Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 171

Chapter 171 - Underworld Guard


Red Leaf Town, Slums, The Enchanted Bar.

It was currently daytime in Gods Domain. A majority of the players were all out in the fields, leveling up, so there were very few players currently in the bar.

However, there were currently over ten men geared with high-level equipment sitting in the corner of the bar. A murderous air surrounded these ten-plus men, and each of them possessed a sharp gaze similar to that of a poisonous snake, causing the hairs of others to stand on end. The presence of these men kept other players a respectful distance from them, chasing them from the bar, one after another. Hence, aside from the NPCs present, only these ten plus men remained within.

There was a man with thick eyebrows who sat at the outermost edge of these players. He was a former captain of Martial Union, Ironsword Lion. At this moment, Ironsword Lion did not wear the Guild emblem of Martial Union, signifying that he was no longer one of Martial Unions men.

Ironsword, youve done well this time. It is only thanks to you that Unstable Devastation has done as I wished. Once we return, Ill give you credit for your efforts. As long as you continue working hard, sooner or later, you can be the same as Absolute Heaven, an outer member of Underworld, seated at the head of the table, South Wolf praised Ironsword Lion.

Thank you, Lord South Wolf, for your support! I will definitely give my utmost to complete all tasks given by the organization! Ironsword Lion respectfully said, his face filled with extreme excitement.

Ever since Absolute Heaven had recommended him to South Wolf, Ironsword Lion discovered that his previous self was a frog in a well. His past self did not truly know how deep the waters of Gods Domain were. The interests involved in Gods Domain were simply too big for him to comprehend. If it were not for him coming into contact with a mysterious organization like Underworld, he would not know about this huge secret at all.

Ironsword Lion was immediately stunned when he found out about this secret. He even thought that he had heard wrong. It took him more than ten minutes before he could accept this chilling secret. He celebrated the fact that he could gain the favor of Underworld, leaving behind the worthless Martial Union.

Gods Domain was not a place in which unrated Guilds like Martial Union could play around. Even third-rate Guilds could be annihilated at any time. Only those second-rate Guilds or above, which possessed a strong background, could qualify to compete for authority in Gods Domain. If Ironsword Lion could become an outer member of Underworld, he could live a carefree life in the future. At that time, having an annual salary would only be a small matter. The more important part of becoming an outer member of Underworld was the status and authority that came with the position. He would be on equal standings with those big shots of corporations in the city; this was something that he had always dreamt of becoming.

Lets continue by discussing how to deal with Ye Feng. With Unstable Devastation slandering him right now, Ye Feng will, sooner or later, fall from fame. The next step is destroying the relationship he has with Gentle Snow; then, finally giving Ye Feng a fatal blow, we will make him disappear from Gods Domain completely.

When South Wolf recalled Shi Fengs arrogant words, he could not help but narrow his eyes, a cold glint shining in them. He wished he could get rid of Shi Feng right this instant. However, Young Master Feng had already given him a command and had even sent a party of Underworld Guards to assist him. Hence, South Wolf could only vent his anger by slowly toying with Shi Feng.

At this moment, Absolute Heaven, silent all this time, suddenly opened his mouth, saying, It would be very simple to break apart the relationship between Ye Feng and Gentle Snow. The problem is, how are we going to deal with Ye Feng? From the footage transmitted to us just now, I think that everyone has clearly seen how powerful he is. Even several hundred players could do nothing to Ye Feng. Who could block that frightening Attack Power of his? The last time I exchanged moves with him, I could withstand a few his blows. If I met him now, however, I probably wouldnt even have the chance to escape. As for a direct confrontation, he could most likely kill me in two to three moves.

Dealing with Ye Feng right now? Wed only have a chance if we had ten or more top-tier experts to surround him. However, where can we find so many experts?

Naturally, I realize this. This is also the reason why we need to deal with Ye Feng. He possesses an Epic ranked item, so his strength is intense. However, you shouldnt downplay our strengths just because of this. He merely got rid of a group of trash like Martial Union. Although the Underworld Guards are not as capable as Ye Feng, we can do the same thing. The only thing we lack is Attack Power. Regarding pure technique, Underworld Guard is much stronger than Ye Feng.

