Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 137

Chapter 137 - Monster

It seems they will bury us here. Our only choice is to carve
 out a trail of bloodFire Dance said.

After hearing the Swordsman team leader from Martial Union speak, Fire Dances expression turned grim, gritting her teeth slightly.

Originally, she intended to come here to kill the members of Martial Union. She did not think that she would fall into Martial Unions trap instead. After killing their way out of the encirclement with much difficulty, these players once more surrounded them. Their chances of escaping were already scant, and if another twenty or so enemies arrived, even that tiny hope of escape would vanish.

If she and her teammates died now, with the previous Crime Value they had accumulated, at the very least, her teammates would each lose two levels, while she would lose at least three levels and all of her equipment. Such a loss would devastate them, and their team would very likely disband, never to rise again.

Hahaha! Its too late to fear now! Originally, we prepared this ambush for that Ye Feng, but I never thought you guys would send yourselves to death. From now on, the fine equipment that you guys use will belong to us! Brothers, go! Leave that little girl for me to deal with, the Swordsman team leader licked his lips as he spoke, his eyes revealing an undisguised greed as he gazed at Fire Dances sexy body.

Naturally, Shi Feng, who was hiding in the forest, heard the entire conversation.

Although he knew Martial Union definitely had some hidden plot, it turned out that they planned to set a trap for him all along.

Previously, he had stayed inside the Forging Room, creating equipment. Moreover, he had also altered his outward appearance, making it impossible for Martial Union to find him. Hence, they chose to take action against Blackie and the others, using them to lure him out. At the same time, they would set up a trap and surround him.

Unfortunately, although they had prepared for a variety of situations, they missed out on two important points.

First, Shi Feng possessed the Demon Mask that allowed him to disguise his characters appearance and information easily.

Second, they gravely underestimated Shi Fengs current strength.

Brothers, follow me and lets kill our way out!

At this moment, Fire Dance chose to take the initiative and launched an attack. In the blink of an eye, she rushed towards the spot 
where the encirclement had the least amount of players. Before the Berserker standing there could react, Fire Dances dagger had already pierced the back of his head, forcing him into a Fainted state. Fire Dance immediately followed up with a Backstab, Assassinate, and Eviscerate, instantly removing half of the Berserkers HP.

The other members of Fire Dances team also rushed forward with her, breaking through the encirclement.

However, just as the several Level 7 players fell to critical health, a dazzling white light surrounded their bodies, recovering over half of their total HP. Moreover, those players were not just weaklings. They stubbornly held back the members of Fire Dances team, not backing down in the slightest.

Mages, go all out! Clerics, cast your 
Shields! Rangers, mark the Assassins! Do not let them get away! I dont want to become a laughing-stock for the players in Blue Water Town, the Swordsman from Martial Union commanded as he similarly charged at Fire Dance.

Including herself, Fire Dances team only had six players remaining. Each of them faced off against two or three enemies. Their enemies also had healers constantly replenishing their health. They had no chance for victory at all.

Moreover, with the constant bombardment from the backline mages of Martial Union, Fire Dance lost another two of her teammates in the blink of an eye.

Is this really it for us? Fire Dance watched her comrades fall in front of her eyes, her heart bleeding at the sight.

However, Fire Dance had no time for anger as she faced off against three enemies at once. One of the three was also the team leader from Martial Union. However, in addition to being outnumbered, she also had to deal with the constant attacks from the mages. As a result, her HP reduced continuously, while a majority of her skills were on Cooldown. She could only dodge the incoming attacks to reduce as much damage as possible.

Hahaha! Little girl, if you wish to blame someone, then blame that Ye Feng of yours for standing out! All who go against Martial Union will earn a fatal ending! However, you can be relieved. That Ye Feng fella will sooner or later accompany
 you as well!

Just when the Swordsman thought that victory was in his grasp, a black figure silently appeared behind Martial Unions healers. Nobody had even discovered the appearance of this person.

Without anybody noticing, two sword lights pierced through one of the Level 7 Clerics, causing damages of -397 and -542, instantly killing him. Only when the Cleric died did the second Cleric and Druid notice
 an enemy right beside them. Moreover, this new enemy instantly killed one of their comrades.


The other Cleric attempted to yell out in fright, yet, he suddenly discovered that he was unable to yell out. He did not know when it started, but at this moment, both his abdomen and neck spurted out fresh blood. Moreover, when he turned to look at the Druid beside him, he noticed that the Druid was in a similar situation.

However, neither of them noticed that, in actuality, they had been attacked at the same time as the first Cleric. Only, their reactions were slightly delayed, failing to notice their own HPs had already to zero.

Staring at each other, they both fell forward, their visions turning a dull grey.

Thats three down. Shi Fengs eyes flashed with a cold glint. He then shifted his cold gaze to the mages nearby.

Based on Shi Fengs current Attack Power, even if he did not depend on the Ice-Blue Devil Flames damage increase and did not use any of his skills, he 
could still kill any Cloth Armor classes of the same level with only two strikes from his swords.

