Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 199

Chapter 199 - Flaming Sun Scripture


Displayed on the half-transparent pale-blue screen, the price of the Flaming Sun Scripture was similarly striking.

Crap! This seller must have been dropped on his head as a child! Shi Feng loudly cursed the moment he saw the price.

In actuality, Shi Feng wasnt the only person who loudly cursed when they saw the price for this Flaming Sun Scripture; some players would even couple their curses 
with a few finger motions.

A thousand Gold Coins. This person was simply insane.

Shi Feng then took a look at the sellers name.

Sinfully Handsome.

Shi Feng could only look at this person with respect when seeing this exotic name. Just how much of a narcissist was this person?

Looking at this name, Shi Feng could also vaguely guess the reason why the price of this Flaming Sun Scripture was so high.

However, since he had seen the Flaming Sun Scripture, he could not easily give it up. Hence, he sent out a communication request to this person called Sinfully Handsome. However, Shi Feng hid his name when he made the call, preventing this Sinfully Handsome from discovering his identity.
After waiting for ten seconds or so, Sinfully Handsome picked up the call.

Who are you? What business do you have with me? You cant be asking me to power-level you, right? If youre a pretty girl, 
this brother can carry you to victory with me, narcissism filled Sinfully Handsomes voice when he spoke, and he gave others the hint of being a hooligan.

Shi Feng was instantly dumbfounded when he heard Sinfully Handsomes words.


Carry you to victory?

Just who was this person?

Even a person like this could obtain the Flaming Sun Scripture? Was this world already in such a mess?

Hey, speak a few words, why dont you? Are you dead? Dont tell me youre a tranny, right? This brother doesnt have that kind of taste, Sinfully Handsome suddenly started panicking.

Hello, Im interested in buying the Flaming Sun Scripture that youve placed on the Auction House. I wonder if you can sell it to me at a lower price? Shi Feng asked.

Oh! So you want to buy that item? Of course, I can! Sinfully Handsome smiled in realization, Ill slightly reduce the price for you then! How does 900 Gold sound? This is a very justifiable price!

Shi Feng faintly smiled at Sinfully Handsomes asking price. He then calmly stated his own price, 20 Silver Coins.

Shi Feng did not believe Sinfully Handsome knew the Flaming Sun Scriptures true value.

Only fire-type humanoids Level 10 or higher would drop the Flaming Sun Scripture. However, its drop rate was somewhat low, so its selling price was very high; the average person usually couldnt afford it. Even so, it was still not worth an insane 1,000 Gold. With that kind of money, players could even purchase an Epic ranked item. Why would they bother buying an item like the Flaming Sun Scripture if they had that kind of money?

Hey, fellow brother, youre not being sincere here. You are the one who took the initiative to contact me, yet, youre offering such a price? Do you know which Guild I belong to? Sinfully Handsome beamed a smile, proudly saying, Have you heard of Dark Star before? Its an apex third-rate Guild in White River City! With this name alone, shouldnt you at least offer 100 Gold?

Dark Star, it was indeed a powerful Guild in White River City.

However, what did that 
have to do with Shi Feng?

One Gold Coin. If you dont wish to sell, then forget it, Shi Feng understood that Sinfully Handsome took him for a fool. However, he was also in quite a need for the Flaming Sun Scripture, so he decided to offer such a high price. Unfortunately, Sinfully Handsome misunderstood Shi Fengs intentions.

You have to think through this clearly. In the entire White River City, only I possess this Flaming Sun Scripture! Seeing that youre an honest person, Ill make a large sacrifice and sell it to you for 10 Gold with an additional 100,000 Credits. If you still dont want it, I can only look for another buyer, Sinfully Handsome confidently said.

Goodbye! Shi Feng immediately disconnected the call.

Sinfully Handsome suddenly panicked when Shi Feng disconnected the call. He did not think that Shi Feng would be so decisive. 
At least try to bargain! Watching his 1 Gold Coin fly out of his grasp, Sinfully Handsomes heart bled with regret. However, he was too embarrassed to contact Shi Feng again.

Humph! I dont believe that you can so easily give up on this Flaming Sun Scripture! Sinfully Handsome snorted.

Although he did not know 
the use of the Flaming Sun Scripture, based on its powerful and tyrannical name, it was not an ordinary item. Sinfully Handsome was very sure that Shi Feng knew this items value. However, he did not wish to pay too high a price, so he retreated for the sake of advancing. With this thought, Sinfully Handsome was further assured of the Flaming Sun Scriptures value; it was definitely worth more than 1,000 Gold Coins.

Hence, Sinfully Handsome ran towards the Auction House, changing the price of the Flaming Sun Scripture from 1,000 Gold Coins to 10,000 Gold Coins. He wanted to see if Shi Feng was willing to beg him for this item.

