Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 496

Moon Lord: God Chen. To what do I owe the pleasure?

Chen Xiaobei: The birds and the bees. None other.

Moon Lord: Ah, my forte. Please, tell me your troubles!

Chen: That's Moon Lord for you! I'll cut to the chase there are many, many birds around me who are begging for me to ravage them. But whenever the time comes to put Percy into the playpen, something always messes it up! What the hell is going on?

Moon Lord: Oh, that Well, there are some things I really can't tell you.

Chen Xiaobei: Fine, I'll stop asking. However, please tell me how to avoid being splashed with cold water?

Moon Lord: Ah! There's a way! However

"'However' my ass." Chen Xiaobei grunted. "That fossil always wants something from me! What a tool."

Chen Xiaobei: I'll give you anything I can get you.

Moon Lord: God Chen is such a generous man! Well, this old man happens to love booze. Send me a bottle of Hundred Fruits Dragon Dick Moonshine and something else only found on earth, and I will take care of your business with the birds!

Chen Xiaobei: No problem. I'll get them right now and throw it at you as soon as possible. My happiness is in your hands now!

Moon Lord: Leave it to me. I'm looking forward to your wonderful alcohol! (Pout)

Chen Xiaobei quickly went to a small convenient store, bought a carton of beer and three Hundred Fruits Dragon Dick Moonshine and send them all to Moon Lord. To make sure the God of Love did not screw things up, he also sent another message specifying that his target's name was Lin Xiang, and that the time and place was tomorrow night, at her mansion.

Once the Moon Lord had received the booze, he replied Chen Xiaobei proudly and confidently guaranteed that would not be any mishaps or interruption tomorrow, to which the mortal pocketed his phone and sighed in relief.

"If this doesn't work, I don't know what will. The gods are toying with me!"

Chen Xiaobei headed back to the Hundred Beast Mountain and saw Feng Qinyang digging holes alongside several Spirit Soldiers. He did not want to distract him, and so quickly left to find himself an empty room to start making the body enhancement pills.

'Hmm The herbs I'm using are all mundane items. In that case, I can use two furnaces at the same time."

Chen Xiaobei took out the Heavenly Smithing Furnace, as well as the Green Jade Cauldron he recently obtained. The former was a common item and can only be used to craft items of its grade, while the latter could produce any Spiritual Item below nine-stars ratings.

The Green Jade Cauldron was round and wide, and had three stands and two long ears-like handles on each side. It was not that large, but was surprisingly exquisitely crafted to make people give it a second look.

The entire cauldron was made of emerald jade. There were carvings depicting the Five Attribute Bagua, the Shift of Time, a Map of the Cosmos and random ancient runes on each corner, all of which made it appear ancient and grand.

"As expected of the great Yu Ding Zhenren's Spirit Treasure" Chen Xiaobei mumbled as he carefully surveyed the cauldron from every angle. Satisfied, he started to concoct the pills.

According to the manual, Chen Xiaobei was to place the herbs into both furnace, and the Chinese Knotweed Spirit Pearl was to be split into two equal halves and placed into the furnace.

It was only through luck and coincidence that he had managed to get such a precious item that further increases the effect of the pills. The pearl itself could have been sold for tens of millions!

"The final step. The most important of all."

Chen Xiaobei started to focus as he ignited the Flame of Transmogrification. The Spirit Flame was also a lower grade flame that can only create common items. If there were no Spiritual Pill mixed in, the flame would be useless. Of course, there was no such item on Earth to begin with.

He started infusing the flame into the furnaces the most vital procedure he mentioned. The temperature, flame intensity, power, and many other minor factors had to be handled delicately. Any sort of miscalculation will result in pill of poorer quality, while failure to control the flames properly would ruin the process entirely. If that happens, all that would be left of the precious ingredients was a worthless pile of ash.

On the other hand, if the flames were optimum, the concoction process would produce one to three pills. However, if one were to produce a flame that was made with attention paid down to the finest detail, there was a chance to produce more than three pills! However, it was extremely rare and only possible for someone who had long experience.

This was what made or break an alchemist many learners had failed to grasp how to adjust the flames. That, and the pressure of facing a catastrophic loss saw many a novice giving up.

And that was why alchemists were an extremely rare breed.

"Many believe this process to be hard, but not for me"

Chen Xiaobei concentrated and controlled every detail down to the last detail.

While it was hard to perfect one's skill on Spirit Flames, it can be adjusted through the user's thoughts alone. All Chen Xiaobei would need to do was follow the manual's instructions and control the flame accordingly. It was made even easier through his Spirit Heart!


Chen Xiaobei flipped his palm and infused the flame into the Heavenly Smithing Furnace and the Green Jade Cauldron, where the Bone Burning Pill and Taiyi Life Enhancement Pill was made, respectively.

"Right, all done. I guess I'll just have to wait three days to see the result" Chen Xiaobei relaxed immediately after the flames had been infused into the cauldron.

Normally, producing pills takes up to 10 days or more. Chen Xiaobei needs just three days, however thanks to his use of Spirit Items and the Spiritual Flame to burn the herbs.

After heading back to Wolong Mansion, Chen Xiaobei cleaned himself up and went to work on modifying martial art manuals. He modified the Lightning Step to Skywalker as well as the Muscle and Bone Shifting Technique to Muscle Bone Disruptor.

Now, he had six newly modified martial art manuals.

According to the standards of the auction he attended last time, 100 million Yuan was the starting offer of each martial arts manual. In short, he had 600 million yuan on the get-go.

"Time to post it on Weibo!"

Chen Xiaobei picked a few sentences from the manual and posted it on Weibo along with a date 10 days later. He also carefully selected the area of coverage as the whole of Dragon City.

Once he made the post, comments flooded in like a storm most of them saying how much they want the manuals and how far they were willing to journey for them. From that alone, Chen Xiaobei knew that the auction would be a full-house, and he would definitely earned more than 600 million yuan.

The next evening.

Chen Xiaobei gave himself the most exquisite grooming before leaving the mansion.

"You can do this! You're young!" He exclaimed at his own image in the rear-view mirror. "The Great Cherry-popping Adventure starts here! Failure is not acceptable!"

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