Two swords, six images. With Shi Fengs current Attributes, it was an easy feat, and there were burdens when doing so. Moreover, the faster Shi Fengs sword slashes were, the greater the damage the Silver Lake could cause. If Shi Fengs speed reached its pinnacle, it might even be possible for him to instant-kill a Cloth Armor class with just a single sword strike. In an open battlefield like this, Shi Feng was just like a harvester, reaping players lives.

With Shi Fengs current Attack Speed, if other players did not activate their Extraordinary State
[1], they could not block Shi Fengs attacks at all. Without a doubt, they would instantly die. Meanwhile, the current players able to activate the Extraordinary State were usually melee classes, such as the Swordsman team leader. Only with it could they possibly have a chance to react and retaliate against Shi Feng. However, even then, it was only a possibility.

Shi Feng then activated Wind Blade, rushing towards the nearest Elementalist of Martial Union.

Are you healers dead or what? Dont you even know how to heal? a low HP Assassin of Martial Union cursed.

However, the Assassins curses 
received no replies. Seizing the opportunity, Fire Dance, with her accumulated 3-Star Energy, used Eviscerate to finish off this Assassin.

The backline mages 
witnessing this scene all turned to look at the healers behind them, intending to find out what had happened.

However, the moment 
one turned, he immediately discovered a dark shadow sliding across his neck, with another blue shadow piercing through his chest. His HP bar displayed before him rapidly decreased. Soon after, his vision darkened, and his life extinguished.

After killing the Elementalist, Shi Feng turned towards the other mage classes.

Leader, theres a monster ambushing us, a Summoner at a distance shouted in fright after witnessing this scene. However, before he could even get a clear look at this ambusher, the Level 7 Elementalist was already dead. Such a scene caused this Summoner to have shivers all 
down his body.

Cant you see that Im busy here? If its just 
a monster ambush, dont you know how to deal with it yourselves? the Swordsman retorted angrily. At this moment, he still exchanged moves with Fire Dance, and he could not afford a distractionIts just a monster; wheres the need to report even that?! Are you an idiot or what?

Hearing no repl
y from the Summoner, the Swordsman thought his subordinate turned to deal with the monster. Hence, he focused more on his battle against Fire Dance.

In reality, however, the Summoner 
already lay beneath Shi Fengs feet. The three mages nearby who attempted to escape were dead as well. Meanwhile, Shi Fengs name turned a crimson red, as if it would bleed at any time.

Currently, only three players remain
ed on Fire Dances team, and all three of their HPs were almost gone. Meanwhile, Martial Union still had nine melee players whose HPs were above 50%.

Leader, somethings not right! Im already at half health, but the healers havent 
healed me yet, a Berserker shouted.

Crap, what are you healers doing?! Do you not want to play anymore? the Swordsman bellowed after 
discovering the problem as well.

However, just after he finished 
his bellow, he suddenly felt a chill down his back. He hurriedly rolled to a side, dodging.

Immediately after, three sword images pierced through the space he 
stood before.

The two other players in front of him were not as lucky. Both of Shi Fengs swords pierced through their backs. Without even knowing the cause of their deaths, both of their bodies fell lifelessly to the ground, their eyes wide open.

As the leader
, the Swordsman was the strongest among the entire team. However, when he saw this scene play out before him, he suddenly felt cold throughout his body. Being able to kill both of his comrades instantly and without using any skills to boot, just how heaven-defying was this persons Attack Power?!

Who are you? Why are you acting against us? The team leader gathered up his courage, angrily shouting, Do you know who we are? We are members of Martial Union! If you dont wish to die, leave this place immediately! I can still let you off the hook!

he suddenly heard the reply whispered from behind him.

The ones Im here to kill are precisely you from Martial Union.

The Swordsman team leader turned his head, his complexion turning pale instantly. Previously, the mysterious player standing in front of him had, in the blink of an eye, arrived at his back, giving him a cold smile.

Before the Swordsman team leader could even scream, Shi Feng sent a Chop at him. The pitch-black Abyssal blade pierced through his chest, causing over -700 damage, instantly 
dropping his HP to zero.

Pairing up Silent Steps and Chop, Shi Feng had killed off the Level 8 Swordsman team leader.

Meanwhile, Fire Dance, 
witnessing this scene from a distance, was utterly dumbfounded. This mysterious player had instantly killed the Swordsman team leader, whom she had difficulty dealing with. 

Is this mysterious player truly a player?

He cant be a ghost of Gods Domain, right?!

After the team leader of Martial Union died, the other members were all fear-stricken.

After witnessing Shi Fengs extraordinary speed and frightening damage, they all felt unprecedented fear.

Is this even a player?

He cant be a monster, right?

This way of thinking reverberated 
in the minds of these players, causing them to tremble with fear.

Although Fire Dance had good technique, at this moment, she did not dare to make any careless movements. She could only watch in silence, and unknowingly, a streak of sweat rolled down from her forehead. When faced with this mysterious player before her, Fire Dances instincts were telling her that, if this mysterious player wanted to deal with her, death would be the only outcome for her.

TL Notes:

[1]Extraordinary State (previously Extraordinary Condition): Mentioned in Chapter 29

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