Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 268

"Yes Sir! Luo Puti is doing fine! Theres nothing wrong with her! Alright! I understand! Yes!" Chen changed his voice to Baos voice. Then, he talked to the person on the other end with a series of simple lines.

He managed to imitate Baos voice perfectly. That is how he solved his incident easily.

"ThisHow is this even possible?! You sounded exactly like him!"

Luo was in complete shock. Then, she asked, "What did my superior say?"

"Dont worry! He did not suspect anything at all! He wanted Bao to stay here and do what you need to do here!" Chen smiled and said.

"Its good that he did not suspect anything" Luo said, relieved.

"What are you planning to do after this incident?" Chen asked.

"I will continue to follow up on this matter!"

Luo continued to say thoughtfully, "I need to know Poseidons evil plan! This is my responsibility towards this country! Personally, I want Poseidon to be erased from this world! Sooner or later, he will definitely come and hunt me down!

"AlrightThat is a wise decision! I will support you spiritually and with action!" Chen said.


Luo frowned and said, "I dont want to drag you into this incident! I would rather risk my own life! Poseidon will not hesitate to kill you if he knows your existence!"

"Damn! You actually care a lot about me!"

Chen raised his eyebrows and said evilly, "Regarding action, I can actually help you with a lot of things! For example, by extracting the toxin out of your body."

Luos face turned red again. Then, she said, "Can you not talk about what happened last night?"

"Im talking about last night. Im talking about Heart Burning Poison that resides in your body!"

Then, Chen continued to say in an exaggerated, severe tone, "In a weeks time, the toxin will start to react in your body! I will come over and help you extract the toxin out of your body. I dont want you to suffer anymore!"


A soft pillow landed on Chens face before he can finish his sentence.

"You animal! Get out now!" Luo screamed. Her face incredibly red!

Well, one requires an exceptional kind of massage to extract the toxin. She was so embarrassed when thinking about a mans palm touching her breasts. She felt that she had no choice but to stick with Chen for the rest of her life. The situation was kind of awkward. Luo gets shy easily. Thus, Chen decided not to mess with her anymore. He left the place after putting on his clothes.

He sat in his car and gave Xiangyu a call.

"Hello! Brother Yu! I almost had sex with Puti last night!"

Chen told the things that happened last night to Xiangyu. Then, he sighed, "Do you think that Im a total idiot? How could I miss such a good opportunity?"

"You are not an idiot! You are a real man!"

An adorable, serious tone could be heard from the other side of the phone.

"You have to conquer a womans heart before you conquer her body! A man is no different from an animal if all he ever thinks of is a womans body!"

"She will unfriend you immediately if you took her virginity last night! Now, she must feel ingratiated to you! To her, you are a reliable man! You are getting closer to conquering her heart completely!"

Chen was all lit up when he heard Xiangyus opinion!

"Damn! Brother Yu! I did not know that you are an expert at such matters! Then, I should feel happy now, instead of sad!"

"Haha! I have been through what you went through last night!"

Xiangyu laughed and said, "Oh right! When are you coming back to school? I need more Hundred Herbs Potion!

"Its so happens that Im coming to school now! I have an appointment with our football team. We are going to train together for the upcoming friendly competition!" Chen said.

"Alright. I shall wait for you then." Xiangyu hung up right after that.


Chen gave two hundred bottles of Hundred Herbs Potion to Xianyu once he reached the school. After some talking, Chen got to know that Xiangyus health had reached ten thousand! It was a quick improvement! Then, Chen asked about how to increase his health in the shortest time possible.

It was the Primordial Witch King Combat Enhancement Training that helped Chen to win the battle last night. However, his body did suffer a certain extent of damage as well. Chen had to drink Hundred Herbs Potion to recover from the injury. Luckily, the battle last night did not take a long time to conclude. If not, his body would have been severely damaged. This problem has to be solved as soon as possible. It so happened that Xiangyu was an expert at improving health. It was definitely not an easy task to train Wenyuans weak and delicate body to ten thousand health!

After some questioning, Chen got to know that Xiangyu had come up with a unique training called; Emperor Health Ultimate Enhancement Skill! It is used to improve ones health. Xiangyu would never hide it from Chen. He quickly mentioned that he wanted to teach it to Chen.

However, training to improve oneselfs health is not as simple as learning a new martial art skill. It required a considerable amount of time and effort to complete the training. Chen had been really busy recently. He simply couldnt spare any of his time for such a time-consuming form of training. This had to be set aside first. Chen went to the football field after saying goodbye to Xiangyu.

"Run! Run! Watch the cones! Watch the people!"

The captain; Li Yongbing was acting as a coach. Every single one of them was putting all their effort in training themselves under the hot sun. None of them made any complaints. It was pretty apparent that they wanted to win the competition tomorrow.

"Just another pile of garbage!"

A mean voice could be heard. Meichuan Neiku walked towards them with a team of football players that wore black shirts. They started to mock Chens team.

"I have never seen such a weak football team!"

"You should have watched more football matches! Chinese Football teams are the weakest football teams in this world!"

"According to some statistics, if you take out one thousand Yuan to bet on another team instead of a Chinese team, you will be able to earn at least 4.59 million! Its better than investing in stocks and doing business!"

"Haha! Chinese teams are garbage team!"


They couldve used Japanese to mock them. Instead, they asked those who knew Mandarin to mock Chens team in Chinese. This is definitely a form of taunting!

"What do you mean by that?"

Typically, the players in football teams are easily offended. Li started to lead his team and surround their opponents.

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