Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 685

Chapter 685: Keep it Rolling! Blondie!
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"What did you just say?!"

Macky's eyes widened. He knew that Chen Xiaobei was going to say no to him but he did not expect that Chen Xiaobei would be so firm with his stand. As Niya's bodyguard, Macky had never taken no as an answer. With that being said, Chen Xiaobei's reply was enough to change the way Macky looked at this world. This was definitely the most dominant rejection that he ever received.

"That kid must be crazy! Saying no to Mr. Macky is equivalent to saying no to Ms. Niya!"

"He is looking for trouble! Let alone Ms. Niya's high and mighty status. Mr. Macky's 40,000 combat power is more than enough to make him yield!"

"Ain't that right? Macky is famous for his bad temper! He is definitely going to beat him up!"

"That kid is the one that looks for trouble! Mr. Macky is not to be blamed!"


The crowd shook their heads at the same time. To them, Chen Xiaobei would definitely not end well since he just angered Macky. And, that was the harsh truth!

"Son of a bitch! How dare you reject me?! I'm going to have some fun with you! I want to let you have a taste of my Wolverine power!"

Taking a step forward, Macky was getting to ready to dash at Chen Xiaobei and capture him. Upon seeing that, Luo Puti felt extremely nervous. In Europe, Macky the Wolverine was famous for being a god of killing killing a person was nothing but a daily chore to him. With his 40,000 combat power, it was more than enough to defeat Luo Puti easily. Other than that, there were another four bodyguards with powerful cultivation glaring at Chen Xiaobei.

Once the battle started, there was simply no way for Chen Xiaobei to defeat all of them. Still, Chen Xiaobei was no afraid of him. He then said in a calm voice, "I'm going to advise you not to engage me! Hurt me and I can promise you that I will not heal your master no matter what!"

"Do you really think you can threaten me? I hate being threatened by others! Those who threatened me before are six-feet-under now!"

Without a doubt, Macky could be considered as a top-tier elite! He was almost on the same level as Situ Hengfeng. Considering that he was all-powerful and worked for someone politically powerful, it was only normal that he acted in an arrogant manner. Let alone being threatened by others, disrespecting people like him would have severe consequences.

Still, Chen Xiaobei did not let fear get the best of him. He continued to speak coldly, "That's right! I'm threatening you! I dare you to come and hurt me!"

"Let's use your master's life as a bet! I will die with your master if you can make me succumb to you! Doesn't that sound like an easy decision to be made?"

"Easy my ass! My life is extremely precious and important! How can one use it as a betting chip? I will never allow this to happen!"

"It's not that I want to use your life as a betting chip! The dog that you own wants to have a bite of me! He is the one that wants to bet on your life! You are blaming the wrong guy here!"

"Macky! Stop what you are doing right now! Let me talk to Mr. Chen!"

Immediately, Niya was terrified. To her, she had the most beautiful face in this world, the most powerful position in society, and an immeasurable amount of wealth! There was no way that she would risk her life in a circumstance like this. Fear of death is always the weakness of powerful individuals.

'Let's take a look at the emperors of China! Emperor Qin wanted to concoct pills that allowed him to live forever! Emperor Kang Xi wanted to ask for an extra five hundred years' worth of life from the deity in heaven! One can definitely see that they were extremely fearful of death!'

Though Niya was no way near those emperors, she was still afraid of death. No matter what, she would want to keep her life safe all the time.

"Yes, ma'am"

Immediately, Macky nodded his head and took a step back. Actually, he was terrified as well. As a bodyguard of Niya, it would not bode well for him if something bad happened to Niya. It was true that 40,000 combat power was really strong, he alone still could not go against an entire country. The president of America could kill him with just a snap of finger! Seemingly, Macky would not want Niya to die, all he wished right now was for Chen Xiaobei to cure Niya. A happy ending would be the best for everyone.

"Mr. Miracle Doctor! It is just a misunderstanding I would like to apologize for my impolite attitude I hope you can help us to clear the toxins out of our bodies" said Macky.

"Mr. Miracle Doctor! It's all my fault! I will not talk trash in front of you Traditional healing method is one the greatest invention of China I have to say I'm really impressed by China's doctor Please save us" pleaded Niya politely.

At the same time, Park Chan-ho was afraid of being killed by the toxin as well. He kept on begging Chen Xiaobei in a hysterical manner.

"That's right! People from China are the best The healing knowledge of China is the best in this world Truly, I have mad respect for the doctors that come from China Please save us I beg you"

Suddenly, all the ultra-rich businessmen started to beg Chen Xiaobei to heal them in the same manner.

"Hmph! With a few nice words, do you really think I will forgive you guys? My healing skill is more valuable than that!"

After ignoring them, Chen Xiaobei went and help the captain of the yacht to clear the toxins from his body. When ordinary people were in danger, Chen Xiaobei would definitely save them without any hesitation. However, when hypocrites like Niya were in danger, Chen Xiaobei would definitely give them a hard time to learn some lessons before saving them.

Standing aside and watching Chen Xiaobei, Luo Puti was impressed by the way Chen Xiaobei dealt with this matter. Saving lives was what a doctor would do and not being afraid of bad people with powerful authority was what a real man would do.

"Mr. Chen! We have learned our lesson! Please tell us what can we do for you to change your mind? Just name it. We will say yes to all your requests!"

Niya knew that Chen Xiaobei would never say yes to her easily. That was why she had to come up with this strategy. Immediately, all the other ultra-rich individuals said the same thing as well. They mentioned that they could fulfill any of his wishes.

"I want that blondie to roll on the floor like a dog!" said Chen Xiaobei while glaring at Macky.

"Son of a bitch! What did just say?"

Asking him to roll like a dog had completely crossed the line.

"Macky! Watch your manners! Mr. Chen asked you to roll on the floor! Just do it!" shouted Niya.

"That's right! Mr. Macky! You won't lose a piece of flesh if you roll on the floor!" said Park Chan-ho.

"Mr. Macky! Just do it! It will not end well for you if any one of us here are hurt!" threatened Duke Gustav.

"Just do it! Mr. Macky! Roll on the floor Roll on the floor"

Everyone shouted at him at the same time.


Macky coughed out a mouthful of warm blood in frustration. However, he was just a bodyguard after all. He had no choice but to follow his master's order. Due to anger, he ended up rolling on the floor with extra force.


Macky dropped into the sea accidentally. Well, this was awkward.

"This This is the legendary Wolverine of Europe?"

Startled, Luo Puti could not fathom what she just witnessed. On the other hand, Chen Xiaobei was calm as usual. This was how a miracle doctor should behave!
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