Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 80

At the Tiger's Roar Gentleman Club.

One of Black Tiger Gang's territories.

Dongfang Yangwei laid on the recliner, two female masseurs working on his back and his legs.

Luo Bing sat next to him like a slave, smiling from ear to ear, "Master Dongfang, don't be mad! It was only the School's sports day! So what if you lose, it's nothing! What shitty ass gold medals can they provide, we can't be bothered!"

"The f*ck you know about it?!" Dongfang spat, "Sports is my zone, I CANNOT lose to that asshole!"

"But We're already very far behind" Luo Bing said sheepishly.

"Do you think that I need you to tell me that?" Dongfang rolled his eyes at him and said coolly, "I have an idea that son of the b*tch will not be able to compete tomorrow! Then, we can easily overtake him!"

"You have an idea? That's great!" Luo Bing grinned, "If that is so, we can relax today, how about having some fun time at the brothel?"

"Hehe, you go ahead. Tonight, I will be sleeping with my Xiang Xiang." Dongfang wiggled his brows and laughed darkly.

"Oh? Master Dongfang has a plan to hit on Lin Xiang?" Luo Bing's face was filled with surprise.

"Need I explain? I always get the woman I want I have never failed before!" Dongfang's laugher grew sinister.


At the slums, west side of the city.

Lin had just gotten home and found the front door ajar.

"Oh? Nan, I thought you said you were going out with your friends?" Lin walked in and placed the grocery bags on the table.

When she raised her head, she saw that the person in her home was not Lin Nan.

"Ms. Lin, you're back!" That was a middle-aged old hag in her fifties.

Her hair looked like it had not been washed for a long time it was very greasy.

She was wearing loose pajamas. Her chest was flat and her belly jutted out. Her figure was a misery to behold.

There was a stick of cigarette in between her fingers. From time to time, she would take a puff, resembling the landladies in television dramas.

"Sis Wang? Are you here to collect next month's rent? Please wait for a minute, I will go get it for you," Lin said.

She also happened to be the actual landlady here. She pursed her lips and said, "No need to worry. I'm just here to inform you that I'll be raising next month's rent.

"Raise the rent?" in her bewilderment, Lin mumbled, "Sis Wang The rent has just been raised last year. Why"

The landlady cut her off, and said nonchalantly, "The house is mine. I will decide when the rent should be raised!"

"How How much?" Lin asked worriedly.

"Eight hundred." The landlady said.

"What?" Lin was taken aback. "The rent was originally one thousand six, now you want to raise it by another eight hundred? I could rent a small house in the city at this price!"

The landlady grunted, "Go ahead and rent a small house in the city by all means. After all, there are only two days left before the month ends. I can rent it out to someone else once you've moved out."

"This" Lin was speechless for awhile.

Two days? How could she possibly find a suitable house in two days?

What's more, her little brother had been actively looking for a job; he even made some new friends.

If they were to more, her brother's positive attitude would surely be affected.

"Alright, I accept this levy." There was nothing Lin wouldn't do for her brother, but there was a problem, "Could Sis Wang give me a few more days? I will be paid on the eighth of next month. I will be able to pay you then."

"Of course not!" the landlady took another drag from her cigarette and said brashly,

"Stop acting poor in front of me! I lost quite some money while playing Mahjong. I'm even poorer than you! What am I going to eat if you refuse to pay me therent?"

Lin was filled with worry, "Sis Wang, it's not that I don't want to pay. You know the situation in our family. Lin Nan was addicted to gambling, there is no money left at all."

"You poor thing. There is an alternative to this. It's up to you on whether you want to do it or not," said the landlady.

"What is it?" Lin said.

The landlady took out a key card from her pocket and placed it on the table, "This is a key to a room in Shangri-La hotel. You only need to go there tonight and keep Master Dongfang company for a night. Then all the problems will be solved!"

"This" Lin quickly understood why the landlady wanted to increase the rent. This was all Dongfang's doing!

This is too heinous!

"No way! I will not agree to this!" Lin flatly stated.

"You fool! How could you refuse such a good gift from the heavens?" The landlady said impatiently. "Master Dongfang comes from a rich and powerful family. If you date him, you will be able to enjoy all the luxuries and wealth forever! That useless brother of yours can also benefit from this he will never have to worry about not having enough food or clothes!"

"Sis Wang, you can't talk me into this. I will never ever agree to this!" Lin was very determined.

If this were to happen in the past, when her hands are tied, she would most probably have agreed to it. But today, there was already someone in her heart. No matter how strong the temptation was, she would never, not in a million years, caved in.

"Good heavens! How could there be such a foolish woman on earth? Is there anything wrong with Master Dongfang? If it were me, I would have jumped with joy! I would have accepted it without a second thought!" The landlady looked miffed, "Think about it. You can either give Master Dongfang a good time or pay the rent now! If you're not willing to do either, you can pack up and leave!"

"I" Lin panicked, if she had more time, she would surely move. But this was all too sudden, there was no way out.

"Ms. Lin, trust me, I have been around for a long time, and I have experienced a great deal more than you. You won't regret taking my advice!" The landlady continued to encourage her, "He is not just rich! Just look at Master Dongfang's magnificent physique, he's got to be really good in bed! Other than material needs, a woman also needs a man to moisturize her body Do you understand?"

"So, does that mean that you really want to be moisturized by Dongfang Yangwei?" a voice said from outside the door.

"Yes! Of course," the landlady answered subconsciously.

There was a saying: at thirty years old, women are like wolves; at forty, they are tigresses; and at fifty, all they can do is breath in the dust from the ground.

The landlady was right that that age where her sex drive is at its strongest; however, she did not have a man to satisfy her needs.

It was a perfect Freudian Slip.

However, she quickly recovered, and, realizing that she had let her tongue slip, turned a deep burgundy. Mortified, she glared angrily at the idiot who was walking in, "Who Who are you?"

"I am Xiang Xiang's boyfriend!"

The man walked in and took hold of Lin's small hands.

"Hey! Xiaobei, why are you talking nonsense?!" Lin pouted playfully, trying to pull her hands away, but after struggling for a minute or two, she gave up and let Chen hold on.

The landlady gave Xiaobei a once over.

"Boyfriend? Oh, what a handsome young man!" She smiled salaciously, as if she wanted to f*ck Chen's brain out.

That sort of lust was really unusually strong.

Chen felt a chill crawling over his back. Then, he said, "Bitch, please don't look at me like that with that face (which looks like it had been run over by a bus)! Urgh, that's so sickening!"

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