Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 278


The sound of the dragon roaring echoed in the air. The shadow of the Black Dragon flew out of Chens palm. Its powerful presence was enough to make a person petrified!


The shadow of the Black Dragon charged to its enemies at lightning speed.



A man was decapitated in a split second. The blood spread to everyone like a fountain. Those who were still alive started to scream hysterically.

"ThisWhat the hell is this thing?"

"This presenceIts too damn terrifying! It looks like a real dragon!"

"Is that the legendary sword Qi?"

"Impossible! Only an elite that has reached the top of everything can control sword Qi! I cant believe that this punk is powerful enough to do it!"

"Dont you think that hes scary enough already!"




The guy who doubted Chens power was decapitated. The Black Dragon was killing everyone in its sight! It was as easy as cutting grass! None can stop the deadly Black Dragon anymore! The rest of the people stood there with their hearts pumping crazily. They felt as if they were going to be suffocated by it.

Usually, they could do whatever they liked with their three thousand combat power! Now, their balls had shrunk entirely! They would need some time to recover from this trauma!

Evil spirits! Black Dragon! Sword Qi!

All these things had a huge impact on their tiny little hearts! And, for those who get scared easily have come to a point that they have lost their minds. To them, Chen is a living demon. They just couldnt believe all the bizarre powers were under the control of Chen. None of them could see through Chen. A monster is the only word that they could think of to describe Chen.





Heads rolled wherever the Black Dragon went. Soon, the whole place became a pool of blood. Now, there were only three persons left!


Black Dragon roared, and it was ready to take away their lives without any mercy!

All of a sudden, a person with a longsword flew in from ten meters away to where the Black Dragon was headed to.


A long and thin silver sword wailed. It managed to stop the Black Dragon from moving forward.

"Yap Liangchen!"

Chen saw the person who had stopped his attack. Yap was the only person on this island who is powerful enough to stop the attack from Black Dragon!

"*sshole! How dare you kill my absolutely loyal followers?! I will kill you and feed you to the dogs!" Yap shouted angrily.

Then, he swung his arm, and the Black Dragon was deflected.

"So, this is the power of an elite at the latter phase of the Qi refining stage!" Chen raised his eyebrows and quickly retrieved his Black Dragon. The Shadow of Black Dragon is powered by the Chaos Sword essence, and it requires Qi to be activated. Since the Shadow of Black Dragon can't hurt Yap, it was better to summon it back to avoid wasting any more Qi.

"What now? Are you afraid of me now?"

Yap said arrogantly, "Im the inheritor of Yap Family! I was nourished by the Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant ever since I was a kid! When it comes to cultivation, I can crush anyone easily outside Dragon City!"

"Yes! I agree with you! You are definitely more powerful than me! Cant argue with that!" Chen nodded and said calmly.

"Kneel down in front of me right now since you know that its impossible to defeat me!"

Yap grinned and put on his greedy face, "What is that thing you just summoned back to you? Come over here on your knees and offer it to me!"

After a short pause, Yap shouted again, "Also, I heard my followers shouted something about spotting ghosts! You must be some kind of Shaman right?! Hand over your Shaman Skill as well! Then, I will grant you a quick death!If not, you will suffer and die!"


Chen and the three survivors were shocked. They are not familiar with this term at all. It was pretty obvious that Shaman was some kind of hidden job that one will only know when the person reaches a specific tier in Jianghu!


Communication with evil spirits!

The Ghost Toad; Liu Duobao that Chen had killed earlier must be a Shaman! Chen managed to connect every dot and came up to a conclusion.

Yap shouted impatiently, "Son of a bitch! Dont try to act dumb in front of me! Come here right now and offer me the things that I want! If not"

"F*ck you and your demands!"

Chen interrupted Yap and laughed coldly, "You are more powerful than me, but that doesnt mean that you can defeat me!"

"What a joke! How is it possible that I cant defeat you?!"

Then, Yap rolled his eyes and shouted angrily, "Motherf*cker! What an arrogant bastard! Killing you is as easy as squashing an ant!"

"Dont you forget! Im a Shaman!" Chen grinned evilly.

"What about Shaman? I have Flaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant with me! It can be used to defeat any kind of spirits! Your stupid Shaman Skill will not be able to hurt me at all!"

Well, Yap was obviously trying to scare Chen. He knew precisely that Pure Yang items are the nemesis of evil spirits. He believed that Chen would definitely surrender after he hears of the pendant.

However, little did he know that he was acting like a joker in front of Chen.

"HeheFlaming Cloud Spiritual Pendant? Im so scared! Save me please!"

Chen laughed evilly and said, "Let me tell you a story. One night, a certain idiots bodyguards died in horrible conditions. That idiots heirloom went missing as well. Then, he felt an extreme itch on his dick. The idiot almost scratched away his own dick!"

"YouHow do you know that?"

Yaps questions finally came to light after hearing Chens story. He shouted, "Its you! You are the mother*cker who stole my heirloom!"

"Please dont show me your pathetic puppy face!"

Chen said coldly, "You went against me at the charity dinner! Then, you were trying to kidnap my woman! You sent someone to cripple me as well! Stealing your pendant is my way of showing mercy on you! But, now, you are thinking of using me to threaten Luo Puti! Now, youll have to pay with your life!"

Yap took a few deep breaths and said in a calm voice, "Im definitely as fault. I will apologize to you and compensate you, as long as you return the pendant to me. Also, I will never cross paths with you anymore!"

Then, Chen laughed mockingly and said, "I will consider accepting your apology if you kneel down in front of me!"

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