Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 205

Chapter 205 - Queen's Rage


Just when Shi Feng contemplated raiding the delicate and weak-looking Scorching Lamia, the entire White River City region flew into an uproar.

The cause was no other than the White River City regions Ranking List.

A Level 13 player actually held the first place.

What is this? Ive only managed to reach Level 10 and enter White River City after much difficulty, yet, there is already a Level 13 player? What did this bastard eat growing up?

I know, right? That Lone Tyrant fellow previously ranked in the tens, but he had suddenly shot up to first place, surpassing even the Snow Goddess!

Lone Tyrant is from a Guild called Dark Star. Isnt that a third-rate Guild? How could they be so strong as to surpass the Snow Goddess?

The official forums were already in a fiery uproar over this matter, and the previous issue relating to Shi Feng had become forgotten history.


Inside the Level 10, 10-man Team Dungeon, the Dark Crow Cave.

A Black-feathered Crow with a six-meter tall body lay
 motionless on the ground, a pile of items sitting by its side. Among these items, there were pieces of Level 10 Mysterious-Iron Set Equipment. There were even two Secret-Silver ranked items and a large number of rare materials.

Meanwhile, standing beside this Black-feathered Crow was a fairy. This fairy possessed skin as white as snow and an appearance that could charm any mortal man. Her body was the very definition of absolute perfection. 
However, this fairys eyes possessed a penetrating gaze with a boundless and intimidating chill.

This woman who seemed to transcend mortal men was none other than Gentle Snow.

System: Ouroboros has cleared the Hard Mode of Black Crow Cave. Rewarding 300 Guild Reputation.

Snow, someones reached Level 13 already. Theyre a lot faster than we are. Why dont we stop Dungeon-diving and resume leveling up? possessing a similarly devilish body, Zhao Yueru pouted as she spoke, displeased.

After going to a Level 12 monster area while they were only Level 9, they quickly discovered that they could constantly improve their battle prowess. Although it was extremely difficult to kill those monsters, in the beginning, they rose swiftly after experiencing many near-death situations and long periods of research and self-reflection. With their battle techniques having greatly improved, they felt that killing monsters three levels higher was no longer just a pipe dream. They also felt that they could achieve the feats Shi Feng had displayed in the past, similarly obtaining an effortless victory
 over a great number of players.

After arriving at White River City, they immediately picked up the Daily Reputation Quests. They then looked for an extremely good leveling spot, grinding there for a period. However, due to their equipment being slightly outdated, they decided to raid a Dungeon to upgrade their equipment, making preparations to obtain the First Clear of one of the Level 10 large-scale Team Dungeons. Otherwise, a player from a measly third-rate Guild wouldnt have surpassed them.

Ignore him. Compared to Levels, the First Clear of a large-scale Team Dungeon is far more important. Moreover, after exceeding Level 15, it wont matter, even if we manage to clear the Hell Mode of a Level 10 large-scale Team Dungeon. Our equipment should be close to ready now, so lets start with obtaining the First Clear of a Level 10 Party Dungeon
. When Gentle Snow noticed Lone Tyrants name occupying the first position on the Ranking List, a calm smile appeared on her pure and untainted complexion.

Gentle Snows team members revealed excited smiles when faced with Gentle Snows decision.

They could finally display their prowess for all to see.

After all, they had all been experts in the past virtual reality games. Throughout this period, they had constantly strived and battled against high-level monsters. During their breaks, they would research the videos of experts, especially Shi Fengs battle footage. Although the video was short, it held great significance. The more they studied Shi Fengs battle, the more shocked they became. Unknowingly, their own battle techniques also began to improve madly.

To put it another way, they had started to familiarize themselves with the realistic battle methods of Gods Domain. Simultaneously, they had also grasped ahold of their bodys true strength.

The Hard Mode of a Team Dungeon could not fully sate their thirst for growth. It was especially true after they familiarized themselves with their Extraordinary Condition. Right now, only Hell Mode could truly excite them.

