Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 76


The Essence of Blade let out a shrill snip and flew from the corpse of the Killer Bee back to Chen.

This little guy consumed the essence of the blood, but it did not suck people dry it only ingested the best parts.

The Killer Bee was a powerhouse in the mortal world. His essence of the blood was exuberant, but evidently, to the Essence of Blade, it was not enough to satisfy its appetite.

It was originally semi-translucent, and now it was glowing with a slight red hue, the changes were not too apparent.

"Don't get anxious about this matter, Master had already said earlier, nurturing a sword is the same as training: take one step at a time, take it slow."

Chen had a very good attitude going on; he was not impatiently demanding for instantaneous results. He moved his thoughts and stored the Essence of Blade back into his body.

Subsequently, Chen kept Killer Bee's body back in the treasure chest. He carefully inspected the surroundings to make sure that he had not left any trails behind, before leaving in the car with Jing Fei.


Right after they left, a silhouette appeared from behind a car nearby.

That person held a phone, and its screen was playing back a recording of Chen's flying sword taking the man's life.

"How did this kid do it He's only in the middle phase of the physical body! How is it possible for him to control the sword? This is too incredible"

The mysterious man stared at the phone and played the video over and over again, and he kept mumbling, "This is not possible How could this be possible"


Back in school.

Chen was not lying on the hostel bed scrolling through group chats like he usually did.

Instead, he ran all the way to the rooftop of the entire block, sat on the ground and immediately started to practice on the Scripture of Heaven and Earth.

Everything that had happened today made him realize that he was still a pebble in a world of martial art masters.

Even if the Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms had changed his life; in reality, it was far from enough.

The world was far bigger than he had imagined it to be! And far more brutal!

He did not want to be an ignorant fool, and even moreso, he did not want to be a weakling bullied by others!

There was only one way to avoid that hard work! Ceaseless hard work!


This time, he spent a long time training himself it continued on for five days and five nights.

During the course of which, Chen relied on the Potion of Hundred Herbs to restore his strength.

He did not even take one step off the rooftop.

His combat power and health had increased to 998, one step away from breaking through.

But Chen had no choice but to stop here, because today is the opening of the Sports day.

As he sat on the rooftop, he could hear, distinctly, the marching song coming from the field.

"Shit! The inauguration is about to end! My beautiful teacher must be worried sick"

Chen did not dare to delay any further. He quickly ran downstairs and sprinted towards the sports field.


On the field.

The opening ceremony has ended. The students of every class were already seated in the stands.

Lin Xiang stood at the very front of the class, looking out frantically at the entrance of the field, "Damn it! Xiaobei! Why isn't he here yet The one-hundred-meter dash is going to start"

"Ms. Lin, where is your Most Valuable Player?"

Right then, a strange voice boomed from right beside her.

When she turned around, she saw Luo Bing, accompanied by Dongfang Yangwei, walking over. Both of them wore conceited expressions on their faces, full of mockery.

"He will come." Lin pursed her lips, unsure of herself.

These few days, she had not been able to reach Chen on his phone the truth was, deep inside, she was uncertain.

"Hehe, I think that the kid must be terrified!"

Dongfang Yangwei sneered, "He even put on an act the other day, saying that he will take home all the gold medals. But there is no sign of him. What kind of man is that? Breaking his words! How absolutely cowardly!"

When Lin heard this, her heart burst with anger, "I will not allow you to mock My student!"

"Hehe, action speaks louder than words. He did not have the guts to show up, so he is just a blustering braggart!"

Dongfang Yangwei raised his brow and said ostentatiously, "Xiang Xiang, be with me. I am the real man! Not only can I satisfy you in bed, I will also make you proud below the bed!"

"Who are you? Talking bullsh*t here! What makes you think you can make a fool out of our Ms. Lin?

Zhou Zitao had already given them a piece of his mind before Lin Xiang could even open her mouth to speak.

He was a hot-tempered man, and also had a very strong sense of camaraderie, which was why he could not stand to listen to Dongfang's crap.

Once he took the lead, his other classmates followed suit and started to protest and condemn the other party.

"Who am I?" Dongfang grinned, his gaze swept across the crowd with disdain, "What a joke! There are actually people in Green Vine University who don't know me, Dongfang Yangwei?"


He was the son of the gang leader of Black Tiger Gang!?

Once he had finished talking, the entire class quietened down instantly.

Zhou was also dragged to his seat by Zhang Fengyi and Li Ming. They did not dare to meddle.

Black Tiger Gang!

Green Vine's third most influential power, conquering half of the west city. There were a total of four influential leaders in the gang. They had recruited thousands of followers into their gang. They were extremely well known.

Ordinary citizens would be terrified just by hearing the name.

"Oh? What happened? All scared out of your wits?"

Dongfang Yangwei smirked scornfully, and started to jeer, "A bunch of clowns, even daring to scream and shout in front of me? Shut up if you don't have the aptitude, don't make a fool of yourself!"

Everyone was sullen in their hearts, but they couldn't do anything to him.

As regular citizens, who would dare challenge the Black Tiger Gang?

Some time ago, a senior male student, had offended Dongfang Yangwei and was beaten up badly by the Black Tiger Gang. He was hospitalized.

That guy had actually found a good internship job, but because the boss was afraid of the Black Tiger Gang, had fired him.

For a period of time, that incident caused people to walk on their tiptoes. As for the people in school, they would walk the other way whenever they see Dongfang Yangwei.

"Don't complain that I did not give you a chance. Today, we're not comparing family background, we're comparing sporting events! Whoever who has the guts to compete against me, stand up! Don't let me look down on your class!"

Dongfang gazed icily at every person; the only thing missing from that arrogant expression was that the word 'ostentatious' was not scrawled all over his forehead!

The onlookers were all very mad, so much that they wanted to throw a punch at Dongfang's conceited face.

But they did not have the capability to do it.

When Luo Bing saw this, and adulated, "Master Dongfang, don't stoop to the level of this bunch of useless piece of shit! You are our class' MVP, the Most Valuable Player! Competing with them would be too demeaning!"

Most Valuable Player!

"Mm I agree. A group of milksops. How uninteresting."

Dongfang pressed his lips together and snickered, "Xiang Xiang, can you feel my supremacy? Are you starting to having feelings for me now? Don't be shy, take some initiative. We will fall into the river of love very quickly"

"River of love? Do you believe that I'll make you fall so hard that you can't get up anymore?!"

Right at that moment, a still voice came from nearby, attracting everyone's attention.

"Xiaobei! You finally came!" Lin Xiang pretty face lit up, her petite face filled instantly with a pleasant surprise.

At the same time, all his classmates were stunned beyond words.

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