Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 84

Chen destroyed Dongfang's evil plan by crippling all those muscular guys. Also, he had to pay quite an amount of medical fees to treat those injured gang members. Chen was happy with what he has done today. Then, he returned to Lin's house.

After that, Jing Fei called and told Chen that he found a decent piece of property. Its price was five million Yuan. Without a second thought, Chen wired the money to Jing Fei right away. Lin headed over to her new house with Chen after she finished packing. She did not have much personal belongings. She settled in her new house pretty swiftly. Looking at this hundred fifty square feet new house, Lin had mixed feelings.

That was a five million Yuan house! This gift could not be compared to a bouquet of flowers or jewelry. Lin had already given her heart to Chen, but it was still very hard for her to accept such an expensive gift. Maybe, she had not yet completely given out her heart to him. She secretly decided that she would look for an opportunity to completely give herself to Chen.

Lin Nan rushed excitedly to the new house right after he received Chen's phone call. He had never dreamed of living in such luxurious house in his entire life. He kept licking Chen's boots once he met Chen. He almost wanted to drag Chen and Lin to the marriage registration office. On the other hand, Chen could not continue his intimate moment with Lin because of the presence of Jing Fei and Lin Nan. Chen left the house with Jing Fei after helping them to settle down in the new house.


At the Shangri-la hotel, room 666, Dongfang Yangwei was lying down on the bed and drinking red wine.

"Looking at the time, Qiang the bald guy should have crippled that bastard already! Also, the landlady should have successfully convinced Lin to come over here."

Dongfang grinned and laugh, "I'm such a genius! I can't I believe I thought of such a brilliant idea! Eliminating my rival and hitting on such a gorgeous girl at the same time! This is what I call killing two birds with one stone! I'm really impressed, not bad at all, me! Hehehe"

Then, he put down his wine glass. He looked for a glass and threw a red pill inside the glass. The pill dissolved instantly right after he poured the water into the glass.

"Hohoho! My Xiang Xiang is going to be so horny after she takes in this aphrodisiac pill. I'm going to have so much fun with her tonight! Just thinking of it makes me feel as high as a kite" Dongfang's body shook. He almost drooled all over the floor.

"Erm I should take in some pills as well. I'll need to last for a bit. I want to last more than two minutes! If not, I will be so embarrassed by myself." He took out a blue pill and popped it into his mouth.

"I will be legendary tonight! I should pop one more pill in case that wasn't enough." After some thoughts, Dongfang popped in another pill.

"Hold on Hold on I must conquer Lin on the bed tonight! Let me just pop another pill Wait I should pop three more pills" Dongfang was getting so excited that he popped in all the blue pills that he had with him.

This pill was known as an upgraded version of Viagra. It was imported from India. Legend had it that this pill was ten times more powerful than Viagra. Within two minutes, Dongfang felt like his crotch was on fire and that it was close to exploding real soon. Right after that, his body caught fire. His eyes were completely bloodshot. Also, his skin turned really red.

"Oh shit Why is Lin is not here yet? My dick is going to explode soon!" Dongfang regretted popping all the blue pills in one goal.




Suddenly, someone was knocking at the door. It was the most beautiful sound to Dongfang. He quickly picked up the glass with the red pill in it and rushed to open the door.

"Xiang Xiang! I'm pretty sure you are thirsty. Here, have a drink first." Dongfang handed over the cup to her excitedly.

"I'm not Xiang Xiang. I'm Li Li. I do feel thirsty." She took the glass and gulped down the water within a second.

"Landlady Why are you here?

Dongfang was stunned. His eyeballs almost dropped on the floor. He never expected that the one showing up at the doorstep would be Wang Dali, the landlady but not Lin Xiang.

"A master told me that we are destined to be together. I'm here to bring myself to you!"

The landlady pushed Dongfang into the room. She was called Wang Dali (super strength) for a reason.

Dongfang fell to the ground, starting to feel more horrified than he had ever felt in his life.

"What are you going to do to me?"

"Like you need to ask me that I'm going to f*ck you inside out!"

The red pill had turned her into a beast. She already started to tear open her shirt.

"No Stop"

Dongfang had his eyes popping up. He was completely stunned. The effect of the blue pill started to take its toll on his body. He couldn't come with any strength to resist her. His gut started sinking deeper and deeper.

"Come on! Baby! Let's get crazy!"


The landlady shouted excitedly. Then, she charged at Dongfang. Two of them started to make love to each other passionately on the floor. Eight thousand words will be summarized here. In a nutshell, the scene was horrific, violent, explicit, and downright dirty.

At the Lan family's South Lake mansion. Lan Zhengguo headed over to the dining room to have some supper after a long day of work. He gazed at the scrumptious meal worriedly.

"Uncle Feng, is Mengchen still not eating?" Lan Zhengguo asked in a deep voice.

"Yes. This is the sixth day. Lady Lan still refuses to eat anything at all. The kid's death had a huge impact on Lady Lan" Uncle Feng replied in a low tone. Just when he finished his words, a shadow barged into the dining room.

Lan Mengchen proclaimed hurriedly, "Quick! Get me something to eat! I'm famished"

"Mengchen This is"

Lan Zhengguo and Uncle Feng were shocked. Mengchen had grown up under their care. They knew Mengchen better than anyone in this world. She had always been her own person. External forces can never derail her train of thought. She already fasted for six days. They were baffled by her sudden change of heart. This is unbelievable!

"Why are you looking at me like that? Are you going to stop me from eating?" Her eyebrows were raised. Her tired face was filled with unspeakable joy.

"Of course, I will not stop you from eating! Aunt Liu, bring Lady Lan something nice to eat! Quick! Bring tons of food here!" Lan Zhengguo nodded.

He was a capitalist in front of strangers. But, he was a loving father when it came to his daughter.

"Mengchen Have you thought through it all?" Lan Zhengguo tried to probe. Also, Uncle Feng was staring at Mengchen. He was wondering why Mengchen had given up on fasting all of a sudden.

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