Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 160

Chapter 160 - Shocking Attributes

Great! The gamble paid off! It really is a treasure left behind by that great existence! Shi Feng inwardly felt immense excitement. However, he did not reveal it on his face, maintaining a calm outward expression.

To Fausts shock and questioning, Shi Feng did not give out an answer. He only revealed a mysterious smile at Faust.

Esteemed Lord Faust, I wonder if I can purchase these items? Shi Feng asked once more.

Hah Maybe this too is fate, Faust sighed. He then said, Since youve already made your choice, you have to use this strength properly. The total is 1,510 Golden Fish for all three items.

Esteemed Lord Faust, here are 1,510 Golden Fish, Shi Feng handed over the Golden Fish, receiving three items in return.

He had made a huge profit from this trade.

Actually, Shi Feng did not think that his luck would be so heaven-defying after his reincarnation.

In Shi Fengs previous life, six years after Gods Domain began, Shadow accidentally discovered a Level 150 lost ruin. Moreover, to fully explore the lost ruin, they had sacrificed a disastrous amount of resources. However, they did not obtain anything significant from this exploration, only managing to find a golden book on a goddess statue. There was nothing special about this book. It was simply a book made of pure gold, so it did not rot easily. Recorded in the book was a segment about a long forgotten history.

Meanwhile, one of the phrases within the book contained the name, Mavis. During that ancient era, Mavis was likened to a God, and she was referred to as the God of Light. Compared to the strange old man, Faust, Mavis was much stronger. Aside from that, Shi Feng had not a clue about who Mavis was.

Even so, an item left behind by a legendary existence much stronger than Faust would not be an ordinary item.

Meanwhile, Blackie and Lonely Snow stood silently in confusion as they watched Shi Feng. They did not understand why Shi Feng was so joyful. However, listening to Fausts words, they faintly felt that they had gained a great advantage from the trade.

Young man, seeing that fate has allowed us to meet let me give you a warning; the Magic Weapon in your hand is extremely terrifying. Sealed within the Magic Weapon is the curse of the Black Dragon King, which even I will not face. This curse is extremely formidable, and even if the Lucky Stone suppresses it, sooner or later, you will have to face it, Fausts caution was grim. He then continued, saying, While you allow your Magic Weapon to absorb more power, you also strengthen the curse suppressed within the weapon.

Remember that a Magic Weapon is a double-edged sword. If you wish to obtain extraordinary strength, your will must be extraordinary as well. Otherwise, strength will, soon or later, devour you whole. Maybe, this is also fate. Although the Heavenly Dragons Breath is only a fragmented item, it could still, more or less, aid you in resisting your Magic Weapons backlash. If you can fully restore the Heavenly Dragons Breath, it will bring you unimaginable benefits. Strive harder, young man.

Finished speaking, Fausts body vanished, while the entire Star River Valley gradually faded from existence as well.

System: Rare Quest Delicious Golden Fish completed. Rewarding 300,000 EXP. Reputation in White River City +10.

Shi Feng instantly rose to Level 12, a golden glow enveloping his body.

Immediately after, a golden glow also coated Blackie and Lonely Snow, both of them reaching Level 11.

This quest is too awesome! It instantly gave me 150,000 EXP! Blackie said, entranced.

Lonely Snow also nodded, saying with a smile, I also received 140,000 EXP. With this, our Zero Wing party dominates the top three positions of White River City. If others know of this, our Zero Wing Workshop will become famous.

We might be more than famous; those other players from major Guilds might even be dumbfounded. Those bastards from Martial Union would regret becoming enemies with us. The next time we meet them, I will teach them a good lesson, confidence about the future filled Blackies heart. Now that his level was so high, and his equipment was excellent, even if he encountered several experts from Martial Union, he could still kill them all.

While Blackie fantasized, the Star River Valley had completely disappeared. Only the dark Silent Swamp and dying forest remained around them.

Brother Feng, that strange old man looked so shocked just now. Just what did you obtain from him? Blackie curiously asked.

Nothing much. I got the Fragmented Legendary ranked item, the Heavenly Dragons Breath, an Epic ranked staff, Mavis's Guard, and a Secret-Silver ranked ring, the Ring of Glory, Shi Feng shared the information of the items with the other two.

[Heavenly Dragons Breath] (Ring, Fragmented Legendary Rank)

Equipment Requirement: Strength 200, Agility 200, Intelligence 120

Strength +40%, Agility +40%, Intelligence +30%, Endurance +30%

Movement Speed +20%

Attack Speed +30%

Ignore Levels +10

All item level requirements reduced by 10 Levels.

Additional Skill 1: Dragons Authority. Suppress all enemies in the surroundings with the might of the Heavenly Dragon, inflicting the Fear status onto enemies within a 30-yard distance, reducing their Attack Power by 20%, Attack Speed by 20%, and Movement Speed by 20% for 1 minute.

Cooldown: 3 minutes

Additional Skill 2: Dragon Breath. Inflicts 6X damage in a 30*5 yard line in front of you. There is a 20% chance to induce the Fainted state for 2 seconds.

Cooldown: 5 minutes

Additional Skill 3: Heavenly Dragons Power. Allows the user to temporarily possess the power of the Heavenly Dragon, increasing HP by 300%, Strength by 100%, and Defense by 300%, and grants immunity to all controlling effects for 2 minutes.

Cooldown: 3 hours

The Dragon Slayer Mekaseru once owned the Heavenly Dragons Breath. It was originally a Legendary Ranked Item possessing the suppressed strength of the dragon tribe. Due to damage resulting from a war between Gods, its might has greatly decreased. However, the Heavenly Dragons Breath possesses an incomparably strong magic power and possesses the potential to restore itself. Its past glory may be restored with three Magic Stars and one Dragons Heart. Current restoration (0/4).

[Mavis's Guard] (Staff, Epic Rank)

Level 1 - Level 60

Equipment Requirement: Intelligence 80

Attributes adjust according to users level.

Magic Damage +20%

Maximum Mana +20%

Mana Consumption -10%

Ignore Levels +10

All magic-type skills +2 Levels.

All item level requirements reduced by 10 Levels.

Additional Passive Skill: Spear of Light. There is a 15% chance to trigger this skill when attacking, launching a Spear of Light at the target and causing 200% magic damage.

Additional Skill 1: Guardian of Light. Grants a target immunity to all magic damage, reduces physical damage by 80%, and recovers 5% HP every second for 20 seconds.

Cooldown: 20 minutes

Additional Skill 2: Stars of Light. Deals 500% magic damage to targets within a 5-yard radius, or deals 300% magic damage to targets within a 20-yard radius. The damage scales up by 10% every second for 15 seconds.

Cooldown: 30 minutes

Mavis's Guard was once a staff blessed by the God of Light, Mavis. It possesses incomparably powerful magic. However, due to the limited materials used to make the staff, it is unable to display its full might. Its maximum level can increase to Level 100 if a Master Forger uses five Radiant God-steal to reforge the staff

[Ring of Glory] (Ring, Secret-Silver Rank)

Level 15

Equipment Requirement: Intelligence 40

Intelligence +24, Vitality +15, Endurance +10, Strength +8, Agility +8

Increases damage of all light-type magic by 15%.

These are a Fragmented Legendary ranked item and an Epic rank item?

Arent they too OP?!

Blackie and Lonely Snows eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when they saw the Attributes of the three items.

Previously, they thought that the Attributes of a Secret-Silver Weapon were already powerful. Only now, after seeing these Attributes, did they understand that no matter how strong you were, there would always be someone stronger than you. In the face of Fragmented Legendary ranked items and Epic ranked items, Secret-Silver ranked items were simply...


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