Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School Book 2 Chapter 486

Volume 2 Chapter 486 Enter The Hole Alone

"What? You've met a zombie before?" They were all shocked.

"Really?" someone asked.

"Yes, and I've succeeded once, so we can try it the second time!" Gu Ning said.

"You're right, but we don't have gasoline right now," the leader of those soldiers said.

"I have," Gu Ning said, then took out a flamethrower and a gasoline can from her backpack (telepathic eye space), which surprised everyone around her.

Gu Ning walked to the zombie with the flamethrower and gasoline can in her hands. The soldiers were worried and one of them said, "Let me do it!"

"Thanks but don't worry. I can handle it." Gu Ning decided to do it in person because they could make mistakes. Hearing that, those soldiers didn't insist.

Gu Ning opened the gasoline can afterwards, and poured it on the zombie. Then she instantly used the flamethrower to burn it, and the zombie was engulfed in flames at once. The ropes tied around it were burned and the zombie screamed in great pain, which frightened everyone. In the following minutes, the zombie kept jumping around, and people immediately stepped away from it. Soon, the smell of a burning corpse was in the air, which was quite disgusting.

Jiang Bowen and the other people who stood far away also heard the scream and they couldn't help trembling in fear.

The zombie couldn't be destroyed in a short time, so Gu Ning didn't put her flame thrower down, but kept aiming at it. No matter where it fell, Gu Ning could always set it on fire.

At this time, everyone looked at Gu Ning with admiration. This young girl really was awesome! Even those soldiers couldn't accurately aim at the zombie because it moved too fast. The girl must be a master!

"Mayor Jiang, who is this girl?" Tong Chengdian, the head of the Public Security Bureau, asked with curiosity.

"I've only met her twice so I don't know much about her," Jiang Bowen said. Although he knew little about Gu Ning, he had heard a lot about her.

Just met her twice, but he still trusts her? Tong Chengdian and An Wanli who was a lieutenant colonel in the military region were both surprised and confused.

"Look at her! She's even better than the best soldiers in the military! I think that she's a potential ace soldier!" An Wanli liked Gu Ning very much, and had the idea to persuade her to join the army.

Jiang Bowen, however, didn't think that Gu Ning, who was already a successful businesswoman with dozens of billions of yuan in wealth would choose to join the army.

After being burned for 20 minutes, the zombie stopped struggling and fell on the ground, but it was still twitching.

Gu Ning gave the flamethrower to a soldier and said, "Guard it. I'll walk inside to check whether there are other zombies."

Gu Ning was calm, but everyone else was shocked.

"What? You are going inside? It's too dangerous!"

"Indeed, I think that you better stay outside." They all tried to stop her.

"Don't worry. I'll be fine. Let me tell you something. My master is an expert on zombies, and I've learned a lot!" Gu Ning lied in order to persuade them to let her walk in the cave. "And, if they aren't destroyed totally, people might get hurt again."


They knew that Gu Ning was right. None of them believed in zombies until today, and they all agreed that it was necessary to destroy all of them. If they weren't completely destroyed, people really would be injured again.

Although it seemed easy when Gu Ning killed the zombie with gasoline, they knew that it was much easier said than done.

"I'll go inside with you!" the leader said.

"Good idea!" others echoed.

They weren't willing to see a young girl walking inside the big hole alone.

"No, thanks." If they walked in with her, she couldn't take the antiques as her own if there were any.

After that, Gu Ning said seriously to them, "This zombie isn't completely destroyed yet, so you have to guard it in case it comes alive again. Don't allow anyone else to walk in the hole. If any of you are injured by another zombie, I won't help."

Afterwards, Gu Ning quickly walked into the hole, and left the soldiers outside.

Seeing that, Jiang Bowen was shocked and ran over, followed by Tong Chengdian and An Wanli.

"How could she walk in there alone!" Tong Chengdian was a little mad, because he was worried about her safety. Given what Gu Ning had just done, they all admired her and didn't want her to be injured.

"Since she dares to walk into the hole, she has to be confident!" An Wanli said.

"Even so, it's really dangerous!" Jiang Bowen was concerned too.

"How could you allow her to walk inside alone? The zombie precisely came out from there and it's very dangerous inside!" Jiang Bowen snapped at those soldiers standing outside of the hole.

"Mayor Jiang, she said that if she doesn't go inside and have a look, innocent people might be hurt by zombies again!" the leader reported.

"Why didn't you go inside with her?" Tong Chengdian asked.

"She told us to guard this zombie, because it hasn't been completely destroyed yet," the leader said.

"Well" Jiang Bowen didn't know what else to say, but could only wait outside.

There was no one else, except Gu Ning, that could handle the zombies, so Gu Ning was their only hope. Jiang Bowen also believed that Gu Ning wasn't an impulsive person, and she had to be confident and able to handle it alone.

When Gu Ning walked into the hole, she took out the night-luminescent pearl to light it, because there were many paths in this mine. After a while, Gu Ning noticed Yin at a certain place, and walked over.

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