Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 290

"Of course, I want to become a friend of Mr. Chen!"

Qiu smiled and said, "Recently, Mr. Chen, you have caused quite a few waves in Green Vine City! Even people like me who dont live in the internet know the name; Bro Bei! It is my pleasure to make a friend like you!"

"Im the kind of person that likes to go straight to the point. How do you want to make friends with me?" Chen asked.

"I like people who go straight to the point! I can say whatever I want to say right now!"

Qiu smiled and said, "These days, Green Vine City is filled with traps and different kinds of danger! Your gang is quite powerful and influential, but it still too young! It needs more experience to grow"

"Hold on! Im just a student! I'm not involved in any gang-related stuff!" Chen interrupted him.

"The Fire Boss is working for you right?" Qiu squinted his eyes and asked.

"Of course not! Fire Boss and I are only friends! All we ever do is drink some booze and chit-chat," Chen shrugged and said.

"Haha! Now, Im even more impressed by you!"

Qiu smiled and continued to say, "Even drinking and chit-chatting has managed to promote a nobody to the big boss that owns half of Black Tiger Gangs territories! This is truly impressive! If you are not the boss of Fire Boss, you can be considered his mentor!"

"Am I really that good? I, myself do not even know about it!" Chen said calmly.

"What a hypocrite!" Hu rolled his eyes at Chen.

This is not the first time Hu has taunted Chen. However, Chen decided to continue to ignore him and treat him like invisible air.

"Mr. Chen, you are too humble! Anyway, I know the Fire Boss only listens to what you say. That is a fact! I hope that Mr. Chen can convince Fire Boss to join my gang!"

"Join your gang?"

Chen smiled and continued to say, "NoNoNoIm just a student! I am not allowed to get myself involved in these gang-related stuffs. If not, the school will put me in hot soup!"

"Erm" Qiu was stunned by Chens reply. He was speechless.

"This Chen Xiaobei is really good at acting! It is pretty obvious that he is the boss of Fire Boss! However, he continues to act innocent and dumb! Do you really think that we will believe what you say?!" Qiu thought.

"Motherf*cker! Chen Xiaobei! Dont get over your head!"

Hu stood up and shouted, "Boss Qiu wants to recruit you to his gang, because he knows that you are a capable person! You better show some respect to Boss Qiu! If not, I will make sure that you leave this place with a crying face!"

Chen looked at Hu and said calmly, "Uncle, why do you keep on going against me ever since I stepped into this room? I know that you are envious of me! Its not my fault that Im so much better looking than you!"


Hu almost vomited blood.

"Me? Envious of you?! You must be f*cking kidding me! Do you believe that I will take a knife and chop you motherf*cker of a hypocrite into pieces?!"

"Are you sure?" Chen asked with a calm face.

"Hu Meng! Sit down!"

Qiu shouted. Then, he calmed himself down and consoled Chen, "Mr. Chen, I hope you dont mind him! He is the kind of person with a quick and hot temper!"

"Dont worry! I will not bring myself down to be on the same level with this donkey-minded muscular man!" Chen shrugged.

Hu was so angry that his eyes spat fire. He would have jumped up right now to kill Chen if Qiu hadnt stop him from doing it.

"I can understand that Mr. Chen doesnt want to be involved in these gang-related matters! After all, even Im trying to clean my name right now!"

Qiu moved on and said, "But, it shouldnt be a problem for you to ask Fire Boss to submit to my authority, right?"

"The Fire Boss? I dont think he will join you either. After all, Fire Boss has an enormous appetite! I dont think that you are capable of filling up his appetite!" Chen smiled and said.

"Eh? Not capable?" Qius face turned black, and a flash of anger could be seen in his eyes.

"Chen Xiaobei! Stop your acting right now! If you can control him, why cant Boss Qiu control him? Are you saying that Boss Qiu is not as capable as you?"

Hu shouted again, "You better kneel down right now and beg Boss Qiu to keep you under his wing! If not, we will exterminate you and Fire Boss like insects!"

"UncleDoes your mom know that you can be really arrogant?"

Chen stared at Hu coldly and said calmly, "You have been mocking me since I stepped into this room! Do I look like Im desperate to go under Boss Qius wing? So, I should be grateful if I join you guys? You guys will kill me if I refuse to do so?"

"You are right!"

"Im gonna tell you something! Boss Qiu has set a trap for you and Xiaoyao! Both of you will be killed off you refuse to come under Boss Qius wing!" Hu spilled everything out.

Qiu did not say a word after hearing Chens response. In other words, he had just sanctified Hus threat to Chen.


Chen was not shaken by their threats at all. He said calmly, "Honestly speaking, Boss Qius plan cant even hurt me!"

"Do you even know what you are saying? Boss Qiu is the smartest person in Green Vine City! No one can stay unharmed after going through Boss Qius plans! Stand right there and get ready to be struck by lightning if you remain fearless!"

"Im not acting! I will show you guys some proof if you guys still refuse to believe in me!"

Then, Chen raised his eyebrows and landed a slap on Qius face without any warning.


Qius body went flying. A bloody red hand print started to surface on Qius face. His teeth fell out when he opened his mouth. He was screaming in agony.

Chen was still very calm. He turned around and looked at the stunned Hu Meng and said, "You see that? Im not afraid of Qius trap at all! Nope, I do not want to go under his wing! Hes not worthy!"


Hu stood there, petrified. He never thought that Chen would be this arrogant! Qiu is the most powerful person in Green Vine City after Murong Tian left! Also, this club is Qius territory! Plus, Qiu had worked together with Xiang Lengfeng to set a trap to threaten Chen. Everything was in Qius favor.

However, Chen did not even care about all these disadvantages. One slap, and Qiu was defeated!

"Son of a bitch! Why did you tell me all that bullshit if you didnt want to come under my wing?!" Qiu covered his face and stood up with all his strength.

"HehePeople told me you are a witty guy! But, to me, you are just a retarded fool!"

Chen grinned and went on to say, "I wanted to buy myself some time by talking some bullshit with you guys!"

A gang member rushed into the room all of a sudden, "Shit! Boss Qiu, trouble in our club!"

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