Just like when they were in the Hell Mode of Dark Moon Graveyard, they wished to experience the feeling of having every single cell within their bodies tremble. 
In the past, they believed that their trembling represented fear. In reality, however, that trembling resulted from the excitement that grew in their hearts.

Meanwhile, the other large Guilds were similarly shocked by the sudden appearance of Lone Tyrant but quickly dismissed this matter from their minds.

The average players, however, were astonished. This incident had allowed the apex third-rate Guild, Dark Star, to firmly established a foothold in White River City. Even the second-rate Guild, the Assassins Alliance, was a step behind them. None of the top ten players on the Ranking List belonged to the Assassins Alliance. Contrary to expectations, the Assassins Alliance had three members ranked within the top 30. One of them was the Guild Leader, ranking 18th. The second person was Stabbing Heart, who ranked 26th. Finally, the Assassins Alliances top Elementalist ranked at 29th.

Yet, to the majority of the players within the White River City region, having such a rank was no different than having no rank at all. The fame of having such a rank was worlds apart from that of being in first place.


Flame Gods Cave.

At this moment, Shi Feng had lured the Level 25 High Lord ranked Scorching Lamia to a corner absent of any lava.

Half of the Celas amazing prowess relied on the presence of lava. Hence, by luring her away from the lava, the raid difficulty of the Scorching Lamia instantly reduced by half. However, even with such a reduction, Cela was still a High Lord ranked Boss. She was not something average players could afford to provoke.

Kneel before me and receive your punishment of flames! the Scorching Lamias finger trembled, and suddenly, a whip of flames appeared from her finger. She then abruptly cracked her whip towards Shi Fengs skull. The flame whip transformed into a streak of flowing light as it swung towards Shi Fengs cranium.

Queens Whip!

This was the melee skill that the Scorching Lamia often used. If an MT of the same level did not possess the Flaming Suns Blessing, this single whip could instantly kill him. In addition, this skill was a wide-range AOE skill, and it had a maximum attack range of 25 yards. If players wished to use the advantage of numbers to deal with the Scorching Lamia, they would quickly find themselves 
cremated by her whip. After all, even an MT could not block this attack, let alone the other fragile classes.

Faced with the incoming flame whip, Shi Feng sprung himself into the air and threw himself to the ground. Although he easily avoided the flame whip, the whips flaming trail still singed Shi Feng, dealing slightly over -70 damage.

However, Shi Feng took this chance to pull quite a distance away from the Cela. He then jumped and twisted his body in the air, throwing the Blazing Meteor at the Scorching Lamia.

A red glow shot forth, accurately piercing the left arm that the Scorching Lamia was about to lift. The attack activated the rarely seen Burning Flames effect, immediately causing -754 damage and inflicting a negative status effect that caused -400 flame damage per second for 10 seconds. Simultaneously, the attack also interrupted the rhythm of the Scorching Lamias next attack.

Despicable human! I will capture you and make you my pet! Rage surfaced on the Celas beautiful face. Immediately, she swung her tail with all her might. Her speed abruptly soared, instantly shortening the distance between Shi Feng and herself.

Almost Shi Feng took a look at the surrounding environment, abruptly halting his steps. He then turned to face the Scorching Lamia, throwing a Basic Frost Grenade at her.

Hard, iron-like rocks surrounded their current location; not a single drop of lava was visible. This terrain would greatly limit the Scorching Lamias most powerful skill, Queens Rage.

This skill allowed her to command the surrounding lava, transforming it into a wave that engulfed everything in its path. Even if Shi Feng had 123 points of Fire Resistance, he still couldnt endure this fierce move. The Queens Rage was the Scorching Lamias ultimate team-wipe skill.

Aside from the Queens Rage, Shi Feng also needed to be careful of the arrows from the Scorching Snake Ladys bow, as this attack caused a combination of physical and flame damage. The Flaming Suns Blessing did not provide any physical damage reduction. Hence, Shi Feng could, at most, take two hits from her arrows before saying goodbye to his life. Hence, he needed to treat them with care.

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