Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 474

After a short wait, the whole group became active again.

Jiang Ziya: There are special circumstance this time two deities would travel to the human realm to carry out the mission!

"Would you just look at this bullshit! This is obviously a well thought out conspiracy. And what happened to drawing lots?! This is some next level fake crap!" Chen Xiaobei rolled his eyes.

Lei Zhenzi: Wow! What a coincidence? Two deities at the same time?! (Shocking)

Tu Xingshun: Who are they? Could it be me?

Shen Gongpao: I wish I'll be chosen to carry out this mission!

'Fuck! All these Chanism members are some of the finest liars! Well, I can't really care anymore Just send me whoever you like, and I'll slap your face with result!' Chen Xiaobei thought.

Jiang Ziya: I'll announce the name of the deities travelling to the human realm now! They are NeZha and Hong Haier!

NeZha: Wow! I'm chosen this time! This is awesome I'm going to the human realm and have fun! Don't miss me too much! (Excited)

Hong Haier: Hehe! This perv is going to travel to human realm. My perv comrades, better luck next time!

The whole group became animated once more after Jiang Jiya announced the result.

'What the hell is going on? I'm quite close with the both of them What on earth is Jiang Jiya trying to pull? I don't buy it It's impossible for him to send two of my best bros out of kindness!' Chen Xiaobei thought.

NeZha: When can we travel to the human realm? I can't wait to meet with God Chen!

Jiang Ziya: Not now! The portal is not malfunctioning, it could only transport one deity after some time. The Primeval Lord of Heaven is trying to fix the issue, you two might need to wait for a few days!

NeZha: Okay, it's just a few daysGod Chen, wait for me!

Hong Haier: What kind of skills can we bring with us when we travel to human realm? I did a quick check on the chat history and I saw Shaoba Xingjun brought the Mouth of Curses with him. I want to bring my Sanmei True Fire with me!

NeZha: I want to bring my two other heads and four arms with me!

"Stop being so nave! Jiang Jiya would never allow you two to bring such powerful skills to the human realm!" Chen Xiaobei sighed.

Jiang Ziya: Hong Haier, you are hereby allowed to bring your Sanmei True Fire with you. However, you are not to hurt a single lifeform, or you will face serious consequences!

Hong Haier: Yay! Grandpa Jiang is really kind! Muacks!

"Huh? That's so weird! Why did Jiang Jiya say yes to Hong Haier without questions?" Chen Xiaobei was stunned.

Then it came to him. 'I get it! Sanmei True Fire is divine fire that destroys everything in sight, and no one on Earth could put it out. When the time comes, Jiang Jiya will punsish Hong Haier, and I'll be blamed as well! Fuck! That manipulative bastard!'

Chen Xiaobei initially thought that Jiang Jiya was kind enough to allow Hong Haier to bring his signature skill with him to travel to the human realm. Ultimately, the kid would only be a time bomb for Chen Xiaobei.

'F*ck! F*ck! F*ck! It's actually better for him not to bring this skill!' Chen Xiaobei cursed Jiang inside his mind.

NeZha: How about me? Can I bring the skill that I requested?

Jiang Jiya: No way! You would cause a huge panic amongst the mortals if they saw your three heads and six arms. The skill that you are bringing with you to the human realm will be Acting cute!

NeZha: I

"What the f*ck?!" Chen Xiaobei leapt from his seat and scolded. "Motherfucker! That's pure bullshit acting cute is not a fucking skill!"

Jiang Ziya: Anyway, that's that. You two, come meet me separately later. I want to tell you something about human realm!

And with that, Jiang Jiya left the group, while the other members of Red Envelope Group chattered away about Jiang Jiya's decision.

Chen Xiaobei inhaled deeply to calm himself.

'I don't really care about the skill they will carry anymore. Fortunately, both of them are pretty cute I think they will attract a lot of viewers if I get them into streaming! In the very least, I don't have to worry about Jiang Jiya setting me up!'

Setting that thought aside, Chen Xiaobei took a look at the items he just acquired.


[Golden Eyes Divine Lion Fur: Bull Demon King pulled it from the tail of a mystical creature! It's a Three-Stars Spiritual Item and can be used to craft certain items. Do you want to take it?]

"Crafting item? I don't really need itWhatever! Next" Chen Xiaobei said, his mouth twitching.


[Wind Thunder Divine Stone: Lei Zhenzi picked it up under the Wind Thunder Holy Tree. It contains pure Wind Thunder Qi. It can be used as the foundation of Wind Thunder Attribute Force Field. Do you want to take it?]

'Foundation for a force field? Monkey bro told me that the Tesseract Thunder Pool needs Thunder Pool Force Field to serve as its source of power... And I can use the Wind Thunder Divine Stone as its foundation. What a coincidence!' Chen Xiaobei thought.


[Puzzle Flag: crafted by Tu Xingshun. It's a Three-Stars Spiritual Item. It can be used to setup the Puzzle Formation. Do you want to take it?]

"Puzzle Formation? Pretty useful - the land I just bought is surrounded by mountains, and my foes won't not be able to find its entrance if I set this formation around it! How much of a coincidence is this?' Chen Xiaobei thought.


[Taiyi Pill Crafting Manual: written by Taiyi Zhenren. One can create Taiyi Pill with this recipe, a pill that heals internal injuries and is especially effective against Dantian injuries. Do you want to take it?]

"What the hell! Another coincidence? And here I was thinking how I could recover Feng Qingyang's cultivation. I need this pill the most right now!" Chen Xiaobei exclaimed in surprise.


[Bone Burning Pill Recipe: written by Duer Zhenren. Bone Burning Pill can be used to shorten the lifespan of a person while increasing their combat power! Do you want to take it?]

'This pill is similar to the Flaming Pill created by Poison Rat from Hundred Beasts Faction, although I believe the Bone Burning Pill is going to be more effective since it's a divine item. It can be sold at a high price even if I don't use it!' Chen Xiaobei thought.

Another huge coincidence too!


[Green Jade Cauldron: Crafted by Yuding Zhenren, it's an essential tool to craft Nine-Stars Spiritual Item or items below that! Do you want to take it?]

"Damn! What is happening? I really needed this item right now to cook those pills, and this Green Jade Tripod just dropped on my head from heaven!" Chen Xiaobei said chipperly.

"Hold on, this isn't coincidence it's luck! This time, there's no super valuable item during the Red Envelope Snatching Session so the title of Lucky King is not applicable. In other words, luck helped me acquire all the items I need right now!"

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