Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 143

Chapter 143 - Shadows Blessing

While Fire Dance and Water Buffalo were both inwardly shocked, a deep voice came from behind them.

Why havent you guys left yet?

The voice startled them both. 
They hurriedly jumped, spinning around to dodge while unsheathing their weapons; they stared at the figure that had appeared behind them. 

Big Brother Ye Feng.

Fire Dance let out a sigh of relief after identifying the newcomer. She pulled back her dagger and returned it to its sheath at
 her waist.

The men from Martial Union were all over Gale Valley. If a battle were to occur, they would immediately call to their companions, and there would be no end to the enemies that Fire Dance needed to kill.

We came to help. 
Martial Union has killed so many of our companions; we must take revenge, Fire Dances eyes turned cold as she spoke about Martial Union.

I wish to form a large team to enter 
large-scale Dungeons in the future. I wonder if you all would be interested in joining?

Shi Feng felt that Fire Dance had great talent. Moreover, Fire Dance and the others were all independent players that did not belong to any Guilds. If he could rope them in and form his own team, it would be a great benefit to his Zero Wing Workshop.

This Fire Dance was slightly hesitant after hearing Shi Fengs proposal.

Water Buffalo also turned taciturn.

Do you guys already have your own 
large team? Shi Feng inwardly lamented.

After entering White River City, there would be many large-scaled Dungeons. They were the main source of equipment, materials, and many other resources. If an independent player wished to obtain good equipment, they needed to raid these large-scale Dungeons. Moreover, if a Guild wished to level up, conquering large-scale Dungeons was a must. Hence, if one wanted to develop at all in Gods Domain, conquering large-scale Dungeons was one of the necessary conditions.

However, it was extremely difficult 
for independent players to form a large team capable of raiding a large-scale Dungeon. The most common large-scaled Dungeons were all 50-man Dungeons, while there were even some 100-man Dungeons available. Gathering so many players was a near-impossible task. Not to mention whether the entire team possessed sufficient strength, just the degree of trust and the distribution of equipment would be a huge hurdle. In this, however, the elite teams of Guilds and large-scale Workshops had it much easier.

No, we dont have our own large team. Our team currently only consists of players who prioritizes amusement and dont really care much about other matters. Could you give me some time? Fire Dance explained.

In reality, she, too, wished to develop in Gods Domain properly. In spite of that, the majority of the players in her current team were not too keen on raiding Dungeons. They only wished to play casually. If they joined a large team, they would definitely experience certain constraints and would not be willing to join.

Alright. In any case, 
there is still time. Lets add each other as friends then. When youve made your decision, you can contact me at any time. Shi Feng knew that such matters could not be decided upon immediately. If one wished to obtain something, they would have to lose something in return. Shi Feng did not wish for just any random person to join him.

Thats good. Ill contact you after discussing it with them, Fire Dance nodded. She also felt that it was about time to make a decision.

Soon after Shi Feng added Fire Dance as his friend, he ran towards the deeper regions of the Gale Valley in search of Blackie and Lonely Snow.

On his way there, in order to avoid Martial Unions patrols, Shi Feng hid in the treetops and waited for the players of Martial Union to 
move past.

Since he had nothing better to do, Shi Feng took out the loot from the Shadow Leopard King. He wanted to see just 
what valuables the monster dropped.

Isnt my luck just too good? The profits from a Chieftain monster are impressive. Shi Feng was slightly shocked after looking at the drops.

Among the nine items, there were two Secret-Silver Weapons, three
 pieces of Mysterious-Iron Equipment, two rare materials needed to make Secret-Silver Equipment, one Bronze-ranked cooking knife, and one Secret-Silver Accessory.

The two Secret-Silver Weapons were a Level 8 staff and a Level 8 two-handed ax
e. The Mysterious-Iron Equipment was also Level 8. Moreover, the usefulness of the Bronze-ranked cooking knife was also not small. It could increase the speed and success rate of ones cooking.

However, the most valuable item among all these items was the Secret-Silver Accessory, the Shadows Blessing. It was one of the most precious items that the Shadow Leopard King could drop.

[Shadows Blessing] (Secret-Silver Rank, Necklace)

Level 8

All Attributes +5

Luck +3

In Gods Domain, Accessories were extremely rare. Even when players reached Level 20 or above, they would
, at most, possess one or two Bronze Accessories. Moreover, these accessories would all be below Level 10.

