Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 283

You get ten percent, and I get ninety percent? That doesnt sound right!" Chen said, shocked.

"Im serious! This factory is not where the money is born! Your secret recipe is the source of money!"

Zhang said in a deep voice, "Previously, the agreement between Liu Duobao and me was that I get thirty percent and he gets seventy percent of the profit. Even so, I would still need to pay for the cost of the ingredients. Now, you have everything ready. All I need to do is to add water to dilute the solution! In other words, youve paid for all the other ingredients! Thus, it is only right that you get ninety percent of the profit!"


Chen scratched his nose tip. He wanted to tell Zhang that this solution did not require any cost to produce at all, but it was hard to find a way of expressing it. After all, Dragon Dick and Monkey Moonshine did not exist on earth. Thus, Zhang will not believe whatever Chen tells him.

"Alright! This will be my final decision! From today onwards, you will be my boss!" Zhang laughed and took the metal bucket into the factory.

"Seems like it has to be this way."

Chen knew Zhang pretty well. He is the kind of person who doesnt like to owe anyones favor. For now, he will follow whatever Zhang says. Chen will think of some way to repay him in the future.

Chen did not want to go into the factory to mess up the production. Just as he was about to leave, he found something really interesting!


[You have done a good deed! You have received 8000 merit points!]


[You have done a good deed! You have received 8000 merit points!]


[Your current merit points are 220000! You need another 80000 merit points to go to next level! (Charm: 22000, Luck: 220000)]

"Eh? What the hell is going on? Why are there two scores of free merit points? Some kind of free lunch?"

Chen was stunned for a moment. After some thinking, he found that the number; eight thousand was rather special. There were three parties received Chens donation during the charity dinner! Each of the parties had received a total amount of eight million! Also, the system showed that Chen had done some good deeds.

"This should be merit points from my donation! But, why are there only two scores of merit points? Where is the remaining score?"

Chen scratched his head and took his cellphone out to call Xiaoyao.

"I should call Xiaoyao. She should know what is going on."



The call connected.

"*sshole Xiaobei! Why did you call me? I was going to call you!"

A savage voice could be heard on the other side of the phone.

"I wanted to tell you the three parties that received our donation have already started to use the money to do all kind of good things!"

"What? All three? Not two?" Chen asked, puzzled.

How is it possible that all three parties have already started to use the money to do good things since he just received only two scores of merit points!

Xiaoyao said confidently, "Nonsense! Of course, Im sure! I follow up with the donations personally! And, I did send someone to make sure the money to be used in the right place!"

"This" Chen was stunned.

This is getting really strange.

Xiaoyaos process sounded foolproof. She might seem savage and unreasonable at times, but she can be very serious and efficient when it comes to work! She will always make sure that she does her best as well. Thus, there shouldnt be any problem with the donations, since she sounded pretty confident! Chen was really bothered by it.

The merit points that he saved up was close to three hundred thousand. He was going to use all these merit points to help Xiangyu for his second rebirth.

"*sshole Xiaobei! Why are you so quiet? Arent you happy that your money is being used at the right places?" Xiaoyao asked.

"I want to check out the current situation of each parties." Chen said in a deep voice.

"Why? Do you not trust me?" Xiaoyao said.

"Its not that."

Chen continued to say, "I want to see the results of the donation that I made."

"Sounds right. Come to the charity foundation office to pick me up! I will bring you there!"

The three parties that had received Chens donations were Green Vine Orphanage, South Lake Old Folks Home, and North Mountain Hope Primary School.

Chen and Xiaoyao went to the orphanage and the old folks home to check out the condition first. They were doing expansions, modifications and other construction work. It seems like everything was working out fine. Chen did find any problems after checking out the place. At the same time, Chen was treated like a hero when he arrived at those two places.

All the old folks and children were pleased and excited when they saw Chen. All of them showed their most genuine gratitude to Chen.

"These two scores of merit points seem pretty legit! I think the problem is coming from the primary school!"

After that, Chen and Xiaoyao went to their last destination. Chen already had the answer inside his head. The North Mountain Hope Primary School was located in the mountains. Chens Bugatti Veyron was too low to drive into the mountain. Thus, he had to park his car at the entrance of the mountain and walk into the mountain with Xiaoyao.

The road to the primary school was pretty terrible. Tire marks from some big trucks could be seen on the road as well. It seems like some sort of construction work was being carried out around the mountain.

So, why has Chen not received any merit points?

"You look like you have a lot things in your mind? What are you thinking about? Xiaoyao asked curiously.

"I feel that something terrible is happening to the primary school!" Chen frowned and said. He was not planning to hide it from Xiaoyao. This would allow Xiaoyao to prepare for the worst.

"Nonsense! What can happen to the primary school?"

Xiaoyao pursed her lips and said, "You think too much! I assigned Secretary Wong to look over this project! He would have called me if theres something wrong going on with the project!"

"Lets speed up! We will know when you reach there!" Chen hastened his steps unconsciously. Chen and Xiaoyao were elites in the Qi refining stage. Thus, this tough mountain path was not a problem to them at all.

Ten minutes later, they finally arrived at their destination. Chen and Xiaoyao were shocked when they reached the entrance of the village. They saw a big and a small coffin at the entrance.

A middle-aged lady was crying while lying on the coffin. Her face was ashen and her body was shaking. It was pretty apparent that she was suffering from the pain of losing her child. It was her child in the small coffin.

There were other villagers around her. All of them looked really sad and down.

"Village head! What is going on here?" Xioayao ran to the middle-aged guy with white hair and asked.

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