Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 78

"Asshole! Do you want to die?" Dongfang was furious. He looked ready to charge at Chen.

"Moron, do you think you can beat me in a fight?" Chen rolled his eyes in disgust.

"Iack ack" Dongfang was tongue-tied and nearly choked to death on his own saliva.

With his combat power, he could actually dominate the school; unfortunately, that was before he encountered this demon, Chen Xiaobei.

Last time, Chen nearly broke his arm.

This time, there had been a substantial increase in Chen's strength. Dongfang Yangwei posed as much threat to Chen Xiaobei as a stray dog.

Dongfang was petrified but shot back defiantly, "Fighting doesn't do you any good! If you really are a master, then you would beat me in the competition!"

"Hehe, beat you? What, you still think this is a competition?" Again, Chen rolled his eyes at him and walked towards the track.


Dongfang was so mad that he barked, "My best record was eleven seconds and eight milliseconds! I'd like to see you try and beat that!"

In the blink of an eye, the third round was about to begin. All the competitors were ready.

"Bro Bei! Go Bro Bei! Go"

Meanwhile, Chen's classmates on the stands started to cry out, cheering Chen on.

This tremendous wave of sound attracted the attention of the entire arena.

"Bro Bei? The two-timing Bro Bei? He has also joined the competition?"

"There! Bro Bei is in the third lane! I can see him!"

"Oh! I can finally see the idol in person! How handsome!"

"Wong Xiaoren has always been bullying me! The moment Bro Bei punched Wong, he has established himself as my idol!"

"Yeah! Wenfeng is always running his mouth at those who come from ordinary family backgrounds! Bro Bei has paid back for all of us! We will always support him!

"Bro Bei! You can do it"

"Bro Bei! I love you"

"Bro Bei! I want to bear a monkey for you"

In one swift moment, the entire arena was stirred up.

The school forum's hottest post had caused Chen to become the school's most popular person.

On the other hand, the two notorious, hedonistic sons of rich parents, Wenfeng and Wong Xiaoren, had been stepping stones for Chen to become a heroic god in many people's hearts.

At that moment, nearly ten thousand pairs of eyes were on Chen, and nearly all of the ten thousand people were cheering him on.

That was what it meant to have 'all eyes on me'.

From a distance, Dongfang Yangwei, as well as Wenfeng and Wong Xiaoren, who were sitting at a corner of the stands, were completely dumbfounded.

Who would ever dream that Chen would actually gain so much popularity?

In fact, even Chen himself didn't see this coming.


Chen took a deep breath. Hearing the tsunami-cheers of the ten thousand people, goosebumps appeared all over his body. Hot blood surged from his heart, the boiling heat engulfed his entire body.

"Hmph! If I don't break that record, I would be disappointing the audience!"

Chen grinned, waiting for the sound of the gunshot.


The referee fired.

In a flash, Chen shot forward like an arrow, and in the blink of an eye, left the other seven runners a long way behind him, in a cloud of dust.

After five days of training, his body has reached 998 combat power. His strength and speed had been doubled in every respect. The other ordinary students were no match for him at all.

"Third lane! Ten seconds fifty-three milliseconds! New record! The school has a new record! This is very close to the state record! Unbelievable! This absolutely incredible!" Just as Chen zoomed past the finish line, the first referee announced the results feverishly.

"How How could this be?" Dongfang's face darkened, and he started stammering, "How could that kid run so fast I I must be having a nightmare"

If Dongfang had used all his might, he might have been able to achieve the same thing.

But, don't forget that Chen was wearing jeans and leather shoes! To be able to run as fast as he did is absolutely mind-boggling!


After a moment of silence, the entire sports arena exploded again.

Chen's fans were shouted in triumph, 'Bro Bei! Bro Bei!', one cheer after another, one decibel louder every time, causing waves after waves of tremors that nearly overturned the sports arena.

Standing at the finish line, Chen basked proudly in the sensational din.

It sounded like a song dedicated to a hero.

One word awesome!

Chen turned to look up at the stands, where Lin and his classmates were all celebrating, and every one of them wore a look of delight on their faces.

Chen turned around again and looked at the VIP seats. The school leader and the education minister who had come to kick off the sports day were all applauding for him.

Of course, he was not looking at the leaders.

At the very end of the VIP seats, was an empty seat originally reserved for the student leader, Lan Mengchen.

In fact, for the past five days, Chen had sent her a text every day.

He never got any reply.

"If Mengchen was brought home, she is most probably under house-arrest, with no means of contacting the outside world It's alright as long as she is safe"

Chen sighed to himself.

Although he was slightly depressed, he did not dwell on it and immediately rearranged his feelings, smiling as he welcomed the upcoming competition.

After four rounds, the finals were commencing.

Chen was, again, on the third lane.

Coincidentally, Dongfang was right next to him on the second lane.

They were both the clear favorites who would be competing for the gold medal the audience were all captivated.

As for the six other competitors, they were just appendages they would be competing on their own level for the third place.

"Bastard! I can finally be in an actual match up against you!"

Dongfang raised his chin arrogantly and sneered, "I only exerted seventy percent of my strength in the qualifying round. I want you to see my full ability. Tremble in fear, you slag!"

"Oh, shut it!" Chen could not help but roll his eyes.

He was itching to change Dongfang's name to Dongfang Laodao (Eastern Chatterbox)!

Like a bitch that talks non-stop. Everyone would treat him as a dumbass.


The referee inspected the competitors, making sure that everyone was in position, and then he fired the starting pistol.


At the sound of the gunshot, Dongfang used all his might and was the first to cross the starting line.

He had always been in excellent shape since young, his combat power had remained at around three hundred, far stronger than the average joe.

Since a young age, he always shone due to his athletic prowess.

Sports had always been his pride and joy.

"I will not lose! I, Dongfang Yangwei, will definitely not lose to that son of a bitch!" Dongfang gritted his teeth, the veins on his forehead throbbing.

At that moment, there is only one word on his mind win!

The intense desire to win forced his potential to explode. His speed was beyond his usual best!

"Champion! The prize is mine! Not only must I win, I want to also break that son a bitch's record!"

The finishing line was right before him Dongfang's face was already bursting with elation.


Right at that moment, he suddenly felt a rush of wind whipping past him, and his face twisted into horror.

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