Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 882

"You don't know me? Let me introduce myself to you! My name is Gordon Bryant! I'm the only survivor of the Bryant Family! Fate had made me crossed paths with one of the royal female Blood Descendants! With her help, I manage to find more golden opportunities for myself! After that, my combat power went through a huge boost! That was the time I got involve in a romantic relationship with her! Not too long after that, she was pregnant with my child!" said the Gordon.

"I know it's rude for someone to interrupt someone while talking. However, I have to tell you that I'm not interested in your love life at all!" said Chen Xiaobei.

"Hmph! You will be interested when you know the name of my son! My son's name is Damien Gustav!"

"What?! Damien is your son?!" said Chen Xiaobei, taken aback.

"Now you know the reason why I have to kill you today! Initially, I came here to look for Li Xiang after receiving some intel from the CIA! To my surprise, I'm lucky enough to see you here today!"

"What?! You really are Damien's father?!"

"I know you want to ask why Damien did not follow my surname when I claim that I'm his father. That is because my family was annihilated! My bloodline wouldnever be recognized by the king! That's why I can never become a grand duke or a royalty!"

"No matter where I go, my woman and my son will be treated as lowlifes! I had enough mocking from them! I can never accept this cold hard reality! That was I came up with a grand plan to bring a good change to their lives! Once my woman was pregnant with Damien, I immediately arranged her to marry into Gustav Family! Not too long after that, Damien was born and he became the young master of the Gustav Family! And I stepped into the Gustav Family as the head servant! I wanted to stay at my son's side!"

"I'm the one that killed his father and helped to eliminate all potential successors! In the end, he was selected to become the sole successor of the Gustav Family! Finally, I could see my Damien being crowned as a grand duke! I also knew that Damien had the potential to become a grand leader or something even more powerful! I wanted to watch him being worshipped by millions of Blood Descendants! If I could see that with my eyes, that means my grand plan was a huge success!"

"But! Not too long ago, Damien told me that he wanted to kill someone called Chen Xiaobei. After that, my son never return to me anymore! My grand plan of many years was destroyed by someone called Chen Xiaobei!"

Immediately, the look on Gordon's face changed! His previous calmness was being replaced by extreme wrath. Glaring at Chen Xiaobei, Gordon was determined to remove Chen Xiaobei's existence from this earth! With his terrifying aura filling up the atmosphere, Li Xiang and Li Gang could not help but shake uncontrollably fear had completely taken over their bodies. Even the thirty-six Silver-Winged Myrmidons were affected by his aura. None of them dare to move a single muscle on their bodies.

"Don't glare at me!"

At that moment, Chen Xiaobei was the only one that was not afraid of him.

"Your son was killed by me and his body is nowhere to be found! And your grand plan was destroyed by me because of that! That is why you are feeling angry and frustrated! Am I right?" asked Chen Xiaobei.

"Of course! I want to eat your flesh right now and drink your blood! And I want to crush your bones as well! I want to make sure that your soul will be damned in hell forever and ever!"

"Psst! You are such an evil man! But, I don't think you have the right to do that to me! In the Chinese language, we have a saying that those that do evil deeds would eventually end up in hell! Think about it! You let your woman marry someone else!And you even teach your son to come up with an evil plan for his self-gain! Because of selfishness, you destroy the entire Gustav Family! It seems like you have done all the possible evil deeds in this world! You are the one that caused this tragedy upon yourself!"

"You are the reason why your son had the desire to destroy the entire Paradise Island! Disloyal, injustice, heartless, and unfilial are the best traits to describe you and your son! I'm doing the world a favor by killing Damien! No one is going to feel happy as long as your plan is still running!" said Chen Xiaobei in a determined manner.

Clearly, it had always been Gordon's and Damien's fault! If Damien was a seventh generation evil person then Gordon should be a ninth generation evil man! That was why Gordon had no right to avenge his own son!


Rendering speechless, Gordon did not know how to counter Chen Xiaobei. In other words, he just admitted he was the one that did all those dirty deeds.

"Stop reprimanding me! You have no right to do so! Mind your own business! Your Chinese virtues do not apply to me! To me, power is everything! Unless you can defeat me, it's pointless for you to keep on criticizing me!"

Immediately, Gordon started to channel his white True Kang to link with the wind element once again. He was preparing to trigger another catastrophe event!


Seconds later, sand and rock on the ground swirled up into the sky. With the sky darkened, it seemed like a tornado was about to ravage the area again! Everything that was close to it would be destroyed within seconds!

"The tornado that he triggered to destroy the mansion just now was only half of his true strength! It seems like he is going to go all out this time!" said Li Xiang in a fearful manner.

"Shit Shit"

On the other hand, Li Gang was standing at the side, gulping. He had never seen such terrifying power before.

"Bitch! Are you sure that your power is everything here?!"

Suddenly, Chen Xiaobei smiled and lifted one of his hand slowly. In his hand, he was holding a finger-sized ruby.

"That is the Dark Neutron!"

Immediately, Gordon and thirty-six Silver Wings Myrmidons focused on Chen Xiaobei.

"Here! Doggy! Doggy! Go and fight for your bone!"

Chen Xioabei swung his hand and tossed the Dark Neutron away from him. The tiny ruby was sucked into the tornado and it was nowhere to be found.ED: ikr. me too Xiaobei, me too.Oh...ED: I don't know how this is related to him being shunned but okay.ED: WHAT
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