Red Envelope Group Of The Three Realms Chapter 89

"My palm?"

Mad Lion was stunned. It was a slow reaction. It was probably because the dead skin on his palm was too damn thick.

"Itchy! So damn itchy! You What have you done to me?!"

His left palm was so itchy that he dropped his short sword on the ground. Then, he began to scratch his left palm in a frenzy.

"Hehe That was my little trick. Did you enjoy it?"

Chen started to laugh.

Chen had applied some Super Itchy Powder on the bamboo rod. This would be a trick after tricks. Chen wanted Mad Lion to use his hand to block the bamboo rod.

Mad Lion had to scratch his left palm with his right hand due to extreme itchiness. His combat power would mean nothing anymore since his hands were all occupied. He was a scratching duck!

"Idiot! Look over here!"

Chen was not going to be polite anymore. He picked up the bamboo rod and started to beat him senseless.

"Ouch! Ouch It hurts!"

Mad Lion was groaning in pain. His physical body was quite sturdy, but Chen had one thousand combat power. There were four hundred pounds of strength in each strike. Every hit brought about excruciating pain. After a while, Mad Lion was badly hurt. All he wanted to do was run! Mad Lion ran towards the mansion while enduring the pain and the itch.

"Hmph! I thought that you wanted to kill me?! It's too late for you to escape now!"

Chen used the strength from his single arm to jab at Mad Lion with all his might.

"Enhanced Version of Destroying the Dragon Nest!"


A muffled sound lingered in the air. Mad Lion's asshole had been penetrated by the bamboo rod. It was buried deep inside his "glory hole". There were a lot of Super Itchy Powder stuck on the surface of the bamboo rod.

"Awww Ouch"

Mad Lion was groaning in agony. Basically, his anus had been completely destroyed. The combination of excruciating pain and extreme itch were like hell to him. Whenever he used his hand to scratch his buttock, a familiar song replayed inside Chen's mind; broken asshole and injuries all over the buttocks. The pain was so "good" that Mad Lion was feeling as "high" as a kite.

"Sword, go!"

Chen did not have the time to look at Mad Lion suffering from the pain. He shouted, and the Chaos Sword Essence flew right at Mad Lion's heart. It stopped at his heart to absorb all the essence from him.


[You have killed a bad guy. Triple Realms Merit Points + 1000]


[Your current Triple Realms Merit Point is 2287. You need another 7713 merit points to go to next level.]


[Super Philanthropist. Charm + 200, Luck + 200]

The Netherspirit Battlescouter was sending messages to Chen continuously. However, Chen couldn't care less, all he wanted to do was to feel and look at the changes of the Chaos Sword Essence. Wen Tiandou could have washed off the Super Itchy Powder by now and would be charging at Chen without any warning. Chen was able to take out Mad Lion with his tricks because they were not that different in power. However, Chen would not stand a chance when it came to fighting Wen Tiandou.

Chen retrieved his Chaos Sword Essence after it finished absorbing the essence of Mad Lion. He then quickly left the Wen mansion with Jing Fei. Both of them went back together to Chen's bungalow. Fortunately, everything had been smooth sailing.

"Took out one strong foe. Messed with Wen Tiandou and managed to save an evil spirit. This journey is quite rewarding, after all."

Chen sat on the sofa comfortably. He could not keep the smile off his face. After resting for a little while, he consumed a bottle of Potion of Hundred Herbs and started his training. The night Lan was taken away, he had decided to give up on sleep altogether in order to train himself. As long as he has enough Potion of Hundred Herbs to keep him energized, he would be able to keep going.

He was determined to become stronger! He thirsted for more combat power! He would never stop training!

On the second day, Jing Fei bought breakfast for Chen. While having his breakfast, Chen was looking at the group chat. At the same time, he left a message to Sanzang. He asked for a way to neutralize an evil spirit's hatred.

"Why is this Sanzang not replying to my messages? Is he still sleeping?"

Chen now had a Godlike reading speed. Within few seconds, Chen had already finished reading the group chat. There was some food left on his plate. So, he decided to check on the school forum. As expected, news about him still flooded the school forum. On top of that, his fan club had reached ten thousand people. After a quick read, Chen found nothing of quality.

He then had a quick idea. He realized that he had not checked on his Weibo account for a long time.

"I should give it a quick check and see if any fans are following me."

Chen only started to use Weibo when he entered university. Initially, he only had thirty plus followers. Those were Chen's close friends who constantly updated each other. He was so shocked when he logged into his Weibo account.

"Ten, thousand, ten thousand! Oh my God! 20333 fans following me! This is insane!"

Chen looked at the monitor with his jaw wide opened. It was a tough thing to have even two or three Weibo fans follow you earlier. But, now, twenty freaking thousand fans followed him within two freaking days! The number was still rising.

"This is weird All my fans should have come from this university. There are only ten thousand plus people in my fans club. How is it possible for me to have twenty thousand fans on Weibo?"

Chen was really puzzled. Then, he accidentally saw all the hot topics at the right side of the screen.

The first hot topic was about some random actress cheating on her husband with her manager. This scandal was a hot topic among the people. This bitch and her boy toy had done something really scandalous. Everyone in this country had criticized them. Even people like Chen who would not give a damn about the entertainment industry had shared this news on his Weibo to support the actor.

The second hot topic was about the Olympics. The Olympics was in season right now. All those athletes had received widespread attention from everyone in the country. The rest of the hot topics after that were also related to sports.

One of the topics was; Green Vine City's Running Prodigy, Chen Xiaobei!

"Oh my God! I can't believe one of the listed hot topics is about me!"

Chen was really overwhelmed by the fact that he was now an internet sensation. He clicked on the hot topic immediately. The content was pretty similar to other Weibo posts. However, the post became extremely popular with the aid of Weibo's social media platform. Ten thousand out of his twenty thousand Weibo fans were from his fan club. The rest of them were non-locals. At first, Chen had thought that all these people had followed him only because they were passionate about sports.

After reading some of the comments, Chen started to get really confused.

"This Weibo is so special. I have no idea why wouldn't I want to follow this Weibo."

"Interesting Weibo! Follow!"

"Charming Weibo! Follow!"


Chen was really confused to see what's so interesting and charming about a long-abandoned Weibo.

"Charm? Must be my charm!"

Chen had an epiphany all of a sudden. He had killed Killer Bee and Mad Lion. The merit points that he had earned increased his charm greatly. Charm allows a person to gain others trust and affection easier.

There were some not-so-good-looking actors and actresses inside the entertainment industry. All of them possessed a certain charm level that had managed to build up their fans base.

"Haha It looks like I have the potential to become a famous person on the web!"

Chen laughed. He picked up his cellphone and took a picture of him having his breakfast. Then, he uploaded the picture on the Weibo.

Instant like! Then all the comments and sharing came after that!

"No shiit! I'm an internet sensation now!"

Chen opened his eyes wide. He could not believe it.

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