills sound similar. But the meaning and value are completely different! Just like mortal beings and deities! They are not on the same level!

"This gift from Sifu is so damn awesome!!! He just gave me a divine skill, just like that! Quick! I want to train with it now! I want to see how powerful this divine skill can be!"

Chen withdrew it without any hesitation.

There were some ancient characters written in the book. But, Chen managed to figure it out with his Scholar Heart. He locked his room and sat on the floor with his legs crossed. After spending some time to read and understand the book, Chen took out the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant from his treasure chest.

"Im not sure if the Qi inside this pendant is enough for me to complete my training! I should try it anyway!"

Then, Chen started to connect his Qi with the Qi inside the pendant. He managed to extract the Qi from the pendant into his own body.

Let the training begin!

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