Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 497

Lintian Headquarters.

The door to the CEO's office opened slowly before a sexy lady rushed out. She wore a tight outfit, and her legs were wrapped in black stockings. There were some documents in her hand it seems that she was an employee.

"Secretary Ma, can I go in now?" Bai Zhunyu asked. He had been waiting outside for some time.

"Mmm" The woman did not say a thing, and merely nodded. It seemed like she had something in her mouth, and could not speak at the moment.

Bai Xiaobei lifted his eyebrows and smiled revoltingly. "I met your husband just now," he said mockingly. "I think someone cheated on him. Hehehe"

"Mmph!" The woman blushed, glared at him once and quickly walked away.

Upon entering the office, Bai Zhunyu could at once smell the pheromones in the air. There was a man lying down on the sofa, who did not even bother to zip his pants.

Needless to say, something indecent happened in this office just now.

"Master Yap, since when you are interested in mature ladies?" Bai Zhunyu grinned evilly.

"I never say refuse any woman. Moreover, the taste of mature ladies could make anyone go crazy!" Yap Tialin shot back righteously.

"Hahaha Master Yap, I guess you're really experienced in dealing with women too. I'm impressed!"

"Don't just stand there and smile. Have you done the thing that I told you to?" Yap Tianlin asked impatiently.

"Don't worry, Master Yap. Everything is done! But I don't understand Why would you want to destroy Lin Xiang's reputation? There are quite a few billionaires and big-shots who are attending the auction held by our own organization after all, I don't think this is good for us"

"You are one stupid pig. Lin Xiang is a VIP even to the key players in Dragon City. I'm going to rescue her like a hero when she is under duress in the auction not only would I would get in the good graces of every big-shot in town, I would also capture her heart and have a good time with her after the auction. It's fucking fantastic!"

"Incredible! Master Yap, you're too bloody clever. But then why would you let me pursue her if you are interested in her from the beginning?" A baffled Bai Zhunyu asked.

"I was using you to clear some doubts. Earlier, I heard that Lin Xiang has a boyfriend. It would be embarrassing if I found out that she is taken after I made a move! Now that things are clear, I can get her while taking that brat out of the equation. The success rate of this plan is 100%!"

A lightbulb finally lit up in Bai Zhunyu's head.

"Master Yap is a legend!! It's a well-thought-out plan I'm really just a stupid pig compared to you!" Bai Zhunyu groveled at Yap Tianlin in amazement.

To anyone else, however, Yap Tianlin was utterly despicable not even the swindlers and hustlers in Dragon City could compare with him. There was little wonder why he could be so successful in his work and step onto a place where many could only hope to be.

"Life is like playing chess. Only the smart can manipulate the game and win. Fools won't even know what they want to do next!"

Yap Tianlin smiled. It was as if he had everything under control.

Hillda Hotel.

A six-stars hotel in Dragon City, it was a property directly owned by the Yap Organization. Today, the luxurious ballroom in it had been decorated and arranged to for the auction. Round tables stood in a section, with tea and fruits placed on the table for the guests.

The whole room was filled with politicians, billionaires, and people with special statuses. Chen Xiaobei and Lin Xiang felt uncomfortable around them, and Lin Nan did not like the event one bit. He had quickly excused himself as soon as they arrived and ran off to somewhere to enjoy himself.

That left Lin Xiang standing in for him. It was no thanks to to her special identity that made it was compulsory for her to join this sort of events.

"It's starting soon," she pursed her lips and whispered."Let's just stay for a while and leave after Yap Tianlin gave his speech!"

"Hmmm. Seems like someone is looking forward to the fun stuff later!" Chen Xiaobei said happily.

"I You are looking forward to it, not me! I'm going to cancel it if you tease me again!" Lin Xiang pouted. She had blushed as red as a tomato.

"I'm afraid you can't cancel it! I have a talk with Moonlord earlier, he told me we're both losing our virginities tonight!"

"Tsk! We would have done it a dozen of times if you know Moonlord." Lin Xiang rolled her eyes at him.

"We shall see!" Chen Xiaobei grinned, and texted Moonlord again to make sure everything would go swimmingly.

He received a quick reply.

[Don't worry, just go ahead! I'll make sure nothing interrupts. You both have fun!]

Chen Xiaobei finally felt relieved when he saw the reply from Moonlord. All he needed to do was wait.

Suddenly, a sharp and angry voice could be heard from the entrance.

"Lin Xiang, you bitch! I know you have a pretty face But how dare you use it to make my man cheat on me, Wang Yanrong?!"

Every pair of eyes turned to the woman who was shouting at the entrance. The woman looked like around twenty-eight, and wore thick make-up as well as a rather ostentatious outfit. She was screaming and making towards Lin Xiang like a demon with its talons bared.

"What are you talking about? I don't even know you" Lin Xiang frowned. She had never met that woman.

"Of course you don't know me! My lover wanted to break up with me the moment you appear in his life. He even chased me out from his house You are a fucking slut! You stole my happiness!" Wang Yanrong kept screaming as loud as she could.

"It's not me I'm telling you the truth here" Lin Xiang was confused.

"Stop your poor girl act! You bitch, my man's name is Bai Zhunyu! Tell me you don't know him! Tell me that you didn't make him cheat on me!"

Suddenly, the crowd broke into murmurs.

"I remember now! Wang Yanrong was Bai Zhunyu's girlfriend Both of them were still lovey-dovey in front of me not too long ago!"

"So, Lin Xiang did make Bai Zhunyu cheat on his girlfriend?"

"Ms Lin looks really pure and innocent. But in the end, she's just another bitch who ruins the happiness of others!"

"Never judge a book by its cover!"

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