Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 299

This woman was tall. Her breasts, waist, and hips had the perfect curves that every guy would want! It was a perfect S shape! It was comparable to those international supermodels! Her long and black hair flowed casually down her delicate shoulders. It made her look extra hot and sexy. Also, she had a pair of long and arching black eyebrows. It was as if she could stare right into any man's soul. Those juicy and red lips are enough to make a man go crazy about her. Everything about her was seductive! She definitely looked like one of those stable and mature women!

A teenaged girl can make a man come up with waves and waves of animalistic instinct on the bed! And, a MILF can ride a man through those waves. No doubt, this woman exists between a teenage girl and a MILF! She is definitely the perfect lover in every mans heart. Every single man in the man threw their attention on this woman the moment she stepped into the bar.

"Hey, handsomeCan you buy me a drink?" The woman walked to the bar and asked with a smile on her face.

"No problem. Please sit." A smile surface on Wus face. He was really excited and happy. This was the first time he has ever defeated Chen in a bet! He has not tasted victory for some time now.

Wu pulled out the chair like a gentleman and used his hand to make a gesture for the lady to sit. The combination of his upbringing and his natural born royal appearance was enough to capture the hearts of every girl in this world. However, that lady did not even glance at Wu. She went straight to Chen, pulled out a chair and sat beside Chen.

"Hey, handsome! Im calling you! Did you hear me?" The woman stared at Chen seductively and said.

"Damn it" Wu was stunned and petrified. He stood on the spot and did not know what to do anymore. It was pretty awkward for him. He had always considered himself as the perfect guy of every girl. But, this woman had blatantly ignored him and hit on Chen! Could his charm have been destroyed by Chen? Wu looked really depressed, as if his confidence had been destroyed by Chen. He even started to doubt his existence in this very world.

"Actually, I dont feel like drinking alcohol at all!" Chen said.

"Im fine with other drinks." The woman smiled and said casually.

"But, I dont have the money to buy drinks for you. Im just a poor student. The drinks here are too pricey for me to afford!" Chen sighed.

"Thats fine. I can buy you a drink instead! Tell me what you want to drink." The woman took a credit card from her purse. She looked like she did not mind paying for Chen at all.

What the hell is going on right now?

Wu stood beside Chen and rolled his eyes at Chen. This Chen Xiaobei deserve an Oscar Award for his acting in front of this woman! He is a billionaire, and here he is, acting poor.

"Lady! Why are you so generous? Are you trying to make me drunk and eat me up?" Chen squinted and asked sheepishly.

"You are a cute and handsome guy! Every woman would definitely want to have a taste of you!"

The woman bit her lips and asked, "Do you have the balls to let me eat you up?"

"Of course, I do!"

Chen smiled evilly and said, "Lets move now! I cant wait any longer!"

"You are actually quite a bad guy."

Then, the woman continued to ask, "Your house? My house? Or, hotel?

What the actual f*ck!

Wus eyeballs almost fell to the ground!

This must be some kind of cruel joke!

This fine piece of woman had just approached Chen a few minutes ago. Now, they were talking about where to have sex! The speed of how things had escalated is too damn ridiculous!

"Lets go to the hotel! My house is too small. I dont think I can perform well there!" Chen grinned and put his hands around the womans waist.

"Alright. Hotel, it is then! I want to see how good you are on the bed!" The woman smiled seductively and leaned into Chens embrace.

Wu, the comrade, was utterly defeated. He stood there, petrified. He did not even get the chance to say goodbye to Chen.

Shangri-La is one the best five-stars hotel in Green Vine City. Ordering a room here to have sex is definitely one of the most luxurious things a person can do. That woman paid for the room voluntarily and pulled Chen into the room.

"Gorgeous! Come on! Let our passion flow!" Chen saw beside the bed and smiled evilly.

"You lustful kid! Whats the rush?! We have the night to ourselves! You can do whatever you want to me!"

The woman raised her eyebrows, took her clothing off and smiled seductively, "Im going to take a shower first. Do you want to wait here, or come in with me?" A nose-bleeding scene was presented in front of Chen when the womans clothes slid off from her body. The red high heels, black stockings, sheer black lingerie complimented her body perfectly.


Chen gulped and took out his clothes within a split second.

"Of course, I want to shower with you!"


The huge bathtub was filled with warm water. Chen sat inside the bathtub with his legs wide open. Then, the woman took off her bra and underwear and got into the bathtub slowly. She put her hands around Chens neck and started to kiss Chen passionately.

Chen responded back with his lips and hands. After that, I am forced to censor the details. Feel free to let your imagination runs wild! Chen was so close to losing his virginity. He was really relaxed at this moment. This was the moment the woman had been waiting for!

It was like magic. A blade that was as small as a fingernail appeared in her hands. Then, she placed it in front of Chens neck. Chens throat will be sliced open if she moves the blade.

"Eh? What are you trying to do here?"

Chen was really puzzled, but his hands were still caressing the womans boobies.

"You perv! Stop doing that! You are going to die soon, dont you see that!" The woman pressed on the blade and Chen can feel the sharpness and coldness of the blade. However, Chen did not mind it at all. His hands were still busy with the womans body.

"You have lit the fire in my body! Im not going to stop doing that anytime soon!" Chen said happily.

"Looks like you have no regard for your life whatsoever!" The woman was outraged. She expected Chen to beg for mercy, but everything was entirely contrary to what she had expected. This Chen Xiaobei is out of his damn mind!

"You will still kill me even if I stop now! Then, why should I stop? I rather become a happy spirit than an angry spirit!" Chen smiled evilly. Actually, a murderous aura had already taken root, deep inside his heart.

"I shall grant you the wish, since you are looking forward to your death!"

The woman slashed Chens throat with her tiny blade out of anger. She couldnt stand Chen any longer.

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