Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 149

Chapter 149 - Freezing Shadow

Im no fool. Why would I dig my own grave by provoking Gentle Snow? Absolute Heaven shook his head.

If you didnt provoke Gentle Snow, then who killed you? I doubt that there is another expert like her in the entire Red Leaf Town. South Wolf could not help but become curious.

Based on the information he obtained, the experts in Red Leaf Town only numbered so many. If it wasnt a top-tier expert like Gentle Snow, could there possibly be another top-tier expert appearing in Red Leaf Town without him knowing?

South Wolfs curiosity deeply pierced Absolute Heavens pride. He tightly gripped his fist to the point where blood almost came out.

He had spent such a long time planning and preparing so many measures. Originally, he had a 100% possibility to kill Shi Feng. However, the rate at which Shi Feng increased his strength had far surpassed Absolute Heavens estimations.

Looking at Absolute Heavens silence, South Wolf could not help but let loose a smile. He was now even more interested in the expert that managed to kill Absolute Heaven.

Absolute Heaven, you know what my job entails, right? Now that such an expert has appeared in Red Leaf Town, I need to know just who that person is, South Wolf looked at Absolute Heaven, asking in a low tone.

Absolute Heavens expression turned sullen. He did not wish to tell anybody of this embarrassing matter at all, not to mention telling it to the South Wolf before him.

Absolute Heaven had maintained a no-loss record for three whole years. Yet, today that record was ripped apart by the unknown Shi Feng. Moreover, today was even the big day where he got to join Underworld. With such an incident happening, it would definitely affect his standing in Underworld in the future.

Hah I can understand how you are feeling right now. Youve managed to join Underworld after much difficulty, yet, you were immediately met with such an incident. It would definitely have a huge impact on your mood. However, this is my job. If you do not cooperate, as an outer member, you might even be expelled from the organization. You should think clearly about your decision, South Wolf said strictly.

You Absolute Heaven was extremely aggravated. However, he could not retaliate against South Wolfs words at all. He could only forcefully suppress the burning rage in his heart, saying in a low tone, The persons a Swordsman called Ye Feng.

Swordsman Ye Feng? Isnt that the Ye Feng that cleared the Hell Mode of the Dark Moon Graveyard together with Gentle Snow? South Wolf entered into deep thought, Ive seen his battle recording before, and Ive also analyzed his strength. He is indeed an expert, but it is only up to a normal standard. He has no qualifications to join Underworld at all. Now that he has actually managed to kill you, however, it would seem that he has previously hidden quite a lot of his strength.

What hidden strength? Its just dumb luck. I dont know where he got it from, but that flame of his was extremely powerful. It was able to destroy my equipment during battle, and that flame greatly reduced even the durability of my Secret-Silver Weapons. If it wasnt for that flame, he would have no chance at killing me at all, Absolute Heaven said in disdain.

Flame? It could even destroy equipment, and not even Secret-Silver Weapons could block it? South Wolf became even more curious, I recall that Swordsmen do not possess such a skill. It should be some sort of special equipment skill. However, if not even a Secret-Silver Weapon could block it, the skill is definitely not anything simple. This special equipment quality must be extremely high. It must be a Dark-Gold ranked special equipment or item. However, even Dark-Gold items would not have such a strong effect. There is a substantial possibility that it is an Epic ranked item.

Epic rank! Absolute Heaven was greatly astonished, It cant be, right? Right now, I havent even heard the news of someone obtaining a Dark-Gold ranked item. Yet he, as an independent player, could obtain an Epic ranked item?

Whats there to be surprised about? Gods Domain is filled with mystery. Even if it is only at this stage of the game, there is no surprise at obtaining an Epic ranked item. Within Underworld, there has already been more than one person who obtained a Dark-Gold ranked item, but it is indeed my first time hearing about an Epic ranked item. However, this is still just a guess of mine. It requires deeper investigation. South Wolfs face was filled with joy. Thinking that he could obtain such information, even if it was only a possibility, he could still receive quite a reward from the higher-ups. If he could confirm this information, he might even be able to increase his standing within Underworld further.

Ive already passed on all the information about which the Underworld wishes to inform you. Ill now go and investigate about that flame. If it truly is an Epic ranked item, as long as Ye Feng hands over that flame, taking into account his techniques, he might be able to become an outer member of Underworld. Within this period, you should avoid seeking him out for trouble. After all, you guys might be colleagues in the future, South Wolf said with a laugh as he departed from the bar.

