Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 883

"It's the Dark Dark Neutron! Quick! Go and look for it! Now! Don't come back to me if you can't find it!"

Immediately, Gordon ceased the tornado. Considering that it was night and the size of the Dark Neutron was as small as a finger, looking for it in such big area was no different from looking a needle in the haystack. Without wasting any time, all thirty-six Silver-Winged Myrmidons spread out and started to look for it.

"Let's go now!"

Chen Xiaobei then quickly took out his Somersault Cloud and helped Li Xiang and Li Gang to get on it. Right after that, Chen Xiaobei took off to the woods outside of the Zhuang Family's mansion at lightning speed.

"Are you planning to run away from me? Not that easy! I'm going to f*cking kill you today no matter what!"

There was no way that Gordon was going to let Chen Xiaobei get away from him. Immediately, he flew into the sky with his golden wings and started to pursue them. With the help of the wings and the strength of the grand leader of Blood Descendant, Gordon managed to catch up to Chen Xiaobei.

"Shit! He is catching up! I don't think we can get away from him!"

At that moment, Li Xiang's and Li Gang's faces were pale as a sheet. Clearly, they had lost all hope. As Blood Descendants, they knew how powerful a grand leader could be.

Celestial Cultivation!

Special talent!

And Dark Power!

In other words, Gordon could actually gain upper hand when he dealt with a human that had the same combat power with him. To be honest, Chen Xiaobei, Li Xiang, and Li Gang were just elites with True Nirvana cultivation. To Gordon, the three of them were just a speck of dust. Feeling despair, Li Xiang and Li Gang had lost the hope that they might be able to get away from Gordon.

However, Chen Xiaobei could still put on a calm smile at this life-threatening situation.

"There's a saying thatdogs will always protect its food and not let anyone lay their hands on it! Why are you not doing the same?"

"Son of a bitch! How dare you badmouth me when you are about to be killed by me?! Just wait! I will let you have a taste of all kind of tortures when I capture you! I will make you feel regret for being born to this world!"

Upon hearing that, Li Xiang and Li Gang could not figure out why would Chen Xiaobei go and taunt Gordon at moment like this.

"You are wrong! I'm not trying to badmouth you! I'm just trying to advise you!"

"Advise me about what?!" asked Gordon, feeling uncomfortable.

"There is only one Dark Neutron! Are you sure all thirty-six of your doggies will not keep it for themselves?" said Chen Xiaobei with a smile.

It seemed like he had everything under control.


Gordon was smart enough to know what Chen Xiaobei was trying to tell him. Dark Neutron was one of the most important things for Blood Descendants. All thirty-six Silver-Winged Myrmidons could choose not to inform him when they managed to locate it since he was not with them. There was a high chance that he could never lay his eyes on it once it was hidden by his allies. Without saying a word, Gordon immediately turned around and return to where he came from earlier.

The moment he turned around, Chen Xiaobei managed to increase the gap between him by hundreds of meters. Seemingly, he had given up to pursue Chen Xiaobei.

"He He is just going to leave us alone? Not going to kill us anymore?"

Initially, they thought that they would surely be killed by Gordon. To their surprise, Chen Xiaobei managed to use a single statement to drive Gordon away from them. Being able to run away from the grand leader of Blood Descendants was like a dream to them.

"Don't worry! An evil person like him prioritizes his own gain more than anything else in this world! Not even the death of his wife or son would affect him!"

Narrowing his eyes, a glint of wisdom could be seen reflected from Chen Xiaobei's eyes.

"We can expect him to come and looking for us a few days later!"

"That's right! The shape of this area is extremely complicated! There are long grass and tall trees everywhere! They will need at least a few days to locate the Dark Neutron! By that time, we have already traveled to Dragon City! And he will not dare to mess with us anymore!" said Li Xiang with his head nodded.

"You are right. But giving up the Dark Neutron just like this is going to pose a huge threat to us! Gordon has stayed with Gustav Family for quite some time! And he is the person closest to Damien as well! He might know the way to inherit the power of Dark Neutron! If Gordon manages to get a hold on the dark power, his strength will receive a huge boost! By that time, he will turn into a monster that we can never imagine!"

"When he becomes stronger, I don't think even all the elites in Dragon City will be able to stop him! Let's take a step back and think about it! Even if the government can stop him from killing us, they will not assign a group of armies or using massive destruction weapon just to help us! In other words, the moment Gordon comes looking for us again, we will definitely be killed by him!" said Li Gang.

Upon hearing that, Chen Xiaobei and Li Xiang were taken aback.

"You are right. Giving up the Dark Neutron will definitely leave us with a lot of future troubles! But, throwing away the Dark Neutron is the only way to help to get away safely! If it wasn't for Mr. Chen's decisive move, we would have been killed by Gordon just now!" said Li Xiang, frowning.

"You are right! Mr. Chen is the one that saves us!" said Li Gang, nodding.

"Hmm Li Gang's worry is legit. I have to say that he is looking at the bigger picture! However, you guys don't have to worry about it at all! All the worries that you analyzed just now do not exist at all!"

"How How is that even possible?"

Li Xiang and Li Gang were taken aback.

"Look at this Tell me what this item is."

Chen Xiaobei opened his palm with a smile. A finger-sized Dark Neutron could be seen lying in his palm.


Rendering in shock, Li Xiang and Li Gang were baffled by it.

"Mr. Chen The The Dark Neutron that you just tossed was a fake one?"

With only a smile on his face, Chen Xiaobei gave no reply.


At the ruins.

Gordon was leading all thirty-six Silver-Winged Myrmidons looking for the Dark Neutron thoroughly. They have checked every single inch on the ground and in the woods. They would have never thought that the Dark Neutron that Chen Xiaobei tossed on the ground just now had actually transformed by a golden monkey fur. In other words, they would never be able to look for the Dark Neutron even if they were given tens of thousands of years! In this battle, not only Chen Xiabei had treated him like a dog, but he also fooled him as he would a monkey.


Upon returning to Bei Xuan Faction, Chen Xiaobei went into the study room and had a long discussion with Li Xiang and Li Gang. In the end, they came to a decision on an important matter.ED: Oh snap! Good one bro Bei!
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