Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 75


Killer Bee was stunned. He thought that Chen was going to throw some hidden weapon at him. But he quickly noticed that Chen's palm was empty. Also, he had a short-sleeved t-shirt on. There was no place for him to hide any weapons.

"Haha Are you trying to be funny? Why are you lifting your hand up like that? Please do not act like a retard before you die!" Killer Bee was mocking Chen.

Unconsciously, he let down his guard. He increased his speed even further.

"Sword!" Chen said this word calmly.

"Sword? What sword? Please don't embarrass yourself! Haha Like I said, fear has turned you into a total retard! It's okay! I will send you to hell right now!"

Killer Bee was two feet away from Chen. He lifted up the needle and was prepared to pierce Chen's heart.

"Bro Bei"

Jing Fei's heart contracted. He fell into complete despair. All hope was lost. He even squeezed his eyes shut the second the needle approached Chen's heart.

"Go!" Chen shouted. The Scripture of Heaven and Earth was activated at the critical moment. The "Qi" from the flying dragon started gathering around Chen's palm.


The sound of the sword whistled through the air at the next second. An afterimage of the sword cut through the night. The flying sword flew with lightning speed and went right through Killer Bee's brain. The smell of blood quickly filled the air. Then, the sword returned to Chen's palm.

"That's right!"

That was the Essence of Chaos Sword! The "little guy" was floating in Chen's palm. It was bathed in blood. The red blood complimented it well, it simply looked terrific.


At the same time, Killer Bee collapsed on the ground. There was a small entry wound in-between his eyebrows. Blood continued gushing out of the tiny wound. He was dead in one shot!

Death had come to him out of the blue. He could not react to it. The merciless cold smile that he put on before killing Chen still lingered on his petrified face. That smile was not the smile of a man who was about to die!

"Erm So, this is how it feels to kill someone"

Chen made a deep sigh. A weird sensation emerged in his heart, "Well, this is actually quite exciting Am I becoming a sick bastard?"


[You have killed a major villain. Triple Realms Merit Point + 1000]


[Congratulation! You have become a Super Philanthropist! Currently, you owned 1287 merit points! You still need 8713 merit points to proceed to next level]


[Super Philanthropist. (Charm +100, Luck +100)

"Ah... So that's why it felt good"

Chen grinned and tried to justify himself, "I just killed a big baddie! In fact, he was trying to kill me, and I was only acting in self-defense. He should be killed! That's why I felt great!"

He then made a decision in his mind.

"From today onward, I will use blood as the food of my Essence of Chaos Sword! The blood of the enemy! The blood of bad guys! The blood of foes! I will kill those who need to be killed!"

Chen steeled himself as his eyes narrowed and his mind started racing. He thought to himself, "Someday, I will grow my Essence of Chaos Sword into something as powerful as the Godkiller sword! I will never disappoint my Sifu!"


Chen was truly motivated at that moment. He started to activate the mantra that he had learned from the Tongtian Sword Shaping manual. The Chaos Sword Essence started being channeled again. It flew to Killer Bee's body and consumed the essence of his blood. The Chaos Sword Essence took the essence of Killer Bee's blood within itself."

The process would take some time to complete. Chen did not intend to stand around and wait. He quickly rushed to Jing Fei and took out two bottles of Potion of Hundred Herbs. He fed him a bottle of the potion and apply the other bottle of potion on his wound.

"Bei Bro Bei"

Jing Fei was barely conscious. However, his pale face clearly expressed confusion. He had closed his eyes because of despair. He had thought that all hope was lost. But, when he opened his eyes again, he never thought that he would see Killer Bee lying lifelessly on the floor instead.

He would have believed it to be a dream if Chen had not approached him to tend to his wound.

"Eh? Why is your wound not getting any better?" Chen frowned. The Potion of Hundred Herbs that was capable of curing hundreds of diseases was not working on Jing Fei's wound!

"Maybe this potion can only be used to cure diseases, not poisons."

Jing Fei sighed and said in relieved, "Bro Bei Don't worry I'm happy that you are in good condition It's my pleasure to die for you"

"Detoxification? I have an idea!" Chen was filled with joy all of a sudden. He took out his Seven Treasury Fragrance Pouch that hung from his neck. This was a gift from Chang'e the goddess. It should serve as an antidote.

"Take a sniff on this pouch! Quick!" Chen hastened Jing Fei.

"Alright" Jing Fei was shocked. He quickly followed Chen's order.

Jing Fei felt refreshed and energetic once the smell of the pouch entered his body. All the discomfort was gone. All the poison dispersed into the thin air after a few breathes. At the same time, the Potion of Hundred Herbs started to work on his wound. His wound started to get better.

"Bro Bei! This pouch is so magical! Where did you get it?! Jing Fei had his eyes wide opened. He was so jealous of Chen.

Chen was immediately relieved when he saw Jing Fei getting better. He smiled and said, "This is a gift from Chang'e the goddess. This pouch is filled with heavenly pills. It can serve as an antidote for all sorts of poisons known to man and deity!"

"Chang'e?" Jing Fei stared at the night sky in confusion.

Looking at the big round moon, he thought of a joke, "Bro Bei, do you know why Chang'e brought the Jade Rabbit with her when she moved to the moon?"

"Why?" Chen was confused and curious.

"She needed an excuse to bring a carrot along with her!" Jing Fei squinted and put on an evil smile.


Chen was quite a dirty minded guy. He got Jing Fei's dirty joke instantly. He laughed sleazily and said, "I never thought that you can be such a dirty guy! You are like those perverted old men!"

Jing Fei grinned and encouraged Chen by saying, "If Chang'e does exist, you should totally hit on her! She has been living in the Guanghan castle alone for quite some time. She must be very lonely! It would be a 100% success rate if you decide to hit on her!"

Chen stared at the sky after hearing Jing Fei's words.

After some time, he sighed and said, "Chang'e is the number one beauty in heaven. For me, I'm not even qualified to become Lan's boyfriend! Heavenly goddesses are definitely out of my league."

"Bro Bei"

Jing Fei was smart enough to notice that he had just made a bad joke. He had just applied salt on Chen's wound. Lan was forcefully taken away by someone, Lan's family wanted him dead now. There was only one reason behind all these incidents. He was too damn weak!

Hypothetically speaking, if Chen owned a huge business and became powerful in terms of combat power, this would never happen.

"There's still a long way for me to go" Chen laughed at himself.

However, Chen was more mature at them. Setbacks would never make him give up himself. They would only give him more strength!

"I will meet up with Chang'e the goddess later. But, before that, I want to make Lan Zhengguo beg me to get together with Mengchen!"

Chen's stare was focused and determined. He said, "I'll make him regret looking down on a young man like me!"

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