Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 71

Chen did not dare to neglect his Sifu. He quickly said goodbye to Chang'e and attended to his Sifu.

Chen: Hi Sifu. It's been a while. What can I do for you?

The Prime of Tongtian: Take this personal package.

"Hahaha This is so cool! The first thing he does is to gift me something!" Chen smiled brightly and thought. Good things had been happening to Chen non-stop. He was so happy that he could shoot a load out there and then.


[Congratulations on getting Red Envelope from the Prime of Tongtian. You have received a Chaos Sword Essence. It has been stored inside your treasure chest!]

Chen: Damn son! Chaos Sword Essence? That's a cool name! What the heck is this thing?

Chen was extremely excited.

The Prime of Tongtian: Sword Essence. It's a Sword that has no form yet. You can form the Sword according to your own preference.

Chen: Shaping a heavenly sword? (Shock) Can I do it?

Prime of Tongtian: Of course, you can! You have consumed the Holy Pill of Wen Qu. I can pass you the manual on how to shape a heavenly sword. You should be able to settle the rest on your own.

Chen: Thank you Sifu.

Prime of Tongtian: I have high hopes on you! Do your best in making something even stronger and more powerful than the Godkiller sword!

Chen: (A lot of shocking emojis)

The Godkiller sword! The first and most powerful weapon in Tiandao. It was in the same category with Godthruster, Godtrapper, and Godterminator. These four swords were called Four Swords of Death. These four swords could form the Godkiller formation. The Prime of Tongtian used to cast this formation to fight against four Saints of Tiandao. He lost in the end, but it more than enough to prove the fact that the Godkiller formation was extremely powerful.


Chen took a deep breath. He started to have goosebumps. He thought to himself, "Sifu said that I can create a sword, even more powerful than Godkiller! Can I really do that?"

"Don't overthink it. Shaping a sword is like your training. It takes time and experience. Both will determine how powerful your sword becomes! Just accept this personal package first! I still have something to attend to. I will look for you next time."


[Congratulations on receiving Red Envelope from The Prime of Tongtian. You received a Tongtian Sword Shaping manual. It has been stored inside your treasure chest!]

"Don't worry Sifu! I will definitely work hard to shape a good sword!" Chen sat with his phone in his hand, staring in the air for a long time, before he finally calmed himself down. A simple sentence was enough to make Chen's blood boil! A casual form of encouragement from The Prime of Tongtian was enough to ignite a small flame inside Chen's heart. Someday, this small flame would turn into a flame big enough to illuminate the whole sky. This fire would definitely help Chen dominate all the realms and reach the top of the world! Of course, these are only words for now.

Chen calmed himself down and took the book out from his treasure chest. His extraordinary ability in learning helped him a lot in the technique of shaping a powerful sword. This sword shaping technique had been created by The Prime of Tongtian. It was deep and complicated. Putting aside all the jargons, basically, one had to treat the sword essence as a pet. The person could feed the sword with special "food". Then, it would grow. Different "foods" could determine the function and form of the sword. For example, if one feeds the sword with Yang spiritual food, the sword would grow into a sword with Yang attributes. If the sword was fed with Ying and poisonous stuff, it would grow into a sword with Ying attribute.

"It seems like those scenes of feeding the sword with blood in all those Wuxia movies is not some made-up stuff. Now, what should I feed my sword?" Chen knew the way now. All he needed was to look for "food".

"The very first feeding time is very important. The "food" that one picks will affect the sword's future attributes!"

After some thought, Chen decided to put aside the question first. He would need to be extra cautious and careful when it came to choosing the food. He needed more time to think about it.

"Let's take a look at the sword essence first"


[Chaos Sword essence; The Prime of Tongtian found it when he traveled in the Cracks of Taixu! This is the very first sword essence during the birth of the universe. It has unlimited potential of growth! Do you want to withdraw it?


Along with the flash, a thumb sized, transparent tiny sword appeared in front of Chen. The sword itself was emitting pale, transparent white light. Its shape could not be discerned yet. It was like an illusion floating in midair. That was unreal!

"So, this is the Chaos Sword Essence! I can't believe that Sifu would just give this rare and powerful treasure to me! I will never disappoint him!" Chen grit his teeth, and he was very determined. He lifted his finger out and reached out to the sword. The "little guy" vibrated slightly. It was like a fairy. Also, it took the initiative to touch Chen's finger.

"This thing has mind on its own. I'm not surprised that."

Before Chen could finish his sentence, he almost choked on his tongue. It was as if he was just enchanted by Medusa. His pupils contracted. His heart was trying to blow his ribcage up. His breath halted. All of the sudden, the Chaos Sword Essence filled the air with its terrifying breath. Chen saw an ancient beast that is powerful enough to destroy the whole world right in front of him. This ancient beast was born in a chaotic realm. It had witnessed the birth of the universe, it had walked on the ancient deserts, it had crossed the timeless river and now, it stood in front of Chen.

At this moment, Chen felt like a speck of dust. Weaklings like him would be crushed by the beast, easily. However, something crazy happened. The ancient beast bowed down in front of Chen, pledging itself to him. The Script of Heaven and Earth started to activate inside Chen's body. The aura of flying dragons started to spill out between Chen's eyebrows. It became a dragon that broke through the ground and sky, looking at the ancient beast from the top of the universe.



The two ancient beats were roaring at each other. Then, these two ancient beasts collided with each other, The sky was filled with strong wind and lighting, and the fabric of the universe started to crack, and time shattered. The chaotic realm reappeared again!


The sword was wailing as well. It flew in and shattered the scene apart like it was a mirror of horrors.


Chen finally regained his conscious. Chen took a deep breath and his dark eyes became endlessly deep. He had just been shown something otherworldly. Everything had happened in his mind. The Chaos Sword Essence was still floating there. Nothing changed. Other than the new bond between Chen and the sword. According to the manual, it should recognize him as the master!

"Come here, sword!" Chen called out softly, and the sword flew into his palm, according to his will.

"Go, sword!" Chen flipped his hand. The aura of the dragon from the activation of the Scripture of Heaven and Earth got infused into the sword essence.


The sword wailed and broke through the concrete wall. It left a deep sword mark on the wall.

"Damn, son! This is so damn powerful! Even more powerful than a bullet! Also, this is just the unformed sword essence. When it grows up, it will definitely become insanely powerful! Haha! A heavenly weapon of my own! Awesome!"

Chen grinned and said, "Let me play it for little longer! Go sword! Go! Go Eh? No response?"

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