However, when 
Sinfully Handsome arrived at the Auction House, he discovered that there was not only a single Flaming Sun Scripture on auction anymore; there were five of these books now. Aside from his copy, priced at 10,000 Gold Coins, the other four books were all priced at 15 Silver Coins.

The most inconceivable thing was that the number of Flaming Sun Scriptures 
up for auction continued to increase. In the blink of an eye, there were already 10 copies of the book up for sale.

Just what sort of situation is this? Sinfully Handsomes eyes widened; he thought he was dreaming right now. 
How could there be so many Flaming Sun Scriptures??

While the
 quantity of these Flaming Sun Scriptures increased, someone else bought them, one after another.

There were a total of 32 copies of the Flaming Sun Scripture offered in the Auction House. Among them, Shi Feng had bought 30 of themOnly Sinfully Handsomes copy and another copy sold by Nobody Cares for 20 Silver Coins remained.

Sinfully Handsome suddenly thought of something. He then hurriedly opened the trade section under White River Citys official forums.

As expected, there was an anonymous post stating
: Buying Flaming Sun Scriptures at 14 Silver Coins per book! Willing to purchase it at 15 Silver Coins if placed in the Auction House.

One could often 
find such purchasing methods in virtual reality games. After all, players had plenty of items that they kept on hand without placing them on the Auction House. There were only a scarce amount of players like Sinfully Handsome who would place items of unknown value on the Auction House.

Shi Feng 
also remembered this fact, and he thought that, by now, there should be quite a few players who have gotten their hands on a Flaming Sun Scripture.

Ah! My 1 Gold Coin! Sinfully Handsome wanted to cry. Originally, he thought that the Flaming Sun Scriptures value could rival that of an Epic ranked item. However, after seeing so many other players possessing this item, Sinfully Handsome immediately 
realized his mistake. If he had sold his copy for 1 Gold Coin, he would have made a huge profit.

Elsewhere, Shi Feng felt great satisfaction after purchasing 30 copies of the Flaming Sun Scripture. He would have completely forgotten about this items existence if he 
had not discovered the Flaming Sun Scripture on the Auction House in the first place.

Thirty books should be enough for my 
purposes. Shi Feng looked at the 30 Flaming Sun Scriptures laying in his bag, utterly pleased.

Although he had spent 4 Gold
, 50 Silvers, shrinking his assets slightly, the Gold Coins he possessed would only depreciate as time passed. It was much better if he used those Gold Coins to profit further.

Thus, Shi Feng had spent so much money to purchase the Flaming Sun Scriptures.

In Shi Fengs previous life, plenty of players had obtained the Flaming Sun Scripture. Unfortunately, none of them knew 
its purpose. Hence, they sold it at bargain prices. However, there was a Ranger who had desperately bought these Flaming Sun Scriptures. Even after the prices of the Flaming Sun Scriptures rose to 1 Gold Coin per book, that player still bought them without hesitation, earning the suspicion of many.

So, many players started to investigate the Flaming Sun Scripture.

On one occasion, a party of players met with a Ranger who 
grinded solo at the Level 25 map, Flame Gods Cave. Moreover, that Ranger displayed a shocking scene of killing the Boss and Elite monsters there by himself. Later on, however, the players discovered that the reason the Ranger could grind at the Flame Gods Cave alone was all thanks to the Flaming Sun Scripture.

From then on, the secret of the Flaming Sun Scripture was revealed, causing its price to skyrocket. In the end, even when the Flaming Sun Scripture 
sold for 3 Gold Coins per book, there were still players willing to buy it.

Right now, Shi Feng had only spent 15 Silver Coins to purchase each book. He had made a huge profit from this trade.

In any case, Blackie and the others still needed a long time before they could return to White River City. Since Shi Feng had nothing better to do, he might as well grind the Boss at the Flame Gods Cave. After all, his current strength was too weak right now
. He could complete neither the Epic Quest, Darkness Descends, nor the Unique Quest, Demons Heart. Moreover, there were plenty of important quests in White River City that required a team to carry out. This was the tragedy that befell all solo players. Hence, grinding Bosses was the best option available for Shi Feng at the moment.

Most importantly, the Flame Gods Cave was a valuable location specialized in dropping forging designs. These forging designs had made that Ranger into a rich man, and he had earned over 600 Gold Coins from all the forging designs he sold, becoming the envy of countless players.

Soon after, Shi Feng hurried towards the teleportation gate. He paid a fee of 24 Silver Coins and teleported to Red Flame Fortress, the nearest teleportation point to the Flame Gods Cave.

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