Moreover, Young Master Feng has specifically sent us a full party of Underworld Guards as assistance. With a party of Underworld Guards, even if Ye Feng has an Epic ranked item, he will still be helpless against them. So, you dont have to worry about this, South Wolf said, smirking.

He is simply a small character that got lucky. If it werent for Young Master Fengs command, I would be enough to deal with him. There would be no need for our entire party to take action a Level 9 Assassin named Flying Rat said disdainfully as he toyed with his dagger. Flying Rat wore the Level 8 Mysterious-Iron Set Equipment, the Blood Dawn.

Thats enough, Flying Rat. That Ye Feng has some ability. Otherwise, Young Master Feng would not have told all of us to come here. South Wolf, contact us if you have any matters that you need us to deal with; the Underworld Guards arent free all day. The higher-ups have already given us a command to reach Level 10 by tomorrow. Otherwise, theyll expel us from the Underworld Guards. So, were off to level for now, Ming Sha, the party leader of this group of Underworld Guards, said.

Ming Sha had a large body, and he was a stern-looking man over forty years old. Killing intent radiated from his entire body, and even Absolute Heaven feared this man.

That is only natural. How could I possibly waste Big Bro Ming Shas valuable time? South Wolf said respectfully.

Within the Underworld organization, the position of the Underworld Guards was relatively high up as they were the core strength of all of Underworld. Normally, Underworld Guards would only listen to the commands of the Guild Leader or elders. As for Young Master Feng, however, he was not even an elder in the organization. He could only mobilize the Underworld Guards due to his position in Underworld being slightly special. If it were any other person, the Underworld Guards would not pay them any attention.


Elsewhere, Shi Feng had already walked into the town hall.

Sir, how may I be of service to you today? an elegant female worker walked up and asked Shi Feng.

I wish to activate the permission to utilize the teleportation circle, Shi Feng said.

In Gods Domain, only when a player reached Level 10 would they have the qualifications to come to the town hall and utilize the teleportation gates. After all, teleportation gates were extremely precious, and their maintenance required a lot of resources. Not just anybody could use them.

I understand. Please follow me.

Following which, Shi Feng arrived at the front desk of the town hall. After dealing with all the necessary procedures, he obtained a new identity card. With it, he could freely utilize the teleportation gate. However, he would have to pay a fee each time he used it. Normally, when one teleported from a town to a city, the fees were 1 Silver Coin. Meanwhile, teleportation between cities was slightly more expensive, and the fees would change depending on the distance. Teleporting to one of the closest cities from White River City cost at least 20 Silver Coins. Meanwhile, teleporting to the capital city, Star-Moon City, from White River City, cost around 1 Gold Coin.

As a result, average players had no way to utilize these teleportation gates to travel between cities. Thus, average players would normally stay within the surroundings of their own cities to level up; they would not go to other cities to grind or do quests. Of course, they could run to other cities by foot as well. Only, they would need to spend at least a few days running to cross such a distance.

When Shi Feng arrived at the teleportation hall of Red Leaf Town, the place was void of players. There were only a few Level 100 Elite guards wandering about.

In actuality, Shi Feng did not originally intend to go to White River City so early. However, after the ruckus Unstable Devastation caused, his troubles had grown larger and larger. In order to develop his Guild in the future, he could only hasten his plans and take action now.

Adventurer, you have to pay 1 Silver Coin to use the teleportation gate, the magician guarding the teleportation gate informed Shi Feng.

Shi Feng paid the fees without hesitation, walking up to the teleportation gate.

Shua! Shi Feng disappeared from the teleportation hall of Red Leaf Town.

At the same time, a notification rang out throughout the Star-Moon Kingdom.

Star-Moon Kingdom Region System Announcement: Congratulations to Ye Feng for becoming the first player in Star-Moon Kingdom to arrive at a city! Rewarding 20 Reputation Points in White River City and the title of Honorary Citizen of White River City.

The appearance of this notice immediately sent trembles through all the players in the Star-Moon Kingdom.

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