Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 291

"What the hell is going on?"

Qiu ignored Chen and asked.

"DownDown there! Someone is destroying our place! There's an army of them out there! They did not even bother reasoning with us!" the gang member said nervously.

Qiu tried his best to stand up and said coldly while walking out of the room, "Hu Meng! Do not let Chen Xiaobei leave this place alive!"

"Yes! Don't you worry, Boss Qiu! I had been wanting to slap him, ever since he first set foot in this room!" Hu grinned and looked at Chen with a murderous stare.

"Such a coincidence! I cannot stand you any longer as well!"

Then, Chen took an empty bottle on the table and walked towards Hu.


Before Hu realized it, the bottle had already landed on his head. Blood started to gush out from the top his head.

"OuchThat f*cking hurt! Chen Xiaobei! You son of a bitch! I will f*cking kill you!" Hu pressed on the wound on his head and shouted.

Before he could finish his words, another kick had landed between his legs.


A muffled sound could be heard and Hu was tossed to the LED TV. The TV was not the only thing being smashed. Hu's manhood had been completely smashed as well. One more person has joined the eunuch team!

"ThisHow is this possible?"

Qiu was stunned when he reached the doorstep.

"Hu Meng is a guy at the latter phase of the physical stage! However, he was defeated within seconds by Chen Xiabei! This Chen Xiaobei is more powerful than I expected" Qiu thought.

"Hey! Retarded fool! Don't just stand there! You mentioned earlier that you didn't want me to leave this room alive right? Hu Meng is gone now! Shall we have some practice as well?" Chen looked at Qiu mockingly and laughed.

"YouDon't come near me!" Qiu was shaking uncontrollably. He freaked out when he saw the blood flowing from Hu's crotch. There's no way for Qiu to fight Chen.

"HeheIt seems that you are just another retarded weakling!"

Chen laughed coldly and said, "Today, I'm going to tell you something really important! Don't come and mess with me if you are not powerful enough! If not, you will end up like Xiang Lengfeng!"

"What?! Whatwhat happened to Xiang?" Qiu's heart skipped a beat, and his face turned pale instantly.

"Xiang was eaten by a tiger!" Chen grinned.

"ThisThat is not possible" Qiu was in deep shock. Sweats started to roll down from his forehead.

A smart person will know there is an insinuation in Chen's remark. Chen killed Xiang, but he would never admit it. Thus, he has pushed the blame to the tiger. This is exactly the same trap that Qiu had set for Xiaoyao and Chen.

This cold hard truth was trying to tell Qiu that Chen had defused his trap! He had nothing that he can use to threaten Chen.

"NoI don't believe you"

Qiu knew what Chen was trying to tell him. But, he just cannot accept this ending. He took out his cellphone and called Xiang. But, Xiang's cell was turned off. Then, he called the gang members who were supposed to guard the hostages. Unfortunately, he couldn't reach them as well.

"Oh my godWhat the hell is happening?"

Qiu shook, and his cellphone dropped on the floor. He felt as if the whole world had crumbled around him! After all, he was considered one of the smartest people in Jianghu. But, all his plans and strategies had been completely neutralized by Chen. He had believed that he could surely eliminate Chen with his well-planned strategy. In the end, Chen was actually three steps ahed of him. Qiu didn't even have the chance to fight back!

"Oh god! What kind of monster is he?" Qiu thought. He felt powerless when he realized that Chen had outsmarted him. Chen had completely crushed his pride. Qiu might just die of a heart attack after waves and waves of impacts. However, Chen's surprises for him did not stop here.

Boss Qiu! Let's go down now before they tear down the whole building!" The gang member said nervously.

"Chen Xiaobei! I will definitely make sure that you pay for what you have done!" Qiu frowned and ran down the stairs.

On the other hand, Chen did not plan to go after him. He walked down the stairs casually and slowly.




Everything that can be smashed in Club Baole had been completely destroyed.


Those gang members that tried to retaliate were beaten up. Now, they were screaming in agony on the floor.

"What the hell happened here? Who the hell has the balls to mess around in my territory?!"

"Boss Qiu? Do you still remember me?" An arrogant voice could be heard. Yap Liangchen was sitting on the couch with a smile on his face.

"YapMaster Yap!"

Qiu was extremely shocked. He ran to Yap and said politely, "It's my pleasure to have you in my club. May I know why has Master Yap taken the trouble to come to my small and simple club?"

Yap smiled calmly and pointed at all those smashed items and said, "Fire Boss and I are the ones who did the smashing!"


Qiu was puzzled. He asked, "Why did you destroy my club? Why are you here with Fire Boss?"


Fire Boss smashed a big vase on the floor, walked towards Qiu happily and said, "Master Yap helped me take down the Black Tiger Gang at the north side of the city! We simply want to have more fun! That is why we've chosen to mess around in your club! Are you not happy with it?"

Qiu almost puked blood when he heard that. He could not believe that the Fire Boss had taken down another branch of Black Tiger Gang! Now, they came here to mess around with Qiu's club. Needless to say, this was definitely part of Chen's plan! But, how did Chen get Master Yap to be part of his plan? If that's the case, offending Chen was no different from offending Yap! Even Murong Tian would not dare to offend Yap Liangchen. Qiu felt more and more troubled when he thought about it.

"Boss Qiu! Fire Boss is asking you a question!"

Yap asked impatiently again, "Are you not happy that we destroyed your property?"

"NoI'm totally okay with it" Qiu gulped and said.

"HeheIt seems like this retarded fool is pretty generous!"

At the same time, Chen walked towards Qiu with an evil smile on his face.

"I like people who are generous! I will ask them to come here to destroy your property again, once you fix everything!"

"Bro Bei! Bro Bei!"

The Fire Boss and Yap walked towards Chen and stood beside him.

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