Meanwhile, the accessory in Shi Fengs hands was Secret-Silver rank, and it was much more precious than a Fine-Gold Weapon of the same Level.

The Luck Attribute was extremely rare in Gods Domain, and it was capable of increasing the drop-rate of items when killing monsters. There was once a player who calculated that, with 1 point in Luck, the drop-rate would nearly double. However, the higher a persons Luck was, the less effective every additional point would be. At 3 points in Luck, a players drop-rate would only triple.

Besides that, the Luck Attribute also held a great effect for Lifestyle classes, so it
s value would never depreciate.

If Shi Feng 
estimated correctly, the Shadows Blessing would only be worth 2 to 3 Gold Coins to the average player. However, to Shi Feng, this items value was around 10 Gold Coins.

Immediately, Shi Feng equipped the Shadows Blessing. That way, 
when he killed high-level monsters in the future, the amount and quality of the equipment he would obtain would increase.

After some time, the team from Martial Union 
finally left. Shi Feng then continued his journey into the depths of the Gale Valley.

Blackie, where are you guys right now? Shi Feng sent a voice call, asking.

We seem to be beside a swamp. I dont know where this place is, but the monsters here have very high levels. Ill send 
you the coordinates. Blackie sighed in relief after learning that nothing had happened to Shi Feng. He then sent his coordinates.

Dont go any deeper
, and stay where you are. Ill be there soon. Shi Feng immediately knew Blackies whereabouts after glancing at the coordinates.

He truly did not think that Blackie could actually 
survive in the Silent Swamp.

There were two entrances to the Gale Valley. One was where Shi Feng entered, and the other was 
at the Silent Swamp, which led to the high-level monster areas.

The Silent Swamp was a Level 15 to Level 20 monster area. To the players at the current stage of the game, it was a forbidden area.

Half an hour later, Shi Feng managed to locate Blackie and Lonely Snow.

The two of them sat beneath a tree, silently observing their surroundings. They 
had previously met a Level 15 Swamp Crocodile, frightening them into a run. The Swamp Crocodile had nearly turned them into its chow, but fortunately, they had Speed Scrolls and Isolation Scrolls, allowing them to escape. After this meeting, they no longer dared roam.

As expected of Brother Feng! You avoided Martial Unions search and arrived here safely! Blackie immediately felt that there was hope for them when he saw Shi Feng walking over, Lets leave this place immediately. This place is simply too dangerous.

Lonely Snow nodded 
in agreement. They were only Level 8, and the gap between them and the Level 15 Swamp Crocodiles was just too massive. It was extremely dangerous for them to stay here.

; lets stay here to level up. Shi Feng shook his head, saying, Ive previously killed quite a lot of Martial Unions members, so they should be frantically looking for me right about now. It would be too difficult to get you guys out of here without discovery.

Hearing Shi Feng, Blackie and Lonely Snow finally discovered the bright red marker displayed above Shi Fengs head. This mark was 
deeply crimson, and it was a wonder just how many players Shi Feng had killed in order to turn it into such a state.

However, it was only right when one thought about it.

Martial Unions men currently filled the Gale Valley, and it would be impossible for Shi Feng to arrive without being seen. Shi Feng would have encountered some players from Martial Union on his way. With Brother Fengs skills, he would have no problems facing three to four players at a time. He has definitely killed a lot of players on his way here.

Thinking up to this point, Blackie and Lonely Snow 
were extremely moved. Although Shi Feng spoke in a casual manner, they knew that his journey must have been filled with extreme dangers.

Alright, Ill party you two up. You guys should change into th
is equipment first, saying so, Shi Feng passed the staff and two-handed axe, dropped by the Shadow Leopard King, over to Blackie and Lonely Snow.

When the two of them received the weapons, they 
were shocked. Level 8 Secret-Silver Weapons were the most top-tier weapons currently available. Though they did not understand just how Shi Feng managed to obtain them, they did not attempt to look into it too deeply. They knew that some questions were not meant to be asked, and such a situation would be beneficial to both parties.

After partying up, Blackie was immediately s
tartled when he looked at Shi Fengs level. He asked, voice trembling, Brother Feng, you youre Level 10 already?

They reached Level 8 after continuously grinding monsters and leveling up in Gale Valley.  Even if their levels were not the highest amongst all the players throughout Gods Domain, they were still considered close to the top. However, after not meeting for only a few days, Shi Feng had left them behind by two levels. Such a leveling speed was simply frightening.

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