Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 154

Chapter 154 - A Quest that is Impossible to Complete

Fragmented Legendary rank? Shi Feng was slightly surprised, but he still felt that it was reasonable.

In Shi Fengs previous life, the statistics showed that, after operating for over ten years, there were no more than 3,000 Legendary ranked items discovered in Gods Domain.

Right now, however, Gods Domain had only recently started operation. So, how would it be possible for a Legendary item to appear here so easily?

Just a fragment alone was already a miracle in and of itself.

Blackie and Lonely Snow were dumbfounded after seeing that the item was only Fragmented Legendary rank.

They got all excited over something that was completely different from what they imagined. As a result, their fiery, passionate hearts instantly cooled.

Isnt this just a scam? Didnt you say that it was a Legendary item? Why is it only a fragment? Blackie complained to Faust.

It was no wonder the strange old man was so generous as to take out a Legendary ranked item. In reality, it was only a fragment. It was not even close to a Legendary item at all.

You little brats, arent you being too greedy here? Do you think that Legendary ranked items are like cabbages? Do you think you can just find one in any random place? Faust, flabbergasted, scolded, Moreover, do you think that you brats can successfully obtain it? Youre better off looking for something else. Im not trying to belittle you all, but with your current abilities, it is an absolutely impossible goal. Dont waste your energy on such thoughts.

I will cast a spell to strengthen you all, give you the ability to float in mid-air, and deal increased damage to the Golden Fish. As long as you severely injure the Golden Fish, for a short time, the Golden Fish will enter a crippled state and wont be able to move. At that time, use these magical nets to catch them.

Following which, Faust took out three golden-colored, magical nets, handing them over to Shi Fengs group. He then chanted some incantations, providing Shi Fengs group with over a dozen buffs, greatly increasing the threes Attributes. Their Attributes multiplied by almost three to four folds, and at the same time, they could ignore up to 15 Levels.

Who says we wont obtain? With such powerful Attributes, the Heavenly Dragons Breath will definitely be ours! looking at his increased Attributes, Blackies confidence instantly grew by over a hundred-fold.

Lonely Snow nodded in agreement as well. He could not help but wish he could begin his assault on the Golden Fish immediately.

Regarding Shi Fengs strength, the two of them held an almost blind faith in it. Shi Feng had simply shown them too many miracles. His battle techniques were even matchless.

Hahaha! Young folk being so confident is a good thing indeed. However, you should first look at the exchange quantities. Faust stroked his white beard as he laughed. He did not mind Blackies words at all.

The three of them immediately checked the exchange quantities.

Level 15 Bronze ranked item and Level 20 Bronze ranked item required 1 to 2 Golden Fish.

Level 15 Mysterious-Iron ranked item and Level 20 Mysterious-Iron ranked item required 3 to 5 Golden Fish.

Level 15 Secret-Silver ranked item and Level 20 Secret-Silver ranked item required 10 to 15 Golden Fish.

Level 15 Fine-Gold ranked item and Level 20 Fine-Gold ranked item required 30 to 50 Golden Fish.

Level 15 Dark-Gold ranked item and Level 20 Dark-Gold ranked item required 100 to 200 Golden Fish.

Fragmented Legendary ranked item required 1,000 Golden Fish.

There were a lot of Golden Fish in the entire silver river. At a single glance, one could tell that there were several thousand Golden Fish in the river. Blackie and Lonely Snow could not help but smile.

Here I thought you required some astronomical amount. Isnt it just a thousand Golden Fish? Well quickly gather them up for you, Blackie laughed.

Shi Feng also felt that it would not be difficult for them to obtain a thousand Golden Fish. Only, it would require a lot of time to do so. However, to obtain a Fragmented Legendary rank item, even spending several days would be worth it.

Just as Shi Feng and the other two were about to take action...

Before you all start, I need to give you a small reminder. The Star River Valley will not remain in the Silent Swamp for too long. At most, it will disappear from the Silent Swamp in four to five hours. I, too, will disappear with it. If you do not hand the Golden Fish to me before that happens, you wont receive any rewards, Faust revealed a slight smile as he spoke.

System: Rare Quest Delicious Golden Fish accepted. Within the allocated amount of time, catch as many Golden Fish as you can and hand them over to Faust. The more you catch, the better the rewards will be.

Although there was a time limit, Blackie and Lonely Snow still brimmed with confidence. Even if they could not obtain other equipment, it would be enough if they obtained the Heavenly Dragons Breath.

