Reincarnation Of The Heaven Chapter 229

After appointing several Full-Immortal-Realm disciples to the second layer of the Fangu Forest, Lv Shiyue took Gong Wanqing and Xiao Naihe to Danzhan Peak immediately.

The Danzhan Peak was on the west of the Mountain Rosy Clouds, opposite to the Danzheng Peak. And this was the first time for Xiao Naihe to step on the ground of the Danzhan Peak.

Having joined the Mountain Rosy Clouds for several days, Xiao Naihe didn't go to other places except for the Baicao Hall, the Fanggu Forest and the Danyue Peak. Now, he heard some resonant shouts from the top of the Danzhan Peak.

"The Danzhan Peak is different from our Danyue Peak. They have thousands of disciples, and their purpose is fights. So, they will spend eight hours to practice kung fu every day. This is their training voice." explained Lv Shiyue.

She was cold to the others, but extremely concerned about her disciples.

Sure enough, just as the three of them set foot on the outer side of the martial arts field, hundreds of disciples on the big field were constantly waved their fists.

Although low-cultivated, hundreds of those disciples would unit to be a powerful army.

In the periphery of the martial arts field, a gate slightly opened, and a disciple of the Danzhan Peak came out. When seeing Lv Shiyue, he immediately greeted, "Peak Leader Lv, my master has been waiting for you for a long time, please come with me."

This reception disciple was in the Full Immortal Realm, not to be a n.o.body.

"It seems that Hu Jiqian has already told his peak leader about the Dragon and Phoenix Delivery Plate after returning to the Danzhan Peak!" mused Xiao Naihe.

There were not many people in the main lobby of the Danzhan Peak.

Xue Lie was sitting on the main seat, behind whom were Fan Jingyin, Xu Qian and the trembling Hu Jiqian who must have been scolded by Xue Lie.

"Master, the peak leader Lv arrives."

This sentence scared Hu Jiqian a lot, and his face became paler.

Xue Lie casted a cold look at Hu Jiqian with a snort, forcing the latter to lower his head under sense of guilty.

Lv Shiyue and Gong Wanqing saw the pale-face Hu Jiqian immediately when they entered the lobby.

However, Xiao Naihe's gaze was threw at the two young disciples behind Xue Lie.

He and Xu Qian had started a feud long ago because of Hao Li, and he had known Fan Jingyin very well due to the explosion issue in the Baicao Hall.

Xue Lie stood up, and looked at Lv Shiyue fervidly, "Younger Sister Lv, I know that you will come over. Forgive me having no time to receive you personally!"

"Don't make nonsense, Senior Brother Xue! I believe you know what I came here for!" Lv Shiyue's gaze locked Hu Jiqian.

Xue Lie revealed a smile, "Younger Sister, this is your first time to come to my Danyue Peak during these twenty years. Let's put those unhappy memories behind, and have a good time here, okay?!"

Lv Shiyue's voice was still cold, "Senior Brother, I only say it once. Your disciple should be responsible for the being destroyed of my Dragon and Phoenix Delivery Plate!"

Xue Lie replied coolly, "Yes, I know. But he is just a disciple unable to afford such a fifth-level treasure. And he just wanted to avoid death! As a senior, you should have the tolerance to spare him, right?"

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