Damn it! Looking at South Wolfs unconcerned attitude as he departed, Absolute Heaven abruptly punched his fist onto the table. The beer bottles on the table all fell to the ground, breaking apart into fragments.

Silent Swamp, Stream Falls.

Shi Feng was currently leading Blackie and Lonely Snow to attack a jade-green, three-headed snake.

[Three-headed Snake Demon] (Rare Elite)

Level 16

HP 15,000/15,000

A Rare Elite was not much stronger when compared to a normal Elite monster of the same level. It was extremely rare for players to meet one, hence why it was called a Rare Elite. However, even these Rare Elites had specified respawn points. Only, they had many locations they could spawn from, so it was not easy to locate them at all

The loot of Rare Elites was much better than that of normal Elites. Hence why many players loved Rare Elites.

There were only a total of five Rare Elites in the Silent Swamp. Amongst them, the weakest one was the Three-headed Snake Demon. Also, when a Rare Elite died, they would only respawn two days later.

After carrying both Blackie and Lonely Snow to Level 10, Shi Feng himself reached Level 11 as well. He felt that they should roughly be able to kill the Three-headed Snake Demon, hence why they had spent a lot of time looking for it.

Brother Feng, this Rare Elites Movement Speed is simply too fast. I cant land a hit on it at all. Blackie continuously used Dark Arrow to attack the Three-headed Snake Demon. However, the Snake Demon was extremely swift in its movements. It was able to dodge all the Dark Arrows that flew at it easily.

No problems. You just need to use Curse to weaken the Three-headed Snake Demons speed and strength, Shi Feng said in the party chat.

Previously, they obtained many good items from grinding the Swamp Hippos. Amongst those items was the Weakening Curse skill book for Cursemancers. The skill was able to reduce all the Attributes of the target by 15%, damage dealt by 15%, and increase the Darkness damage the target received by 10%. It was one of the signature skills of Cursemancers.

In addition to the Evil Whip binding and restricting the Three-headed Snake Demon, and also Lonely Snows Charge and Break, Shi Feng could easily deal with this monster.

The Three-headed Snake Demons main form of attack was a long-range venom attack. This venom was extremely terrifying, and even a Level 15 MT would not be able to withstand the sustained damage caused by the venom. Moreover, Basic Antidotes were completely ineffective against it. On the bright side, the Three-headed Snake Demon had very low physical damage.

Moreover, the Three-headed Snake Demon had much less Defense when compared to the Steel-skinned Hippo. Just Shi Fengs normal attacks alone could deal over -150 damage to the Snake Demon. In addition to the Damage Amplification effect from Thundering Strike, each of Shi Fengs normal attacks could deal close to -200 damage. If he were to use a skill, then the damage dealt would exceed 300 to 400 points. With only 
15,000 HP, the Three-headed Snake King stood no chance at all against Shi Fengs frightening damage.

After ten minutes or so, the Three-headed Snake released a pained cry, its body smashing down into the stream. It also dropped five pieces of items.

Brother Feng, your luck recently is getting better and better. Its even better than mine now, looking at the large number of good items dropping from the monster Shi Feng killed; Blackie could not help but curiously 

According to his memories, Shi Fengs luck before was not very good. Even if Shi Feng killed Elite monsters,  at most he would get one piece of Bronze Equipment. Now, he would get at least three pieces of Bronze Equipment, and even rare materials or skill books. It was truly unfathomable.

Hahaha! Its a secret! Shi Feng smiled. He naturally would not reveal that it was due to the contribution of the Shadows Blessing. The effect of the 3 points in Luck was not something with which Blackie could catch up.

Shi Feng then picked up the loot, discovering a very familiar item, Eh? Isnt this the Freezing Shadow? This thing really brings back memories.

Brother Feng, what dropped? Blackie asked.

Lonely Snow was also very curious.

We got quite the good harvest. We got two Level 15 Bronze Equipment, one Level 15 Mysterious-Iron Equipment, one rare Dungeon Teleport Scroll, and one consumable item, the Freezing Shadow. We definitely hit the jackpot with this. Shi Feng displayed the Attributes on all the items for the two to see, Now that the Three-headed Snake is dead, it will take another two days before another respawns. Lets continue grinding Swamp Hippos, then.

Just as Shi Feng and the others were about to continue grinding Swamp Hippos

Shi Feng suddenly received a communication request.

Whos South Wolf? Shi Feng looked at the caller ID, discovering that it was a stranger. Moreover, there was no such person in his memories, Since it is someone I dont know, lets just reject it then.

Saying so, Shi Feng rejected the call.

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