Four to five hours, is it? Shi Feng looked at Fausts smiling figure, inwardly feeling that the matter was not as simple as it appeared. Otherwise, why would Faust be so generous as to show off a Fragmented Legendary rank item for exchange?

However, time was of the essence. The three of them immediately started catching the Golden Fish.

At this moment, Shi Fengs communication notification rang up again; the calls requestor was Gentle Snow.

Miss Snow, I truly have to thank you for your support last time. Otherwise, those internet trolls would have painted me as a scammer, Shi Feng jokingly said. In his heart, Gentle Snow was definitely someone worth his friendship, and all her care and aid towards him had clearly proven this matter.

At least you still have a good heart, Gentle Snow laughed sweetly. More importantly, Im contacting you this time just to ask you about a single matter.

What happened? Shi Feng inwardly felt that Gentle Snow behaved somewhat strangely today.

Did you come into contact with people from Underworld? Gentle Snow suddenly asked.

Thats right; they contacted me, Shi Feng nodded his head, saying.

Hearing Shi Fengs acknowledgment, Gentle Snow could not help but ask in curiosity, Just what happened between you?

Nothing much. They just wanted something from me, and I refused to give it to them, Shi Feng calmly said.

How could this be?

Although I dont know what actually happened, dont try to trick me. If it is only a small matter like this, that person from Underworld would not specifically send me a message, telling me not to get involved. What exactly happened between you two?

If you tell me the truth right now, I might be able to offer some help. Underworlds strength is definitely not something an unrated Guild like Martial Union could compare to. Just its strength in White River City alone is probably more than ten times that of Martial Union. There are also plenty of top-tier experts amongst their ranks that walk the path of darkness. If they go all-out to deal with you, it might not even be safe for you to stay within the confines of the town.

Gentle Snows tone turned grave as she spoke. A hint of fear towards Underworlds power also colored her tone. She simply could not understand how an independent player like Shi Feng could anger Underworld to such a degree. It was truly unbelievable.

Its true. Why would I lie to you? They only wished to obtain something that I possess; I simply refused them and told them to bring it on, if they can. There really isnt anything else, Shi Feng said with a bitter smile.

You call that nothing else? I truly admire you right now. You are the first one to actually dare provoke Underworld in such a way, Gentle Snow nearly choked when she heard Shi Fengs words. Fortunately, your matter isnt too severe. Ill try to explain to the management of Underworld and see if this matter can be settled. Hopefully this event will become bygones.

Shi Feng did not particularly mind the matter of Underworld trying to deal with him. In any case, adding one more to his list of enemies wouldnt make much of a difference. However, seeing Gentle Snow earnestly trying to help him, he couldnt just not give her face and reject her kind intentions.

Thank you.

No need for that. Were friends after all, and it is only natural for friends to help each other. Just dont forget to sell me any high-level equipment that you dont need in the future.

Gentle Snow revealed a faint smile before hanging up.

Soon after, Shi Feng joined Blackie and Lonely Snows fishing party.

However, before Shi Feng had even reached the Golden Fish and attacked them, he quickly discovered a problem.

After his Attributes increased, Blackie was comparable to a powerful Level 20 Cursemancer equipped with a complete Secret-Silver Set Equipment and a Fine-Gold Weapon. However, even then, Blackies attacks dealt less than 400 damage to the Golden Fish. Moreover, the Movement Speed of the Golden Fish was extremely quick in the silver river. Even if Blackies techniques improved by quite a lot, out of ten Dark Arrows he sent out, only five managed to find their targets. As a result, Blackies damage output was greatly reduced. The Golden Fishs 100,000 HP was like a huge mountain.

Meanwhile, on Lonely Snows side, he felt even more helpless. The Golden Fish only dodged and did not attack. Not mentioning whether a melee class could land a hit, to begin with, just trying to chase after the Golden Fish was a big problem. In addition, the Golden Fishs physical defense was simply too high. Lonely Snows normal attacks only dealt around 200 damage, and his overall damage output could not even compare to Blackies.

To strike a Golden Fish down to critical health, the two of them, with their strengths combined, needed to spend over four minutes concentrating their attacks.

The total quest duration was only around four to five hours.

At this rate, they could only catch around 70 Golden Fish within five hours. They would not even hit one-tenth of the required 1,000 Golden Fish. 

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