Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 284

"Ms. Murong! Why are you here?"

The head of the village asked, surprise. Everyone else had their attention shifted to Xiaoyao as well. Most of the villagers knew Xiaoyao, because she did follow up on the donation personally, last time.

"Ms. Murong! Its good to have you herePleaseI beg youPlease find the person who was responsible for my childs death!"

The middle-aged lady that stood beside the coffin earlier ran to Xiaoyao. Then, she knelt down in front of Xiaoyao.

"Aunt Lee, please get up first. What is going on here? I will definitely help you in this matter!" Xiaoyao gritted. A kids death is something really serious. Xiaoyao had made up her mind that she will follow up with this unfortunate event until she finds the person who is responsible for the childs death.

Chen was frowning. He did not say a word, but he shared the exact same thoughts with Xiaoyao.

"IMy" Aunt Lee was crying non-stop. She was at a complete loss of words.

"Let me say it!"

The head of the village sighed and said sadly, "The tiger in the jungle has eaten aunt Lee's child and Secretary WongWe couldnt even find their bodiesAll we found was their clothes"


Xiaoyao was extremely shocked. Then, she quickly asked, "What the hell is going on here? Why is there a tiger in the North Mountain? I have never heard about it before!"

"There was no tiger last time."

The head of the village said confidently, "Recently, lots of people found footprints and poop from the tigerIm telling the truth here!"

"F*cking animal! I will go and kill it now! I will use its blood to bring justice to your kid and Secretary Wong!"

Xiaoyao is a girl with quick temper. She exploded on the spot instantly. In the end, she decided that she will avenge them with the tigers blood!

"Hold on first!"

Chen pulled Xiaoyao to him and told her in a deep voice, "We need more information on this case. You shouldnt just rush into the jungle like that! What if the killer is not a tiger?"


Xiaoyao said angrily, "If its not the tiger, who else could it be? No one will have the heart to kill a kid! Only animals will do this kind of horrible stuff!"

"Hold on for a few minutes first. Let me ask a few questions. Then, I will go into the jungle with you!" Chen frowned and said.

"What is wrong with you? Why are you defending a tiger? Is the tiger your brother? Let me go! I must kill that tiger today!" Xiaoyao swung away Chens hands and ran into the jungle.

"ShitThings are getting really complicated now!" Chen frowned. His face was filled with worry. The tiger in North Mountain is indeed related to Chen! It is his brother; Blood Roar! Chen was the one who had sent him to the North Mountain after the Colosseum was demolished.

Blood Roar is a wild tiger and he did consume humans before, but it will definitely not eat good humans, because of Chen. That was why Chen had defended Blood Roar just now.

"I have to get to the bottom as soon as possible! I hope that Flatboard Princess will not be able to find Blood Roar before I figure this shit out!"

Chen calmed himself down and asked, "Village head, can you tell me the whole incident in detail?"

The head of the village nodded and said, "The kid from Lee Family went into the jungle to play this afternoon. But, the kid did not return for a long time. Thus, Secretary Wong went into the forest to look for him. In the end, both of them did not return at all!"

"Hold on!"

Chen had the Scholar Heart. His way of thinking is faster than average people. Soon, he found something off from what the head of the village told him.

"Why did Aunt Lee, teacher or students not look for him? It seems a bit odd that Secretary Wong looked for him instead."

The head of the village was stunned. Then, he frowned and said, "ThisI dont know about this"

"Something is wrong!"

Then, Chen asked again, "Who is the one who told you guys that the kid and Secretary Wong were eaten by the tiger?"

"It was the boss of the construction team; Boss Qiu! He was the one that the charity foundation hired to rebuild Hope Primary School!" The head of the village said.

"Boss Qiu? Where is he right now?" Chen asked.

"I have no idea"

The head of the village shook and said, "We were busy working on the funeral just nowWe wouldnt even realize that all the construction workers are gone if you hadnt mention it to us!"

"Gone? It seems like the construction team was the one who planned this whole thing!"

Chen quickly consoled the villagers, "Everyone, you guys can go home now. Aunt Lee, you can stop crying as well. If Im not mistaken, your kid and Secretary Wong are still alive!"

"IsIs this real?!"

Everyone was shocked when they heard Chens claim. Especially for Aunt Lee, it was as if she was seeing hope at the end of the tunnel.

Then, she said excitedly, "My brother! Is that real? I beg you! You must find my kid! Then, you will be my savior! You will be my God!"

"Aunt Lee, go home and rest first. I will try my best to look for your kid!" Chen said. Then, he walked into the jungle. There was no cellphone signal in the jungle. Thus, Chen couldnt call Xiaoyao.

"This girl! Shes insane! She will definitely fall into the enemies trap, the way she ran into the jungle just now! I have to locate her as soon as possible!"

After some thought, Chen took out the Gods Eyes Talisman from his treasure chest. The talisman lit up when Chen closed his eyes and did some thinking. A flow of mysterious force went into Chens body after the yellow flame finished burning. At first, there were some ancient symbols from the talisman that floated up in front of Chen. The next second, Chens vision managed to cover the whole North Mountain!

He became a high functioning satellite when his God-like vision was combined with his super brain! First, he saw some guys with weapons hiding at some hidden corners to wait for their prey to show up! These were the guys that wore some fancy and weird clothing. They had colorful hair as well! Judging from their physical appearance, they should be some kind of gangster!

However, Chen still couldnt figure out their motives yet. After that, Chen finally located Xiaoyao! This girl was really serious about this matter. She had used her Qi to accelerate. Perhaps she found some lead, or she was just following her instincts. The direction that she was headed to right now was where Blood Roar was!

Blood Roar was sleeping right now. It will definitely become a piece of dead meat if Xiaoyao finds it!

"Shit! I have to go and rescue Blood Roar!"

Chen searched while running to Blood Roar.

"Why cant I find the Kid and Secretary Wong? They should be still in the mountain!"

Soon, the effect from the Gods Eyes Talisman expired. Chen still couldnt locate them.


A deafening tigers roar could be heard from the other side of the mountain!

The fight has begun!

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