Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 85

"I did not intend to eat, because you guys drove Chen to his death, or at least that was what I believed."

Lan smiled and went on, "But, now, he is alive and kicking. There's no reason for me to fast anymore."

"What? How is this even possible?"

Lan Zhengguo was stunned and asked in a deep voice, "Uncle Feng, what the hell is going on? Didn't you leave the young lad to his certain death?"

"Lady Lan must have gotten her news wrongly!"

Uncle Feng denied Mengchen's claim without any hesitation, "That Jianghu elite was powerful enough to take Chen's life. He couldn't have possibly survived! I've been in the Jianghu for so many years! I know for a fact that Chen couldn't have escaped with his life!"

"I'm sorry. But, you were wrong this time! Chen is more powerful than you think!" Lan grinned slyly and took out her cellphone.

"I thought I have already confiscated your cellphone?! Where did this one pop up from?" Lan Zhengguo frowned.

"This is grandma's."

Chen tried to access the school's forum as she spoke to her dad. The front page of the forum was flooded with Chen's name and the name; Bro Bei.

[The Pride of Green Vine City! Chen, the Sports Prodigy! He broke eight state records in one day! The rising star of sports world!] (110098 views)

[To my classmate; Chen Xiaobei! All the senior students are really proud of you!] (70442 views)

[Bro Bei! You are so stunning and cool! You are now more popular than Lan Mengchen! You have stirred a storm inside our school!] (41872 views)

[The Bro Bei club has been officially set up! Come and sign up for it!] (8898 people signed up)

[Bro Bei, are you accepting any apprentices?]

[Bro Bei, I want to give birth to a monkey for you!]


Lan Zhengguo and Uncle Feng felt their jaws going slack as they read all the Chen related posts. One was the CEO of Lan organization. The other was a super elite in Jianghu. Both of them were completely stunned by this ordinary Chen.

"I never would have imagined that I had been wrong about him Who the hell is that guy? How is it possible for him to defeat a Jianghu elite? This is unbelievable!" Uncle Feng's stare was deep and dream-like. It seemed that his mind was busy at work.

Lan Zhengguo was worried. He said, "Could this kid be from the Dragon City? Maybe he's from a powerful organization!"

"No way!"

Uncle Feng shook his head and said, "I have done a proper and detailed background check on him. He did come from a small village. The next time, I will personally test his mettle!"

"Uncle Feng! Dad! Stop pursuing him!"

Lan Mengchen said seriously, "I know that I'm responsible for the Lan family! I give you my word that Chen and I will strictly remain as friends only. We will not cross that line!"


Lan Zhengguo sighed in relieveand said, "Good girl. I'm relieved when you say that. I've made you suffer."


At Wen's mansion. It was half-past twelve. Wen Tiandou had just fallen asleep when the door was forced open by someone. A guy with messy hair and an untrimmed beard rushed into the room, crying, "Bro. Something bad just happened!"

"Mad Lion! How many times have I told you not to be so tensed up when bad things happen? It's totally pointless. There's nothing you can do to about it. Just, calm down. Take a chill pill." Wen Tiandou sat up slowly and gently. He sounded calm and serene. It was how a true Jianghu elite would act.

"Our little bro, Killer Bee is dead!" Mad Lion said loudly.


Wen leaped off his bed. He was so shocked that his eyes were both wide open. The calm and chill Wen Tiandou was totally gone with the wind.

"That Chen Xiaobei is still alive! This is the sixth day that Killer Bee has gone off the radar. I'm afraid that he is truly dead!" Mad Lion said nervously.

"How is that even possible?! Killer Bee is a Jianghu elite in the latter phase of the human body. It's not possible for Chen to defeat him!" Wen Tiandou was completely startled.

Initially, he had not considered Chen as a worthy opponent. In addition to that, he never dreamt that Chen would have the ability to kill his little bro.

"I don't believe it! That bastard did not show up for six days as well. How do you know that he's still alive?" Wen Tiandou had a hard time accepting the truth about his little bro.

"Look at this" Mad Lion handed over the laptop that he held to Wen. The forum of Green Vine University was displayed on the screen.

Wen started to frown when he read the forum. He said, "It seems that Killer Bee is really dead. I have underestimated you, Chen Xiaobei."

"Bro. I want to avenge our little bro!" Mad Lion said angrily.

"Hold on. Don't rush it."

Wen shook and said, "Don't forget! Our main objective is to capture Wernyuan! My deceased dad gave a green jade button to her! The information that we are looking for is inside that button!"

"I can wait. But, I'm afraid that bro Blood Dove can't wait any longer" Mad Lion said worryingly.

"Find him more women. If he's bored with local women. Find him some exotic goods like Japanese women, European women or even Russian women. Money is not a problem. Just make sure to hold him off." Wen said.

"Okay I understand now." Mad Lion nodded and exited the room.


The next morning at Shangri-la hotel, room 666. Dongfang Yangwei felt like his body had been emptied out after a rough "battle" last night. He held on to the edge of the blanket and sat at the corner of the bed with an empty mind. The landlady sat on the bed with a cigarette in her hand. She took a puff on it and a ring of smoke came out from her mouth.

"Hubby. Have you rested enough? Should we go for next round?"


He almost vomited blood after hearing what she said.

"Aunty! Spare my life, please! We had eight rounds of "battle" last night! I will surely die if you force it out of me!"

"What a load of shit! I'm saving your life! You need to get those pills out of your system!"

The landlady killed her cigarette, wiped her mouth and straddled Dongfang Yangwei. She then laughed and said, "Come on baby! Let the horse run freely on the battlefield! Wahahaha!"

Tears started to roll down from Dongfang's face. There was nothing that he could do to resist her. His stamina had been completely depleted from the "battles" last night. He was a limp lump of meat on the chopping board. The landlady was like a butcher. His body was all hers to toy with.


"Bro Bei Bro Bei"

At the same time, screaming and shouting pierced through the air like a tsunami of soundwaves at the field of Green Vine University. Chen claimed all the gold medals from the different sports with his extraordinary strength. He could have easily broken a few records if he wanted to. He was a superstar. Everyone was cheering for him on the field. Some of the non-school personnel even came to the university to watch Chen compete in different sports. Most of them were sports fans, reporters, and officers from state sports departments.

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