Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 282

All these peach trees were like trees hanging with gold to Chen. He was sitting under the trees and starting to indulge in this exciting moment.

"Now, there is no end to the vastness of my wealth! If Im not mistaken, my total assets should worth around five hundred and nineteen million! Hehe! Step by step, and I can surely catch up with the Lan Family!" Chen grinned, and he sounded pretty confident as well.

Most of the people might have already forgotten the promise that Chen had made a long time ago. But, the thought had been with him all this while. He still remembered wanting to be on the same level with Lan Zhangguo!

Lan Zhengguo had changed his impression of Chen since the kidnapping incident. But, a promise is still a promise. Chen was determined to achieve it! He wanted to use some solid action to convince Lan Zhengguo that he is capable! He didnt want Lan Zhengguo to recognize him, just because he saved his daughter.

This is what a real man would do! Never look down on poor kids!

"Oh right! I have one more new asset! I should check it out!"

Chen jumped up and quickly rushed to the basement. He opened up the urn, and a sweet alcoholic smell filled the room immediately.

"This smell so damn good!"

Chen closed his eyes to indulge in that sweet alcoholic scent slowly.

"The smell from hundreds of fruits can refresh ones mind! Most importantly, the unique smell of the Dragon Dick is gone!"

After that, Chen took a look inside the urn. He was shocked. The amber colored Monkey Moonshine had turned into some kind of ruby-like color! The liquid was crystal clear, and it urged people to take a few sips of itself!

"Let me have a taste of it!"

Chen quickly used his hands to scoop up the alcohol. Just as the alcohol almost reached his mouth, he shook his head and said, "WaitIm still a virgin I'm worried about my rocketI should look for a lab rat to try it first! Yap Liangchen! Come here!"

Yap rushed to Chen immediately after hearing Chen calling out for him.

"Master! What can I do for you?"

Yap was practically bowing down at Chen. His tone was really polite. As it turns out, Yap is really quite good looking! All his pride and viciousness was gone when he became Chens servant. He looked far friendlier now with his humility and slow-to-anger attitude. Its hard not to like him, now! Hes like one of those chivalrous swordsmen from the old Chinese movies. Chen felt really thrilled to have such a high quality servant.

"Drink this, and tell me how you feel?" Chen ordered calmly.


Yap drank the Hundred Fruits Dragon Dick Moonshine without any hesitation.

He was shocked, the next second. He started to voice out his opinion, "Good moonshine! Great taste! Such smoothness! I have no word to describe it! I dont think that Dragon City has such good alcohol!"

"Damn! Is it really that good? Now, do you feel anything changing on your body?" Chen managed to control his desire of wanting to try the moonshine. He needed to know what it did to ones body.


Yap nodded, "I can feel a stream of energy just entered my body! I have never felt so alive before! My whole body is filled with energy! AndAndMy crotch is kind of warm now!"

"What the hell? Warm?" Chen had his eyes opened wide.

"I can feelMy penisJust grew longer" Yap said shyly.

"WhatHow is this even possible?"

Chen said in surprise, "I know this moonshine is very nutritious! But, I did not expect it to have such immediate effects! This is awesome!"

"ReallyReally grew longerBy at least three centimeters!"

Then, Yap asked desperately, "Master, can I have more, please? I wish that I can grow another ten centimeters! Thats my lifelong dream"

"Just drink. You need it!" Chen nodded. He can understand how Yap felt right now.

Yaps penis was shorter than a caterpillar! It is only reasonable that he has the desire of wanting it to grow longer!

"Its not so effective anymore"

Yap reported to Chen while drinking, "Its only two centimeters this timeOne centimeter now this moonshine probably works best on those who really need itThe effect is not so apparent anymore after my penis became longer."

"Hold on! Even though the effect is not so crazy anymore after it became longer, its still one crazy moonshine! People will start to get suspicious if I sell it as the Treasure of Kidney!"

After some serious consideration, Chen decided, "Ill have to dilute it with water! It has to be diluted enough to not raise any suspicions at all!"

Chen started to do a few experiments after making the decision. He was playing around with the right ratio. Yap was there to test every sample. Finally, Chen had concluded that 1:30000 was the best ratio. In other words, a bottle of Hundred Fruits Dragon Dick Moonshine can be used to produced thirty thousand bottles of Treasure of Kidney! No one will get suspicious with this perfect ration and it can beat all kind of supplements on the market!

It will definitely go viral after it releases to the market. And, this is where huge profit comes in! Theres around 2.5 tonnes of moonshine in the urn. This amount of moonshine could be used to produce seventy-five million tons of Treasure of Kidney!

The most important thing is that the Dragon Dick will not disappear, and the moonshine that Chen receives from Monkey King is endless! So, how much profit can this moonshine generate for Chen? It is going to be an astronomical figure!

"Wait! I cannot forget about my good brother! Let me send him a few buckets of it first!"

Chen found a few metal buckets, filled them up and send them to Monkey King. Also, Chen prepared another bucket of it to give it to Zhang.

"This filled bucket of moonshine should be more than enough to supply a months worth of Treasure of Kidney! After this, I will send one bucket to Zhang ever month! Seems like an easy job."

Then, Chen drove to Zhangs factory. Yap took a day off to go to the brothel to release his needs. If not, his balls might have exploded.


Zhang and his employees were not doing anything when Chena arrived at the factory. It was as if they saw their savior when they saw Chen.

"Third brother! You are finally here! I almost cried while I was waiting for you!"

Zhang ran to Chen and asked immediately, "Where are the trucks that are delivering the ingredients of Treasure of Kidney? How come you are here alone?"

"Theres no need of truck! My secret recipe is all here!" Chen grinned and slapped on the metal bucket that he brought with him.

"What? That is so little! Its not going to be enough! I have to send out one hundred thousand bottles of it to the market tomorrow! Are you joking with me? Are the trucks behind you?" Zhang was tip-toeing to look out for trucks.

"Im not joking with you! Take this and follow the ratio that Im going to tell you! The ratio is 1:30000! All you need to do is dilute it with water, fill it into the bottle and sell it! I will bear all the responsibility if theres anything wrong with it!" Chen smiled and said.

Zhang was stunned. His worry was gone after being affected by Chens commanding presence. He nodded and said, "Okay! I believe in you! I will ask my people to start working on it! I will not blame you if we suffer from any losses! And, if we do make a profit from it, you can have ninety percent of the profit! I will only take ten percent!"

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