Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 289

Like father, like daughter. Her aura and her decision-making methods were getting more and more similar to her father. It seems like a heroine is going to be born soon! After that, Xiaoyao followed Chens plan and went back to the village to console the villagers. On the other hand, Chen got his hands on one of the big trucks from the construction. Then, he sent all those animals back to his secret base in secret.

Chen was planning to feed all these animals Heavenly Pet Food. It is going to be so awesome if all of them become One-Star Spirit Beasts!

Night has fallen. Chen put on his Nightstalker Outfit and went to where they kept the hostages. The combat power of the kid and Secretary Wong were almost non-existent. Thus, the security at Club Baole was kind of loosened. Chen managed to rescue both of them easily. At the same time, Jing Fei waited outside the club in the car. He will be the one sending the hostages back to the village. To not leave any traumatic experience in them, Chen put them to sleep and fed them both half a drop of Mengpo Soup. They will forget everything that has happened today. They can live happy lives now.


Chens cellphone rang. It was Fire Boss.

"Bro Bei, the preparations are complete!"

Fire Boss continued to say in a deep voice, "My people are here with me! Yap has also brought fifty to sixty bodyguards along with him! I think that it will be an easy job to completely take over the Black Tiger Gang at the north side of the city!"

"Okay. Finish everything up as fast as possible. Then, meet me after that."

Chen nodded and went on to say, "Oh, right! Tell me everything you know about Qui Hairui."

"Qiu Hairui used to be one of the most capable followers of Murong Tian. He is famous for his wittiness."

Fire Boss continued to say, "This guy is actually a legendary character. He is more successful than those people who resort to violence! Also, he has invested in most of the properties in Green Vine City. Other than that, he has a huge network in the world of good guys and bad guys. I have to say that this guy is at his prime right now! When news of Murong Tian leaving Jianghu spread, his wild ambition started to surfaced as well. Recently, hes been putting a lot of effort into recruiting capable personnel. He intends to start his own gang and replace Murong Tian in Green Vine City!"

Chen finally knew a thing or two about Qiu Hairui.

"Alright. Now, go ahead and take over the territories first. I will go and meet up with this Qiu Hairui!" Chen grinned, hung up the call and walked into the club.

Qiu was entertaining one of the old followers of Murong Tian inside the VIP Diamond Room. There was a table full of alcohol on the table and a dozen sexy ladies keeping them company. It seemed like Qiu really wanted this person on his team.

"Come on brother! Lets drink more!"

A forty plus year-old plump man was finishing his shots, glass after glass.

"Haha! Boss Qiu, your tolerance towards alcohol is still going strong! I, Hu Meng shall drink as much as possible as well!"

The muscular guy started to lay his hands on the sexy ladies after he finished his shot.

"Actually, I wanted to offer you something new. This is why I called you out today!"

Qiu smiled and continued to say, "I have set a trap for Murong Xiaoyao. Within three days, Murong Xiaoyao will be in our hands! If you agree to fight alongside me, I can give you whatever Murong Tian is giving you right now!"


Hu was stunned and shocked, "Such brilliant strategy, Boss Qiu! I did not even know that you were planning something this big! Im impressed! I have decided that I will fight alongside you for the rest of my life!"

"Great! This is just great!"

Qiu said happily, "My gang will be more powerful with your contribution! Sooner or later, Green Vine City will become our world! Hahaha"

Hu grinned, thought for a while and asked, "Boss Qiu, what are you planning to do with that Chen Xiaobei? Should I go ahead and kill him? That can be my gift to you."

"HeheThats not necessary."

Qiu looked like he had something greater planned out in his mind. He laughed and said, "My plan allows me to eliminate Murong Xiaoyao and Chen Xiaobei at the same time. I have nothing to worry, since Xiang Lengfeng from the Black Tiger Gang is my executioner!"

Hu beamed and started to compliment Qiu, "Boss Qiu, you are brilliant! You are always three steps ahead of our enemies! Your strategy can definitely kill two birds with one stone! Well played! Well played!"

"Brother, this is nothing. Its only Murong Xiaoyao and Chen Xiaobei. Eliminating them from the Jianghu is as easy as killing ants!" Qiu said arrogantly.

"Thats right! They are just some small-time characters in the Jianghu. You going against them is like using a chainsaw to kill chickens!"

Hu said condescendingly, "Especially that Chen Xiaobei! Who the hell does he think he is? He is not worthy of being taken out by your plan!"

"Chen Xiaobei is actually not useless! He was the one who helped the Fire Boss climb up the ladder in Jianghu. Also, he managed to earn the respect of Murong Tian." Qiu said and smiled calmly.

Hu said in a dissatisfying tone, "Psst! He was lucky! He did the right things at the right time! Other than that, he is pretty useless to me! I can definitely kill him with one slap if he is here right now."

Qiu shook his head and pretended to be a good guy, saying, "I would try to recruit him to my team if he is here right now. I will let him live if he decides to work for me! Also, I will take this opportunity to nurture him as well!"

"Boss Qiu! You think too highly of that son of the bitch! He has zero experience with Jianghu matters! I dont think that he will amount to anything at all!"

"Whos that?!"

The door of the room slid open as they were talking. Then, Chen walked into the room with a smile on his face.

"You must be Boss Qiu, right? I have heard a lot about you! I wanted to pay some respect to you after knowing that you are here tonight. I hope that you dont mind." Chen said, while walking towards Qiu.

He moved a chair and sat right across Qiu. That chair was higher than the sofa. It made Qiu looked inferior to Chen.

"No manners!"

Hu slammed the table and said, "You are not worthy of sitting in front of Boss Qiu! Stand up right now!" Chen ignored Hu and looked at Qiu calmly.

"Bastard! Are you deaf?! I just ask you to stand up!" Hu continued to shout at Chen.

"Hu Meng, just hold on first."

Qiu waved his hand at Hu, smiled and said, "Mr. Chen, you are my guest tonight! I always love to entertain my guests! It would be nice if a guest can turn into a friend! Then, I will be delighted."

"HeheBoss Qiu, do you really see me as your friend?" Chen smiled and said.

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