Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 684

Chapter 684: Taking Charge Fully
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"Okay. Let them have a glance at the real doctor that practices traditional healing!"

With a smile on his face, Chen Xiaobei walked to the Arabian youngster and helped him to sit up with legs crossed.

"Do you think he has the skill to heal that young man? Look at his age! He is so young but he has to pretend that he is some kind of miracle doctor!" said Park Chan-ho in a shaky voice.

"Trust me! He is just pretending. He should be thankful that the black Qi did not affect him! Don't expect him to be skillful enough to help us to clear out the toxins from our system!" said Duke Gustav scornfully.

"Macky Come here Pay attention to him! Bring him over here if he can heal that young Arabian man" said Niya.

"Yes, ma'am! What if he fails to do it?"

"Hmph! I don't want to see him again since he treats me like an idiot!"

The way she said it might sound harmless but Macky knew exactly what was she trying to say. Niya wanted Chen Xiaobei to be killed if he was of no use to her. With murderous intent, Macky glared at Chen Xiaobei. Clearly, he did not expect Chen Xiaobei to possess the knowledge to heal that Arab young man. He was ready to kill Chen Xiaobei.

"Nine Nine Dragon Acupuncture Treatment That is the legendary Nine Dragon Acupuncture Treatment" Park Il-seung suddenly exclaimed in surprise. He was so excited that he spat white foam while talking. Upon hearing that, everyone shifted their attention to Chen Xiaobei. In a delicate manner, Chen Xiaobei planted his silver needles on the essential acupuncture points on the young Arabian man's body.

"What is the Nine Dragon Acupuncture Treatment?" asked the crowd.

"It is the most ancient acupuncture treatment from China Its origin was from the Qin Dynasty Legend has it that this treatment can cure all kind of illness It is super magical I've always dreamt of learning this acupuncture treatment"

Clearly, Park Il-seung was filled with unspoken astonishment.

"I thought acupuncture is supposedly invented by the Koreans?" asked Duke Gustav.

"No No"

Embarrassed, Park Il-seung was forced to spill the truth. He could no longer act like an all-knowing arrogant doctor. After hearing the truth, the crowd started to glare at him disdainfully. As a Korean, even Park Chan-ho was embarrassed by him. Earlier, he mentioned that traditional healing was invented by the Koreans. Now, the so-called number doctor in Korea had slapped him in the face with the truth!

Soon, Park Il-seung exclaimed again, "Qi Qi Transferring Treatment! Oh my god! That kid has mastered the Qi Transferring Treatment!"

Again, the crowd focused on Chen Xiaobei. They saw that Chen Xiaobei was placing both of his palms on the young Arabian man's back. From the surface, Chen Xiaobei did not move at all. Actually, he was transferring his Qi into the young man's body to force the toxins out of his body just like in the movies. Immediately, streams of black Qi started to rush out from the young man's skull and back.

This time, the black Qi that came out from the young man's body was harmless. It seemed like the young man would be completely healed when all the toxic Qi was cleared out from his system.

"What is the Qi Transferring Treatment?"

The crowd asked in shock.

"That That Chinese massage technique utilizes the person's Qi to force the toxins out of one's pulses, acupuncture points, and sinew I've dreamt of learning this massage technique for a very long time"

Clearly, Park Il-seung was extremely jealous of Chen Xiaobei. As a doctor, the more skills you possessed the more illness you could cure. Nine Dragon Acupuncture Treatment and Qi Transferring Skill were far better than all the healing skills that Park Il-seung possessed.

"Judging from your look, I'm pretty sure this massage technique is not invented by the Koreans, right?" asked the rich Russian businessman.

Upon hearing the question, Park Il-seung and Park Chan-ho were so embarrassed by it that they lowered their heads. Rendered speechless, they could only accept the fact that they were going to be slapped in the face by the truth.

"What are you feeding that young man?" asked Macky.

Chen Xiaobei took out a bottle of Hundred Herbs Potion and fed it to the young Arabian man.



Right after that, the Arab young man regained consciousness. He was taking in mouthfuls of deep breaths.

"Awake He is awake! Oh my god!"

"The liquid in that small bottle is known as the Ultra Nutritious Healing Potion! Right! That's right! That That"

"That is the potion that you always wanted, right?" The crowd said at the same time while rolling their eyes at him. It seemed like everyone knew what Park Il-seung was going to say.

"Right! That is the potion that I've always wanted"

Soon, Park Il-seung lowered his head once again due to embarrassment. At the same time, Park Chan-ho was so embarrassed by it that he could not wait to dig a hole and hide inside it. The number one doctor in Korea was completely defeated by Chen Xiaobei. Acupuncture, massage, and medicine from Chen Xiaobei were far better than Park Il-seung.

"He cured the young Arabian man He did it"

"I never thought that he is the real deal!"

"His healing is really miraculous! I'm impressed! We are safe! This is great"


All those ultra-rich businessmen were really excited. They no longer looked at Chen Xiaobei with disdain. All their negative attitudes were replaced by idolization, admiration, and anticipation.

"Macky Macky! Ask him to come here to help us to clear the toxin from our bodies!" said Niya.

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Kid! Come over here to heal Ms. Niya!"

Chen Xiaobei pretended that he did not hear Macky calling out for him. Instead, he continued to observe the young Arabian man.

"Did you just save me? Thank you so much! Allah has sent a messenger to save my life! From now on, you are my Abuzabi's benefactor!"

Feeling excited, the young Arabian man was really grateful that Chen Xiaobei just cured him.

"You are most welcome. You should rest first."


"Son of a bitch! I'm talking to you! Can't you hear me calling you? Get over here now! You will surely regret if you force my hand!" shouted Macky in a furious manner.

On the other hand, the other four bodyguards were glaring at Chen Xiaobei as well.

"Look at my mouth!"

"I.am.not.going.to.heal.her!" said Chen Xiaobei while pointing at his mouth.
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