Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 298

"Xiaobei. What should I do now? That Wong Jianren has really pushed me to the edge of the cliff! I dont want to surrender, and I dont want to lose to the Japanese as well! All the other students will be so embarrassed of me if I act I like a coward"

Lin became really nervous after she left Wongs office. The fact that she is going to represent Green Vine University in Kendo still did not change, even after Chen beat Wong up. Lin will be considered as forfeiting the match if she doesnt go up the stage. She will kill herself if she decides to go onstage. This was a dilemma for her.

Needless to say, Meichuan Neiku and Wong Jianren did take some time to come up with this evil plan. They wanted to win this last friendly match, no matter what! There is nothing that Lin can do if it was like before. But, the situation has changed now. Chen was with her right now.

"Dont worry. I have a way to make you win the friendly match in two days!" Chen said calmly and confidently.

"HowHow is this possible?"

Lin was shocked. She said with a doubt, "Im really weak and you know it. I will not become any stronger even Im given two years to prepare for this friendly match!"

"Just close your eyes first and open up your mouth. I have a gift for you." Chen smiled and said.

"Dont fool around anymore! You are still thinking of dirty stuff at this critical moment!" Lin pouted and stared at Chen.

"Really! I have a gift for you!"

Chen continued to say happily, "Girl! Your mind is getting dirtier! Are you thinking of having sex with me every day? Are you going to something dirty with me in your mind?"

"What the hell? I did not think of doing that with youI will stop talking to you if you talk nonsense again" Lin said with her bright red face.

"Haha! I will stop pulling your leg! Close your eyes quick!" Chen smiled.

Chen took out the final three God Strengthening Pill from his treasure chest after seeing Lin close her eyes. He put a pill in Lins mouth first.

"What did you just put in my mouth? It tastes weird" Lin opened her eyes slowly and asked curiously.

"That is my personal secret, a formula pill! Its called; Super Magical Body Strengthening Pill!"

Chen smiled and continued to say, "You will become super powerful after consuming this pill! It will allow you to crush those Japanese like ants on the ground! Hehehe!"

"Are you pulling my leg again? If this pill is that powerful, then, you should use this pill to form your own army to conquer this earth!"

"Stop asking questions, and you will know Im not pulling your leg tomorrow afternoon!" Chen smiled and said.

Actually, God Strengthening Pill was used by God Erlang to help with the growth of his Heavenly Soldiers! Lin was not wrong. An army of Heavenly Soldiers is definitely capable of conquering the earth easily! But, Chen will not reveal the truth to Lin.

"Here are the rest of the pills. I want you to take one tomorrow and another the day after tomorrow. Then, you will possess the power to defeat the Japanese during the Kendo competition!" Chen gave Lin some simple instructions and handed the rest of the God Strengthening Pills to Lin.

"AlrightTheres nothing else I can do but to trust you now" Lin nodded and said.

"All done! Theres no one around here! Come to me! I want to kiss you!" Chen raised his eyebrows and moved his lips to Lins lips.

"Not now!"

Lin pushed away Chens head and said earnestly, "I will reward you if I win the competition! Before that, you are not allowed to seduce me!" Then, Lin ran away from Chen in her high heels.

Chen was upset when he saw Lin running further and further from him.

"Pumpkin! I have given you the God Strengthening Pill! Its impossible for you to lose the upcoming competition! Oh God! When can I lose my virginity?!!"


Chen received a call from Wu Junfan, telling him that he had settled everything in the hospital. He now wanted to treat Chen to a scrumptious meal to show his gratitude. Chen had limited time and did not want to waste it on having a meal with Wu Junfan. In the end, Chen made Wu change the plan from having a meal in the restaurant to having a drink in the bar. Plus, Chen can take this opportunity to observe how the Fire Boss leads things in the west side of the city.

It is now eight at night at Flaming Fire Bar. Wu was already there when Chen arrived.

"Why did you want us to have a drink in a bar? This is not fun at all" Wu said with an upset tone.

"There are so many hot and sexy ladies around us! How can you say that its not fun? It seems like you are not a straight man." Chen grinned and said mockingly.

"Dont talk shit! Im perfectly straight!" Wu quickly explained. He was afraid that others might have misunderstood him. Usually, there are a lot of gays in a bar like this. They are really fond of guys like Wu who had fair skin and a good body!

"Stop explaining! You are trying to cover your darkest secret! All straight guys like to look at hot and sexy girls!" Chen said. Then, he sat on the bar stool.

"You already have Wenyuan and Mengchen! How dare you come here to look at other girls?! You are an animal!" Wu said angrily.

"PsstLook at my faceDo you really think that I need to make a move on other girls? Normally, they are the ones that make a move on me!" Chen said and smiled evilly.

"I dont think so! Do not try to show off your appearance in front of the most handsome guy in Green Vine City! You are getting really arrogant!" Wu rolled his eyes at Chen and said.

HeheYou are no longer the most handsome guy in Green Vine City! If not, why did Mengchen choose me over you?" Chen laughed mockingly and said.

"I" Wu had received a critical hit from Chen. His little heart couldnt take such powerful a hit, and he almost vomited blood.

"The truth had been told! My handsomeness had crushed your little heart! Hehehe!" Chen grinned. He realized that it was fun to tease Wu.

"You! You face is thicker than a wall!" Wu said.

"What now? Are you happy with the fact that Im more good-looking than you? Shall we make a bet here? Lets see who gets hit on by a girl first!" Chen smiled evilly and said.

"Hit on by a girl?"

Wu was shocked at first. Then, he said confidently, "Okay! Lets do this! Im not trying to show off here, but the number of ladies that will try to hit on me is normally set at two figures when I come to bar like this! Im pretty annoyed by it!"

"Hehe! We shall see!" Chen smiled confidently.

"Theres no need to wait and see! A girl is coming in right now!" Wu smiled, and he tidied up his hair. Undeniably, Wu is an incredibly handsome guy! He had his unique attractive aura. He also carried himself like a member of royal family. Plus, he always wears expensive designer clothing. It is no wonder that he was so confident in this bet with Chen.

A woman came into their sights. The only word that can be used to describe this woman; seductive!

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