Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 296

"Quack! Open up your eyes wide and see whos the joker here!" Chen tuned into his ultra-focus mode when he took out the needles. Then, he raised his hands up and started to poke the needle into Wu Zhebang body with precise strength. There was a total of nine needles on Wus throat. The area around the needles turned dark red.

"Oh my God! ThisWhat is happening right now?"

Lan and Wu Junfan were extremely shocked when they saw the changes on Wu Zhebangs body. On the other hand, Dr Wong was in awe. He had never seen something like this throughout his journey of treating others.

"Nine Dragons Acupuncture is the epitome of Chinese medicinal skill! Now, Im applying the third skill; Nine Dragons Discover Sea!" Chen explained while moving the end of the needles. Qi was flowing at the tips of Chens fingers. The needles would serve as a medium to transfer all that Qi to the acupoints and veins. Thus, the dark red color. A few minutes later, all the clogged blood was gone!

"Okay! Uncle Wu! From this moment onwards, you can say goodbye to your sickness!" Chen lifted up all the needles slowly and said.

"I feel so good right now! This is a miracle!"

Wu Zhebang said shockingly, "A moment ago, I felt like I was going to cough my lungs out! Now, I dont even have the urge to cough anymore! Xiaobei! You are truly a prodigy! Is my sickness truly over?"

"Thats right. As long as you take good care of yourself, I can promise you that this sickness will not come around and knock on your door anymore!" Chen nodded and said with utmost confidence.

"This is great! This is just too great!" Wu Junfan and Wu Zhebang were extremely happy and excited.

"Xiaobei! You are awesome! There will always be good surprises when you are around!" The corners of Lans lips lifted up, and it was the beautiful smile that one has ever seen.

Chen was genuinely pleased with Lans compliment as well. He even threw a few flirtatious stares at Lan.

"HowHow is this even possible? Am I dreaming?"

Someone is bound to be sad when someone is happy. Dr. Wong was still in a shocked state. He could not believe the miracle that Chen had just performed in front of him. Wu Zhebang had taken all sorts of medicine to take down the sickness, but none of it had worked. Also, he had consulted all kinds of renowned specialists as well. It did not get any better either.

Nobody would have thought that Chen would cure Wu Zhebang with just a few needles in his hands. This defied everything that Dr. Wong had learned in his life. All he wanted to do right now is stay quiet and hide in some random corner.

"Quack! Do you still think Im the quack here?"

Chen laughed coldly and said, "Remember! Im a doctor that likes the traditional approach! Bask in the awesomeness of my skill set!"

"RightYou are rightIm impressed, and I surrender. Im gonna leave this room first." Dr. Wong was utterly speechless. He just wanted to run off with his embarrassment.

"Hold on!"

Chen said in disdain, "Dont forget what you promised earlier! Are you trying to skip it somehow?"


Dr. Wong was stunned. Well, of course, he wanted to skip the promise that he had made earlier. However, there were witnesses. Theres no way for him not to honor his commitment. He will get himself into more embarrassment if things go sideways.

"Alright. I will slap myself!"

Dr. Wong gritted his teeth, and he started to lift his hand to slap himself.




Dr Wong will call himself a quack for every slap that he landed on himself. In the end, he had slapped himself for a total ten times. Not more not less. Everyone in the room did not do anything but smile, because this is what he deserved.

"I have finished slapping myself" Dr. Wong was so embarrassed, but there was nothing that he could do.

"Get the hell out from here if youre done! Do you want another round of face-slapping?" Chen said condescendingly.

Dr. Wong ran out the room as fast as he can.

"Xiaobei! Thank you so much! I must pay you back for what you have done for me!" Wu Zhebang got up from his bed, held Chens hands and said.

"Thats right! Xiaobei, you have done our family a great favor! We must repay you!" Wu Junfan said happily. He too, couldnt thank Chen enough.

"You guys dont have to repay me. It was just a simple act of kindness!" Chen shrugged and said calmly.

"No can do! This sickness had tortured me for a long time! Also, this sickness has forced to stop my work! If it wasnt for you, I dont think that I would have been able to recover from this sickness! I have to repay you! If not, I wont feel good about it!"

"Then, I shall accept it gladly since you insist," Chen nodded. After all, Wu Zhebang was a filthy rich man.


Wu Zhebang said generously, "I know that your First Love Peach is going to be sold in the market soon. Thus, Im giving you ten shop lots to sell your peaches! Tomorrow, my lawyer will meet you to go through all the paper works and legal procedures. All you need to do is sign it!"


Damn son!

Ten shop lots as repayment!!

Is this how rich people show their gratitude towards others?

Chen was extremely shocked. He thought, "City folk are really different!"

Before Chen said anything, Wu Junfan put his hands on Chens shoulder and said, "You are not allowed to say no to this repayment! If not, our friendship will be broken!"

"Alright. I will take it." Chen nodded. Plus, ten shop lots was really nothing to the Wu Family. Things will turn awkward if Chen insists on declining.

"But, youll have to send some peaches to us when your peaches start to sell in the market!" Wu Junfan said excitedly.

"I want it as well! You are so done for if you forget to deliver it to me!" Lan loved it as well. She threw her lady-poise aside when she heard about the peach.

"Dont worry! All the other people are only allowed to purchase a limited number of peaches. But, you guys are my friends. Thus, all of you here can enjoy an endless supply of peaches!" Chen said with a smile on his face.

After that, Wu signed the paperwork to be released from the hospital. And, they parted their ways. Then, Chen sent Lan back to the school. Lan still had unfinished business with the student council. After that, Chen went ahead to look for Lin to do some sexy stuff.

Chen parked his car and rushed to Lins office. At that moment, Lin was having a chat with Wong Jianren in the office.

"Ms. Lin, a few days ago, you mentioned to me that you wanted to be part of the friendly match, right? Are you still up for it?" Wong asked politely.

"Of course! But, you told me that teachers are not allowed to be a part of it, right?" Lin said shockingly.

Earlier, Lin did buff up her guts to approach Wong, asking to travel to Japan with Chen. However, Wong rejected her proposal. It was strange for Wong to changed his mind all of a sudden.

"The plans have not changed. I can save a spot for you, as long as you sign up for it now!" Wong squinted and put up a wretched face.

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