Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 287

"Do you really think that you can kill us? HahahaIm a retired member of the Navy SEALs! People call me the King of Jungle! This is my territory!"

Xiang laughed arrogantly, "Have you ever heard of a phrase called, my house, my rules! Today! You will surely die here!"

"IdiotWhat King of Jungle! Why dont you call yourself Tarzan Monkey?!"

Chen rolled his eyes and said condescendingly, "Cut the crap! Just fight! I want to see what you got!"

"F*ck! You mother*cker! How dare you mock me?!"

Xiang shouted angrily, "Brothers! Lets go! Murong Xiaoyao is useless now! Kill this *sshole, and our mission is accomplished! I will make sure that I give a big Red Envelope to each and every one of you!"

"Lets go! Kill him!"

The gangsters around Chen lifted up their weapons and charged at Chen.

"What? Are you guys trying to use your numbers against me?"

Chen raised his eyebrows and lifted up his right hand. Then, he snapped his fingers.


From behind, Blood Roar leapt over Chens head and charged at those gangsters.



Blood Roar used his front paws to push the two front most gangsters! Then, it used its claws to pierce their chests. After that, Blood Roar used their bodies as stepping stones to charge forward. Blood and flesh from their chests was scattered all over the ground.

"Oh my God! Why did this tiger come backThis is too scaryRunQuickly!"

The rest of the gangsters were scared shitless. They dropped their weapons and started to run.


The wailing of wolves could be heard from all directions. After that, ten plus ferocious wolves and Pitbulls surrounded all the gangsters. They were staring at the gangsters furiously. There were still traces of blood on their claws. Needless to say, the twenty plus gangster who were hiding in the jungle earlier had been eliminated by them.

"WhatWhat the hell is going on? Why are the beasts surrounding us?"

"GodBoss XiangWhat do we do now?"

"Help us! Boss Xiang! You are the King of JungleOnly you can save us now!"


They had no other options but place all their last hopes on Xiang.

"I can save no one! Just run!"

Xiang rolled his eyes, turned around, and started to run like a maniac. He used to be in special forces, but it was impossible to fight against dozens of wolves, Pitbulls, and a tiger!

"XiangBoss Xiang just took off!"

All those gangsters were petrified. They stood on the ground like a potato. None of them expected the awesome Xiang Lengfeng to just take off like a coward! He is not the King of Jungle! Hes a complete joker!


Xiang was sent flying back to where he had taken off a moment ago. A brown fluff blocked him when he had tried to run away just now. It was the big grizzly bear from the Colosseum!

"Shit! Theres one more brown bear!"

Xiang spat a mouthful of warm blood. The bear landed a mighty slap on the face when he had tried to escape from the place just now. His head should have fallen on the ground if his health was not high enough.

"Oh my GodWhat the hell is going on here?"

The rest of the gangsters faces turned pale. Some of their pants were already wet.

"Brothers! Kill them now!"

Chen swung his hand casually. He was like a general giving commands to his soldiers. Such a powerful gesture!




All the beasts charged at their enemies without a moments hesitation. They were trained to kill and battle. Thus, their combat power was far stronger than regular animals.

It was a landslide victory. Those gangsters couldnt even fight back.

*Ah!!! Mercy!!! I dont want to die now! Dont kill us!!"

The sounds of screams of help, bones cracking, flesh tearing lasted for quite some time. They were all killed, one by one. Sadly, they did not even know what was going on before their deaths. Xiang managed to struggle for a short while. In the end, he was mauled to death by Blood Roar and the bear.

After that, Chen ordered the beasts to gather the bodies. Then, Chen used the Body Dissolving Poison to destroy all the bodies.

Xiaoyao saw everything that happened right before her eyes. She asked in shock, "Xiaobei, why do those beasts listen to what you tell them? AndWhat did you just use to destroy those pile of bodies?"

"All these beasts are my brothers! I just used some Body Dissolving Poison to destroy those bodies."

Chen shrugged, smiled, and said, "These are my secrets. You must not tell anyone else!"

Xiaoyao stunned for a while. Then, she asked shyly, "Why did you decide to tell me all these secrets? Do I have a special place in your heart?"

"Of course! Now, I know that you are willing to die with me. Thus, its only reasonable for me to tell you my secrets!" Chen grinned evilly.


Xiaoyao rolled her eyes and pursed her lips, "Die with you?! This what I call brotherhood! My dad has taught me since young that I should do unto others what they do to meEr"

Xiaoyao started feeling uncomfortable.

"Whats wrong with you?"

Chen frowned. Then, he grabbed Xiaoyaos hand and started to diagnose her by checking her pulse.

"I was hit by Xiangs poison needleI can feel the pain in my chest now" Xiaoyao said in a pained tone.

"Why didnt you tell me earlier? This cannot go on any longer! I must extract the poison out from your body as soon as possible! If not, your heart might stop working, and you will die!"

Chen continued to press on, "Where did the poison needle hit you? Tell me now! I will suck out the poison for you!"

"What?! Suck? It? Out?"

Xiaoyao had her eyes wide open. Then, her face turned super red. It was a forbidden area. No man has laid their hands on that area before! It was her pride; those fair, soft, and perky bumps!

Chen had just mentioned that he wanted to suck the poison out with his mouth! Xiaoyaos body was filled with goosebumps when she imagined the scene.

"Tell me now! Do you want to live?" Chen hastened.

"I will not let you suck that area, even if it means that I will die!" Xiaoyao fainted right after that, because the impact was too massive for her heart to withstand.

"Hello! Hello! Dont pass out on me! You will really die!" Chen said nervously.

Right at that moment, Blood Roar approached Chen and said with an evil face, "Bro Bei, it was her *ss! HeheYou dont have to thank me. Just call me Lei Feng(1)!"


Chens face turned red immediately.

Translators footnote

1.Lei Feng: Li Fng was a soldier in the People's Liberation Army and is a communist legend in China. After his death, Lei was characterized as a selfless and modest person devoted to the Communist Party, Mao Zedong, and the people of China.

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