Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 269

"We are just stating the truth! You are going to lose the friendly match anyway! You guys should just take in what we say!" Meichuan stared at the Chinese team arrogantly. Those Japanese football players were laughing along.

"The competition is tomorrow! Are you guys coming here to make a scene?" Li scolded loudly. His team members that stood behind him put on unhappy looks as well.

"I really cannot understand your minds! We are just telling you the cold hard truth! We are not the bad guys here!"

Meichuan raised his eyebrows and said proudly, "Prove to us if you guys have what it takes to defeat us tomorrow! Dont just bark at us like some stray dogs!"

"I finally understand now! You guys are here to spy on us! You want to check us out before the competition!" Li stared at them and said.

"HehePlease dont think too highly of yourself! Anyone of us here can trounce your team! Theres no need for us to spy on you guys!" Meichuan laughed arrogantly.

"F*ck! Assholes! Acting arrogant wont do you any good!"

"Anyone of you guys here can defeat the whole team? That sounds exaggerating! You guys will be so embarrassed when we defeat you guys tomorrow!"

"We will definitely do our best tomorrow! We will use the results to prove to you that we are better than your team!"


Everyone in the Chinese team was furious.

"HeheDo you want to play a few rounds with us right now?"

Meichuan raised his eyebrows, laughed, and said, "Xiaoniao, come here and show this bunch of weaklings. What do you think?" A guy with long hair walked towards them. This man was not that tall, but he was really muscular. His eyes were not that big, but his stare made him looked like he is more superior than anyone here.

"Xiaoniao?! HeHe is the legendary football player in Japan; Xiaoniao Beiqie." (Another Chinese pun. It means dick was being cut off.)

"Oh God! He is the captain of the current national team in Japan! How did Meichuan Neiku manage to recruit him?"

"Motherf*cker! What a shameless bastard! How can he recruit a professional football player to his team to fight with a university team? How the hell are we going to win this competition?"

"ShitWe are so doneWe will definitely lose the competition with Xiaoniao on their team!"


This is the power of football star. The morale of Green Vine Team was disintegrated instantly, when they found out that a national football player was on their opponents team.

"Dont give up now guys! We have practiced for so long! Our effort will not be in vain! Lets try our best to fight them! Theres no sense of embarrassment even after we lose the match!" Li shouted. He wanted to boost the morale of his team.

"Stop putting up a bold front!"

Meichuan laughed coldly and continued to mock them, "We have made some arrangements here. We will not make you guys look that bad in the field tomorrow! Each of us here will score a goal! 11-0 is perfect! Hahaha"

Green Vine Teams spirit was completely gone this time.

"Damn it! This is so embarrassing! We will become the national joke after the competition tomorrow!"

"Yea! Those brainless netizens will definitely mock us non-stop!"

"We might even embarrass our institute! I think we should just surrender right now!"

"Captain! I want to give up right now! Im not going to take part in the competition tomorrow!"

"I cant take the fact that we are going lose the competition and embarrass ourselves at the same time! Im going to surrender now as well!"


All of a sudden, half of the team wanted to surrender. They were ready to leave the place.

"Hahaha! A bunch of cowards! Go and back and drink some milk!"

Meichuan laughed arrogantly. He started to compliment Xiaoniao, "Xiaoniao! The captain of the national team really brought forth a powerful impact to that garbage team! This is the best strategy of all time; having the enemy surrender without us fighting them!"

"Well said! Well said! But, thats because Meichuan Master is just too smart! You are the one that thought up this strategy! Im just your tool for you to order around!" Xiaoniao had been acting arrogantly a moment ago. Now, he became a humble servant in front of Meichuan. It showed that Meichuan organization was actually very powerful in Japan.

"Are you bullying my team when the king is not even there? You guys should feel shameful for your poor mocking skills!" A condescending voice could be heard from far. Everyone from the Japan team tensed up when they looked over to the direction of the voice. A sense of fear could be seen on Meichuans face. His smile had been completely wiped off his face.

"Bro BeiBro Bei"

Everyone from the Green Vine Team cheered up when they saw Chen. It was as if they had just laid their eyes upon their most respectable idol.

"Who is going to leave again? I really dont want to look down on you guys!" Chen took a glance at the people who were ready to leave this place.


After Chens glance, those who were ready to leave put a halt to their steps. They had their head bowed down because they were too embarrassed to look Chen in the eyes.

"All of you guys are from my fans club, right?" Chen asked calmly.

"YesWe are"

All of them nodded.

"Then, I think you should know the motto of my fan club, right?" Chen asked.

"YesWe remember" Everyone nodded, and their faces got redder and redder.

"What the hell is a fan club?" Xiaoniao asked curiously.

"No idea! Only God knows what they are talking about!" The team members from Japan Team were looking at them, puzzled.

"I dont feel right" Meichuan couldnt figure out what that was going on as well. But, he could sense that something was not right!

"Tell this bunch of *ssholes, what our motto is?!" Chen shouted seriously.

Green Vine Team members looked at each other. Then, they follow Lis hand gestures. They took a deep breath before shouting out loud.

"Dont be a coward! Just do it!"

Everyone used all of their breath to shout the motto out loud. It was so loud that their opponent team almost went deaf.

"Are you going to leave now?!" Chen shouted at them.

"No!!! We are not going to leave!!!" The Green Vine Team responded. They shouted even louder than before. All of a sudden, their morale was boosted to the top of the roof! They can feel their blood is boiling within them.

"We will stay and f*ck them up real bad!"

Their shouting managed to scare their opponents away.

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